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Entrep Corner PPT


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From Ms. Jan

From Ms. Jan

Published in: Business
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  • 1. champions young entrepreneurs
  • 2. It is a unique project that provides college students takingup business-related courses a venue at Robinsons Malls to showcase their products and services.
  • 3. OBJECTIVES• To develop and recognize theentrepreneurial skills and talents of today’syouth• To provide a venue in Robinsons Malls forthe student entrepreneurs to experience aholistic retail experience
  • 4. WHAT IS PROVIDED• Actual retail experience in a shopping mall for at least two (2) weeks, maximum of one (1) month• Free rental and CUSA in lieu of percentage in gross sales• Business and creative feedback from industry personnel• Exposure for the student entrepreneurs and for their companies
  • 5. OUR PARTNER SCHOOLSStarted Started Started Started 2005 2006 2007 2010
  • 7. Coordinate with School• Robinsons Malls requests the School for the following information: – Number of student companies – Brief description of the products/services of the student companies – Initial Price List – Copy of the Business Plan (Robinsons Malls get to keep the business plans for filing) step
  • 8. Product Presentation• A Product Presentation is similar to the screening of tenants in Robinsons Malls.• The student companies and their products/services will be subjected to a critique by Robinsons Malls.• Panel is usually composed of the GPM, Lease Officer, MarComm Officer, Corporate PR, and a guest panelist. step
  • 9. Product Presentation• The guest panelist can be one of the Mall’s tenants.• The student companies and/or individuals present their actual products/services to the panel. It must be presented in its actual packaging, price, portion size, etc. step
  • 10. Product Presentation• The student entrepreneurs should discuss their business plan containing the target market, pricing, marketing plan, visual merchandising, etc.• The student entrepreneurs should discuss their business plan containing the target market, pricing, marketing plan, visual merchandising, etc.• Some schools cook or heat their products before the Product Presentation. step
  • 11. Product Presentationstep
  • 12. Orientation• All participating student entrepreneurs and professors should attend an Orientation of the Mall’s House Rules.• Robinsons Malls also orients the School on Robinsons Malls’ Entrep Corner. step
  • 13. Photo Shoot• Robinsons Malls also conducts a photo shoot of the student entrepreneurs and their products/services.• These photos will be used for promotional and documentation purposes.• The Mall is the venue for the photo shoot. step
  • 14. step
  • 15. step
  • 16. Contract of Lease• The Contract of Lease is a document that formalizes the School occupying of a space in Robinsons Malls.• This must be submitted together with the Fees one (1) day before Ingress at the most. step
  • 17. Visual Merchandising• The look of the Entrep Corner area must be cohesive and must look presentable.• A layout and perspective of the Entrep Corner area must be submitted by the School to Robinsons Malls two (2) weeks before Ingress.• In turn, Robinsons Malls will also give comments and corrections for improvements. step
  • 18. Technical Concerns• Robinsons Malls’ Entrep Corner collects the sales in a computerized and centralized manner using the Peachtree Software.• After three (3) calendar days, School sends to Robinsons Malls the final Price List of the student companies.• Once the final Price List is submitted and encoded, no changes can be requested by the School or the student entrepreneurs. step
  • 19. Fees• There are two (2) fees that must be paid one (1) working day before Ingress at the most : – Cash bond • This is refundable within fifteen (15) working days after Egress. – Cashier’s Salary • This is 50%-50% sharing between Robinsons Malls and the School. step
  • 20. Marketing• Joint marketing efforts between Robinsons Malls and the School will include but not limited to collaterals, social media and publicity.• All marketing efforts must be up at least two (2) weeks before Ingress. step
  • 21. Bridge Banner Email Blast Email Blast for Special EventsFaçade Banner Roll-up Banner step Flyer
  • 22. Published in: •Discover Magazine – March 2011Published in:•Discover Magazine – June 2010 Press Releases step Published in: •Philippine Star – December 8, 2010 •Business Mirror – December 10, 2011 •Manila Standard Today – December 11, 2010 •Philippine Daily Inquirer – December 13, 2010 •Discover Magazine – March 2011
  • 24. Ordering Process Student entrepreneur writes down the orderCustomer goes to the student in the Sales Order Slip and gives it to thecompany to order. Customer.Cashier gives the RLC Official Receipt Customer gives the Sales Order Slip toand change (if any) to the Customer. the Cashier and pays. Customer returns to the student Once verified, the student company and presents his Official entrepreneur gives to the Receipt. Customer his order. step
  • 25. Ordering Process• Student companies must have their own Sales Order Slip (they can make one or just buy). This is where they write the orders and the basis for the order to be punched by the cashier in the POS terminal.• Robinsons Malls gives the School copies of the final Price List with the product codes.• All payments must be given to the Cashier only. step
  • 26. Ordering Process• Each item has a unique product code, which the student entrepreneurs must only use.• No two items can use one product code.• Products/services must only be given or rendered only after the shopper has presented his Official Receipt. step
  • 27. Special Events• Robinsons Malls also coordinates with the School for any special events and promos they wish to conduct (Grand Launch at the Mall Activity Area, Halloween costume party, giving away of candies, invitation of celebrity guests, etc.)• For the Grand Launch, the program depends solely on the School. step
  • 28. Special Eventsstep
  • 29. Journal• All student entrepreneurs are requested to make a journal of their thoughts, experience, comments and suggestions about Entrep Corner.• One (1) week after egress, School sends the student entrepreneurs’ journals to Robinsons Malls. step
  • 31. Refund• Refund of cash bond is ready for pick-up on or before fifteen (15) working days after the egress.• Any damages or penalties incurred by the School will be deducted from the Cash Bond.• Check will be under the name of the School. step
  • 32. Refund• The School needs to submit the following documents when claiming the cash bond: – Four (4) copies of Affidavit of Quit Claim and Release (This will come from Corporate PR) – Valid ID of the Lessee (original and photocopy) – Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate – School’s Official Receipt step
  • 33. Refund• If the Lessee is not the one to pick up the check, additional documents are: • Authorization Letter • Valid ID of the representative (original and photocopy) step
  • 34. Sales• Robinsons Malls shall give the sales share of the School after their Entrep Corner run. It still needs to be verified by concerned departments of Robinsons Malls.• When claiming the check for the sales share, the School needs to submit its Official Receipt to claim the Sales Share. step
  • 35. Sales• Check will be in the name of the School.• If the Lessee is not the one to pick up the check, additional documents are: • Authorization Letter • Valid ID of the representative (original and photocopy) step