Amazing Skills for Creating Motion in Web Design


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The dream website developed by a professional web design company based in London or anywhere else in the world are something really cool and engaging, interactive.

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Amazing Skills for Creating Motion in Web Design

  1. 1. Amazing Skills for Creating Motion in Web Design The dream website developed by a professional web design company based in London or anywhere else in the world are something really cool and engaging, interactive and loaded with breath-taking graphics along with other features immediately attracting the visitors’ attention. Now, how do you think you can achieve such a feat by creating a really active website design? Of course, through motion! Creating a website design that is engaging as well as interactively active is by using motion in the site. Discussed below are a few ideas with the help of which you can build really awesome designs by creating a great feel and a sense of motion without using any video or animation which works really fine and adds life to your site. Basically, there are four types of motion in a website design that you can actively use to make the site more attractive. They are :-  You can create motion by using simple tools such as a moving image or an arrow indicating Direction to the visitor could be a good idea to engage the user attention.  The Principle of Balance in design is the visual interpretation of gravity where you distribute elements across the design. You can make the objects look ‘falling’ by making them go off-balance to create a very unique motion.  Lightings, shadows, etc. create the kind of Depth which again create an action and effect that is engaging; giving the website a unique feel by creating a more memorable appeal. Simply by imagining how they would actually look is the key to creating successful interface elements with depth.
  2. 2. How to create these effects? You can use various action tools to create such visual effects. By using the most basic effects, you can really add movement and life to really ‘flat’ objects. Many developers use flash and other animation elements to create motion in a website. Parallel scrolling is also a good option to create the sense of motion in a website. By creating a natural and long shadows signifying the setting sun, or very small shadows as that of the sun above the head creating an effect of a three dimensional image can make the object stand out loud and clear drawing the visitors’ attention. The same effect can be created with a blurred image of an object provided that the image is easily identifiable and that the direction is the same. Similarly, the sense of motion can be created with the objects or frames moving into or away direction at the most appropriate angles can create depth. And by adding right shadows can work wonders creating a three-dimensional effect. Use of Frames and Objects - With the help of frames, shapes, etc. motion can be created. Usually, the websites are well-balanced. But with these elements and intentionally making them go off-balance, you can create motion. Usually, all the website elements are so arranged that they look greatly balanced creating kind of a harmony between the elements. But if the same elements are arranged in an unsystematic way to create a sense of imbalance, they can create a sense of motion. If you arrange the same elements randomly, this disorganized and slack feeling can result in motion. You can add to the effect by using different-sized frames and objects or using bright color combinations. You can frame the objects in an image in diverse ways to control the visitors’ attention and make him follow the same eye pattern.
  3. 3. Colors and Shades - Similarly, you can use colors and different shades and tints to enhance the sense of motion. They can be used to make the objects look active and moving by implying motion. Using various images of different shades and tints with black and white images along with color images can create an amazing sense of motion. Using Text+Object Combination - Describing the action that can easily be comprehended by the visitors is another good way to create the sense of motion. By using text+object combinations implying the same actions, you can imply movement and direct the visitors’ attention to the desired place. Use of the right action verbs can also help in creating the sense of motion, prompting the visitors to call to action. Thus, there are numerous ways to the basic design elements that help in creating the sense of movement without using the three dimensional objects. You can use them to make your website look live, fresh as well as engaging. Source: