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TOHSSNE Qualifications Guide

  1. 1. TOHSSNE 8TH TEN OUTSTANDING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF NUEVA ECIJA2013OUTSTANDING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS in NUEVA TEN “8 SEARCH FOR THE th ECIJA” SEARCH RULES AND PROCEDURES I. WHO MAY JOIN The search is open to all public and private high school students in Nueva Ecija who are included in the top ten (10) of the graduating class in their respective schools. There should only be a maximum of five (5) participants/entries per school II. QUALIFICATIONS Filipino citizen of excellent moral character, and without any record of unfavorable disciplinary case in school. A bona fide graduating student for the current school year (SY 2012-2013). An outstanding student in academic and co- and extra-curricular activities; No failing grades in his/her entire years. III. DOCUMENTS FOR SUBMISSION Two (2) copies of duly accomplished documents containing: 1.Application form (see TOHSSNE Form 1) 2.Academic information (see TOHSSNE Form 2) 3.Leadership and Associations affiliated with (see TOHSSNE Form 2) - with proofs (certificates, etc.) 4.Most Significant Accomplishments (see TOHSSNE Form 3)- with proofs (certificate, pictures etc.) 5.Scholarly answered essay in the question “Why do you deserve to be one of the Ten Outstanding High School Students in Nueva Ecija?”(see TOHSSNE Form 4) 6.Coach / Adviser Assessment (see TOHSSNE Form 5) 7.Copy of a Transcript of Records from 1styear up to 1st grading period of 4thyear Two (2) 2x2 picture One (1) back-to-back copies of school ID Supporting Documents 1. Academic Performance - Shall include only photos of awards with descriptive captions (name of honor/award, date, venue, and award-giving bodies) and copies of newspaper clippings and certificates. 2. Leadership - Shall include only copies of certificates, newspaper clippings, photos of activities (name of activity, date, venue, and organizing bodies), and photos of awards (for co- and extra-curricular awards). Note: TOHSSNE forms serve as a guide for the participants’ proper documentation. Use extra sheets upon answering the form. The requirements shall be organized in a short clear book. Only one (1) proof/support document per nomination package (bid book) shall be submitted for each claim. Supporting documents should not include minutes of the organizational meetings, project evaluation reports, project proposals, general plans of actions, calendar of activities. 2013_TOHSSNE _Letter Package
  2. 2. TOHSSNE 8TH TEN OUTSTANDING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF NUEVA ECIJA2013 For certificates and newspaper clippings, photocopied materials are preferred. All support documents must be certified true copies by the high school. IV. IMPORTANT DATES November 24, 2012 Deadline of submission of entries VENUE: CBAA Honors’ Circle College of Business Administration and Accountancy Central Luzon State University Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija 3120, c/o Winnie DC. Villanueva DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Division of Nueva Ecija Old Capitol, Cabanatuan City TEAM BUILDING December 22, 2012 LEADERSHIP TRAINING SEMINAR and COMMUNITY SERVICE January 26, 2013 WRITTEN EXAMINATION& PANEL INTERVIEW February 2, 2013 AWARDING February 22, 2013 Note: Dates are subject to changes. This is for the convenience of the participants and the organization. For further information and announcements, please visit and like the official Facebook page of the Search for Ten Outstanding High School Students of Nueva Ecija. 2013_TOHSSNE _Letter Package
  3. 3. TOHSSNE 8TH TEN OUTSTANDING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF NUEVA ECIJA2013 THE SEARCH PROCESS 1st Screening: The participants will be screened based on the documents submitted. Lack of requirements will be automatically disqualified. Only those entries which passed the first screening will be qualified to undergo the second screening process. 2nd Screening: The participants will be judged based on the following: Academic performance 40% Achievements 30% Affiliations/Leadership 20% Documents Presentation * 10% Total 100% *supporting documents e.g. certificates, pictures, etc. Only the top 30 will be selected to undergo the third screening. The announcement of top 30 participants who will proceed to the next screening will be on the date of the teambuilding. Third Screening: The top 30 participants will be given particular points in the participation and performance in leadership training seminar, team building and a community service organized by the organization. Points will be given by chosen officers and members of the organization as well as the organization advisers. Final Screening: The participants will be judged based on the following: Academic performance* 20% Most Significant Achievements 10% Most Significant Leadership 10% Essay 10% Written Examination** 20% Panel Interview 15% Team Building, Community Service, and Leadership-Training Seminar 15% Total 100% From the 30 finalists, the TEN outstanding students will be selected. *Academic Performance will be based on their ranking. **The written examination that will be given will be comprised of the following subjects: Science, English, Math, General Information and Philippine History. 2013_TOHSSNE _Letter Package
  4. 4. TOHSSNE 8TH TEN OUTSTANDING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF NUEVA ECIJA2013 AWARDS: The Ten Outstanding High School Students of Nueva Ecija will receive the following: 1st to 3rd Outstanding Student Plaque of Recognition Certificate of Recognition Gold Medal Cash Prize 4th to 10th Outstanding Students Certificate of Recognition Silver Medal Finalists (top 11-30) Certificate of Recognition Bronze Medal Special Awards Certificate of Recognition Note: All participating schools will be notified about the winners one week before the date of the awarding. 2013_TOHSSNE _Letter Package