All Saints In Spain

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Do we celebrate Halloween in Spain? What our own traditions on the 1st of November's Festival?

Do we celebrate Halloween in Spain? What our own traditions on the 1st of November's Festival?

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  • 1. 1 st of november: All Saint’s Day in spain
  • 2. In every Culture there is a concern for the subject of Death
  • 3.
    • And the dead are honoured
  • 4.
    • In our country this festival revolves around the same tradition of remembering the dead.
    All Saints Day in Spain
  • 5.
    • It is not surprising that we remember the dead in Autumn, when nature dies little by little and prepares for winter.
    All Saints Day in Spain
  • 6.
    • In the olden days, after the usual family supper chestnuts were roasted in the open hearth. “Panellets" (small, tasty almond cakes) and other sweet small cakes were eaten, and accompanied by a sweet, white wine. The chestnuts were roasted and placed on a table where everyone could eat as many as they wanted.
  • 7.
    • This tradition was called “La castañada". It brings back memories of the ancient funeral meals.
    All Saints Day in Spain
  • 8.
    • To renew and remember this tradition, nowadays in many schools in Spain children are invited to taste the typical roasted chesnuts, almonds and sweet potatoes as well as the cakes made with these products. Sometimes, the teachers who deliver them are disguised as “villagers”.
  • 9. Maria, la castañera
    • Here in Spain many stories are told about one of the most lively and important characters of this festival: the chestnut seller "la castañera" .
  • 10. She is so important that she has been drawn, sculpted, and painted!
  • 11. Typical Food
  • 12. Huesos de Santo (saint’s bones) are one of the favorite specialities of this festival. They fill and decorate every cake-shop on the 1st of November.
  • 13. Our delicious food can’t be compared to American typical food for that day!!!
  • 14.
    Let’s see a video about our “ All Saints’ Traditions”
  • 15. Nowadays, more and more people (above all the youngest ones) celebrate this festival according to the American new fashions...
  • 16. The Future Of Our Traditions….
    • No doubt it is a very funny tradition and we must enjoy and take advantage of it but….
    • Don’t you agree that it would be a pity if our traditions were lost due to this fact?