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Home of zeekler

  1. 1. Home of Zeekler – Zeek RewardsThe Home of Zeekler with Zeek Rewards was shut down…Government officials say that Zeek Rewards and Zeekler operated a$600 million Ponzi Scheme…ZeekRewards.com and Zeekler have been shut down by the SEC…„Securities and Exchange Commission‟. Zeekler was shut down by Federal securities after theFederal securities filed fraud charges and an emergency order to freeze the assets of the company.Here‟s an article from SEC that just came out… and the title simply isn‟t good.SEC Shuts Down $600 million Online Pyramid and Ponzi SchemeIt’s times like this, when a company gets shut down…That’s when it’s important to review WHY Network Marketing is such an incredibleprofession. Robert Kiyosaki does the best job of anyone I know for explaining why networkmarketing is the business of the future. I hope you enjoy this short video…Robert Kiyosaki – Network Marketing – Rich Dad -Financial Freedom…Network Marketing is an incredible profession…
  2. 2. This profession… YES! I’m talking about the profession of network marketing, requires acommitment and a long-term game plan…period.If you want the promise of quick money, play the Lottery.However when you get paid 100% Commissions you‟ll almost thinkyou‟ve won the lottery! Click here to find out how to get 100% Commissions…What’s next for Zeek Rewards affiliates? Many people are doing searches for zeekrewards scam… they’re trying to understand, “What happened?”Caught by surprise with the shut-down they, “Wonder what happened?”They no longer have a home business…Some are wondering how they are going to pay their bills?The Home of Zeekler… and Zeek Rewards was actually shut down leaving all of the ZeekRewards & Rex Venture Group affiliates without a business.According to the SEC, The closing of Lexington, NC based, Rex Venture Group and Zeek Rewardshas left more than one million internet customers nationwide and overseas without a home businessand online penny auction service. All Zeekler websites have been taken down and now simply havea notice that reads “Zeek Rewards is currently unavailable. More information will be availableshortly on this website.” Read more at…
  3. 3. This kind of stuff just isn’t good.It is never a good thing in our profession for a company to get shut down, nor is it to becelebrated. My heart goes out to all those who have put a huge effort into building Zeek and thenhave it fall apart…This is the reason I believe in multiple streams of income, because if one of your incomestreams goes away, (heaven forbid) it‟s a bummer, but it‟s not catastrophic.We all want easy money… But even more important, what we really want is the financial freedomthat the money represents. We all want time freedom and money freedom. It does take time tospend your money when you get it. If you are working long hours, making good money, but you can‟tfind the time to go spend your money, that‟s no fun either…Big money doesn’t happen quickly, nor easily. There‟s no free lunch. There‟s always a price topay for success.If you are one of those people who lost your income with Zeekler, and you are looking forsomething that can help you replace the income you were getting from “Zeek Rewards” you shouldwatch this video… It may be what you are looking for…Referenced: DorisSpencer.comImage Courtesy of: FreeDigitalPhotos.netCredit for photo: Home of ZeeklerLet me know if this type of wealth educationis helpful to you by commenting on the postand feel free to share if you find it valuable.Live anywhere in the world on your own terms!Become an EscapeArtist – Escape everything you don’t like…Envision your World and Own it!Just because Zeek Rewards has been shut down,don’t let that keep you from finding a good onlinemarketing business.