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Inda Platform serves digital, venue based media and provides media buy, campaign creation and advertising products to different types of advertisers - companies, agencies, even individuals. We are collecting the feedbacks from everyone who is or can become an advertiser. Please feel free to fill in the survey (provided from the last slide)

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Inda platform for advertisers

  1. 1. For Advertisers
  2. 2. What We Do
  3. 3. The Solution - Inda Platform Media serving platform We are a media serving platform that connects the right audience with the right brands in efficient and engaging manner (of) Digital Screens We focus only on digital, venue based screens, where you can run dynamic content (in) Popular Venues We target popular venues: bars, pubs, gyms, clubs, universities, clinics, pharmacies, etc, far away from mass advertising (with) High Influence These are places with high influence on the customers, points of purchase, WiFi spots (on) Targeted Audience Places where targeted audience waits, buys products and services, relax - is open to new messages and ready to action
  4. 4. How it works
  5. 5. The Solution - How it Works Media search Advertiser indicates the most important feature: target group, location and/or advertised product/service Campaign Creation We give him a list of results that he can tune. Then he selects those venues that suits him best and he wants to involve in the campaign Campaign Confirmation Campaign Execution Campaign Closure Advertiser adds some details about the campaign and can choose additional services and products Advertiser gets the summary, media owners get the art work and instructions. Campaign starts. We update and support all involved parties at each stage from campaign creation, through payments to final reports
  6. 6. Advantages
  7. 7. Ad campaigns done away from mass advertising, addressed to targeted audience, that is open for new messages Online tools to create campaigns ! Advertising products for special campaigns: Quick Campaign, Charity Campaign, Announcements, Start Up Campaign, etc ! Dynamic content that you can create on your own or with our help Simple and easy process of media buy: no need to look for similar media owners to create scale, no need to negotiate separately every deal and synchronize the action
  8. 8. How We Do It
  9. 9. We work with the trusted and experienced media owners and popular venues that use digital screens We aggregate the media from the same niche: digital, venue based screens We collect the knowledge about the audience on the platform We organize all information to make your work easier We provide matching tools and buying process online We give you flexibility and support at each stage
  10. 10. To Sum It Up
  11. 11. We invite you to try the next generation of media and advertising service based on knowledge and technology
  12. 12. We want to provide you with excellence - we’re still working on the final product - but we would love to know your opinion today
  13. 13. Please visit our website Fill in a quick questionnaire 5 minute survey Contact us