Humour in the workplace for system
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  • 1. Warning
    • This presentation contains adult situations, violence, coarse language, partial and full frontal nudity.
    • Participants are warned that humour and situations contained in this presentations are fictitious and are not based on any real or fictitious people.
    PG 55+
  • 2. 2 nd WARNING
    • Forget it!
  • 3. Learning Objectives and Outcomes: Participants will learn to:
    • improve communication
    • find perspective
    • reframe negative situations
    • reduce stress & anxiety
    • learn new intervention skills
    • write & perform stand up comedy
  • 4. How to handle stress like a Chimp Chump Champ
  • 5. Using humour to cope with stressors in the workplace
  • 6.  
  • 7. 18 million ways to handle stress
    • Pout
    • Eat
    • Drink
    • Sleep
    • Argue
    • Yell
    • Sleep some more
    • Get even
    • Blame someone
    • Join the cult of victimhood
    • Fight
    • Run Away
    • Get mad
    • Quit
    • Join the army
    • Kick your dog (don’t)
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10. 18 million ways to handle stress continued…
    • Tell your friends off
    • Cry
    • Drink some more
    • Become moody
    • Don’t wash
    • Buy the book “17 Million Ways to Blame Someone Else
    • Become a jerk
    • Drive fast
    • Hurt the ones you love
    • Blame it on god or God
    • Quit your job
    • Steal
    • Act sick
    • Become sick
  • 11.  
  • 12. 18 million ways to handle stress continued again
    • Lose your hair
    • Have panic attacks
    • Lose weight
    • Lie
    • Justify your actions
    • Make up good and bad excuses
    • Look for pity
    • Sweat a lot
    • Develop hives
    • Don’t wash
    • Believe that the world has turned against you
    • Act like you don’t care
    • Complain
    • Hate
  • 13. I used to have a handle on life but it broke
  • 14. When all else fails repeat the above! I repeat When all else fails repeat the above! I repeat When all else fails repeat the above! I repeat When all else fails repeat the above! I repeat When all else fails repeat the above!
  • 15.  
  • 16. Just a blank slide
  • 17. our desire to enjoy what we do is doomed to be repeated IF
  • 18.
    • We always do what we’ve always done
  • 19. Stress is a matter of perspective
  • 20. Humour: what is it and what place does it have in the workplace
  • 21.
      • "There are three things which are real: God, human folly, and laughter . The first two are beyond our comprehension. So we must do what we can with the third." (John F. Kennedy)
  • 22. Stats
    • 58% of people say their number one source of stress is their jobs
    • 46% of people describe their jobs as really stressful
    • Work related stress is said to cost the Canadian economy 12 BILLION dollars per year
    • 46% of people quit their jobs because they feel unappreciated
  • 23. Stats
    • 46% of respondents to a recent Fast Company magazine survey said their lives were unbalanced
    • A recent medical study suggests that workplace mental stress is a more dangerous health risk than lack of exercise
  • 24. KAROSHI
    • The Japanese term for “Death by overwork”
  • 25. Warning
    • Death
    • Is
    • Permanent
  • 26. Why Humour
    • Catalyst for creativity
    • A team builder
    • A morale booster
    • A motivator
    • Opens the door to honest communication
    • Establishes trust between worker and manager
  • 27. Why humour
    • Reduces turnover
    • Reduces absenteeism
    • Enhances customer service
    • Can improve information retention in meetings and training sessions by up to 800%
  • 28. Lesson 1 It’s not about telling jokes
    • It’s about juggling your perspective
    • and your peerspective
  • 29. So
    • Let’s learn to juggle
  • 30. Perspective lesson 1a,b & c
    • We’re not perfect
    • We’re human (see # 1 above)
    • If a meteor the size of Saskatchewan was due to hit Earth some time after 12 noon, we wouldn’t spend our time catastrophizing about this problem
  • 31. Mankind is made up of two words mank & ind no one understands the meaning of these words and that is why no one will ever understand mankind Jack Handy
  • 32. WARNING: Humour is NOT for EVERYONE
    • It is only for those who
    • want to be
    • popular,
    • successful
    • Happy… in other words
    • less stressed!
  • 33. Humour whys
    • Take you job seriously
    • …take yourself lightly
  • 34. Humour whys = health wise
    • Jest for the health of it!
    • Norman Cousins
    • Willi a m Fry Jr. MD
    • enhances respiration
    • improves circulation
    • oxygenates the blood
    • suppresses stress related hormones in the brain…and...
  • 35. Humour whys = health wise
    • humour actually
    • activates
    • the
    • immune system
  • 36. I’m feeling a cold coming on quick, somebody please tell me a joke!
  • 37. Lesson 2 Humour whys
    • Humour helps us prevent
    • hardening of the attitudes
  • 38. Humour
    • It’s jest medicine
    just another bad pun
  • 39. Humour whys
    • Stress and Burn-out
    • from
    • Grim and Bear it
    • to
    • Grin and share it
  • 40. Humour whys = health wise
    • Mental flexibility
    • Dr George Vaillant found humour to be one of the key mature coping mechanisms that insured that stress didn’t kill more quickly and commonly
  • 41. Lesson 3 Humour whys = health wise
    • Oh did I mention
    • well let me mention it one more time
    • gna gna gnagna gna!
  • 42. " You can't help growing older, but you can help growing old." George Burns
  • 43. "S/He who laughs lasts.“
  • 44. No Matter What Happens
    • Somebody will find a way to take it seriously
  • 45. "A smile is the shortest distance between two people" Victor Borge
  • 46. Humour whys= health wise
    • Implications:
    • an effective way to build working relationships
    • improve morale
    • Because everyone knows that in many places the policy is
  • 47. The floggings continue until morale improves
  • 48. Humour whys
    • definite connection between
    • haha! and aha a !
  • 49. Ah ha to haha
    • Tongue? Yuck! The idea of eating something that has been in a cow's mouth disgusts me." "Do you eat eggs then?"
  • 50. Humour is a coping mechanism 911 deaths Challenger explosion social changes hurricane Juan
  • 51. Why Humour
    • True humour can overcome all boundaries
  • 52. Hurricane Juan humour
    • Things Hurricane Juan taught me: * Coffee and frozen pizzas can be made on a BBQ. * No matter how many times you flick the switch, lights don't work without electricity. * My car gets 23.21675 miles per gallon, EXACTLY (you can ask the people in line who helped me push it). * Kids can survive 4 days or longer without a video game controller in their hand. * Cats are even more irritating without power. * He who has the biggest generator wins. * A new method of non-lethal torture--showers without hot water.
  • 53. 'Having a sense of humour in a situation that isn't necessarily funny can lighten the tension of what's going on. By trying not to take every little thing seriously, you will greatly reduce stress.
  • 54. My personal funny horror story (Glysinski ent.)
    • I’ll show you mine if you show me yours
    • I could have died but instead I laughed
  • 55. 'Life does not cease to be funny when something bad happens any more that it ceases to be serious when we are laughing.‘ Cathy Fenwick
  • 56. There is a lot of drama associated with work, relationships, addictions, management… If you can begin to see how ridiculous most of it is, you can start to put things into perspective. If you can just laugh and hang up when stress calls …congratulations… you've graduated to a new level.'
  • 57. Types of humour
    • Adviser
    • Anecdotes
    • Aside
    • Banter
    • Blendword
    • Blue humour
    • Blunder
    • Bull
    • Burlesque
    • Caricature
    • Catch Tale
    • Conundrum
    • Epigram
    • Exaggerism
    • Freudian slip
    • Hyperbole
  • 58. Types of humour
    • Irony
    • Joke
    • Nonsensism
    • Parody
    • Practical joke
    • Recovery
    • Repartee
    • Satire
    • Situational humour
    • Switching
    • Understatement
    • Wisecrack
    • Wit
  • 59. jokes told to illustrate a point are recalled more accurately than non-humorous stories and after a longer time-lag, but the point itself (apparently by association) is similar ly enhanced. A nice scientific demonstration of what all great communicators have always known.
  • 60. Example: U.S. Surgeon-General in his 1930's campaign against venereal disease. Flies are dangerous They spread disease. Keep yours closed!
  • 61. Humour a HOW TO Guide
  • 62. Step # 1 Put humour into the physical environment
  • 63.
    • Use your trash can as your in basket
  • 64.
    • Attach a Kleenex to a bad news memo
    • Attach a lollipop to good news memo
  • 65.
    • Don’t be afraid of practical jokes
  • 66. ASAP means
    • A s S illy A s P ossible
  • 67. The most powerful force in the world according to Dave Barry is
    • GOSSIP
  • 68. A different perspective
    • And just a thought for all you women out there: MENtal illness, MENstrual cramps, MENtal breakdown, MENopause. Ever notice how all of women's problems start with men? And when we have real problems, its HISterectomy!
  • 69. Step #2 Use humour as a tool rather than as a weapon
  • 70. Join alcoholics unanimous
    • Because statistics show that 75% of accidents are caused by
    • sober people
  • 71. Laugh at yourself
    • I belong to an organization called
    • Men Against Dyslexia
    • The acronym is DAM
  • 72. Step #3 Build humour into your corporate culture
  • 73. Out of my mind
    • Back in 5 minutes
  • 74. Humour loves company too
    • Turn your work problems into humour
    • Exercise
    • Working here is like peeing in a dark suit…..
    • Sometimes I feel like the sandpaper in the birdcage of life
  • 75. Step #4 Humour’s Bottom Line The number one premise of “ work” is that it need not be boring and dull. It ought to be fun. If it’s not, you’re wasting your life. Tom Peters
  • 76. Step #4
    • Humour’s Bottom Line
    • The number one premise of “ work” is that it need not be boring and dull. It ought to be fun. If it’s not, you’re wasting your life. Tom Peters
  • 77. Advice for jet set
    • Never lick a steak knife
  • 78.
    • Nobody cares if you can dance,
    • just get up and dance!!!
    • Damnit
  • 79. Casey Stengel was a very successful leader as his string of World Series championships would indicate. When asked his secret, Casey replied tongue-in-cheek, "The secret of managing is to keep the five guys who hate you away from the four... who are undecided." Humor can help us to survive– and thrive– at work.
  • 80. Thank you!