Usability evaluation of gas stove and inductive stove


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  • Angmga respondents kaiangilagamitkaikahoy, ginabasuguling.
  • Usability evaluation of gas stove and inductive stove

    1. 1. *
    2. 2. ** The first gas stoves were developed as early as the 1820s, but these remained isolated experiments. James Sharp patented a gas stove in Northampton, England in 1826 and opened a gas stove factory in 1836. At the World Fair in London in 1851, a gas stove was shown, but only in the 1880s did this technology start to become a commercial success. The main factor for this delay was the slow growth of the gas pipe network.* First patents date from the early 1900s. Demonstration stoves were shown by the Frigidaire division of General Motors in the mid-1950s on a touring GM showcase in North America. The induction cooker was shown heating a pot of water with a newspaper placed between the stove and the pot, to demonstrate the convenience and safety. This unit, however, was never put into production. Modern implementation in the USA dates from the early 1970s, with work done at the Research & Development Center of Westinghouse Electric Corporation at Churchill Borough, near Pittsburgh. The stand-alone single-burner range was named the Cool Top Induction Range. It used paralleled Delco Electronics transistors developed for automotive electronic ignition systems to drive the 25 kHz current.
    3. 3. ** The purpose of this study is to evaluate the usability o the gas stove and inductive stove in terms of: * Learnability * How quickly the user complete the task? * How satisfied the users in doing the task? * Which of the two (2) units is much preferable by the users? * What are the recommendation s to improve the less preferable?
    4. 4. ** The respondents of the study are the proponent’s neighbor that are at least 18 years old but no more than 50 and who were not able to used any of the two(2) product to be evaluated . There are five respondents in this study. All respondents must know how to fried scrambled egg . There are asked to perform a task such as: * Turning on the stove * Fry scramble egg* Respondents will evaluate their subjective experience with both type of stove after completing the task. The researcher measure their time in minutes and seconds consumes in performing each task.
    5. 5. **There is a limitation with regards to thematerials used in conducting the study.The materials use for both stove are notthe same. The inductive stove only allowsthe specific cooking materials or utensils.And the materials use in the gas stove isdifferent too. The inductive stove was setto a certain temperature, for frying thescrambled egg 250 degree Celsius will beused.
    6. 6. *Respondents Age GenderJessa 20 FemaleClah 22 femaleLinday 32 FemaleBi-ann 34 FemaleLarry 28 Male
    7. 7. **The inductive stove was bought almostfour (4) years ago.*And the gas stove was bought almosttwo (2) years ago.
    8. 8. ** For Inductive Stove:* Procedure on task 1: 1. Insert the plug to electric socket 2. Turn on the stove and adjust to 1200 degree Celsius* Procedure on task 2: 1. Heat the fan 2. Put an oil(edible) 3. On the other hand scramble the egg and add salt 4. When heated, put the egg 5. If it’s already golden brown turn off the stove 6. Take the scrambled egg to the fan
    9. 9. ** For Gas stove:* Procedure on task 1: 1. Opening the gas tank (turn the knob of the gas tank) 2. Ignite the burner(turn on the stove knob)* Procedure on task 2: 1. Heat the pan 2. Put an oil (edible) 3. On the other hand scramble the egg and add salt 4. When heated, put the egg 5. If it’s already golden brown turn off the stove 6. Take the scrambled egg to the fan
    10. 10. *Weight scale Interpretation 4 Very Effective The users are excellently happy with the stove features. 3 Effective The users are happy in terms of the stove features. 2 Less Effective The users are moderately happy with the stove features. 1 Ineffective The users are not happy to the stove features.
    11. 11. **Scale: Range*Very Effective (VE) 3.26-4.00*Effective (E) 2.51-3.25*Less Effective (LE) 1.76-2.50*Ineffective (IE) 1.00-1.75
    12. 12. * For Learnability Gas Stove Inductive stove interpretation interpretation1. Features are easy to 4.00 VE 3.60 VE learn 2. Display of labels 4.00 VE 4.00 VE3. Readable instruction 4.00 VE 3.80 VE AVERAGE 4.00 VE 3.80 VE
    13. 13. * PERFORMANCE Gas Stove Inductive Stove Interpretation interpretation1. Cooking result is 4.00 VE 3.80 VE desirable2. Less maintenance 3.40 VE 3.80 VE3. Fuel/electric 3.80 VE 4.00 VE convenient Average 3.73 VE 3.87 VE
    14. 14. *Factors Gas stove Interpretation Inductive Interpretation stoveLearnability 4.00 VE 3.80 VEperformance 3.73 VE 3.87 VE
    15. 15. *Questions User 1 User 2 User 3 User 4 User 51. How long were you able to cook 12 years 5 years 24 years 26 years 16 years2. Which of the stove shows the ideal result of the Inductive stove Inductive stove Gas Stove Gas stove Inductivefood cook stove3. Which of the stoves is easy to use? Why? Inductive Inductive stove Gas Stove Inductive Stove Gas stove stove Instruction is There’s no need Instruction is Great for Safe to use visible for instruction visible cooking4. What are the features of the gas stove you like? Easy ignition Low gas Easy to operate The features are Easy to use consumption understandable5. What are the features of the gas stove you Risky with A high possibility It is light when Took time to Dangerous fordislike? respects to gas to get burn you turn the knob clean small children leakages it moves6. What are the features of the inductive stove It has labels. Safe to use. You Shinning surface, There are more Easy to cleanyou like? We are guided don’t get burn elegant design function aside from cooking and boiling7. What are the features of the inductive stove you Take time to Not all pan will Expensive Other material Take time todis like? operate work are not allowed get familiarize to be used
    16. 16. *User Task 1 Taks2 Total time Total time (in seconds) (in minutes) using inductive using gas stove stove (in minutes) (in minutes)User 1 33.71 7.02 3.58 3.38User2 38.97 6.32 3.42 3.29User3 42.23 7.07 3.36 4.12User4 30.13 6.55 3.29 4.42User5 6.31 3.48 3.27 42.49
    17. 17. ** Using the study objective as the criteria, the researcher analyze the data and come up to a finding.* The inductive stove is much preferred by the user and find it easy to use.* With respect to the time in performing the task, the inductive stove is much faster and rated in less time.* In turning on (task 1) gas stove has less time.* In frying (task2) inductive cooks faster.
    18. 18. ** In this usability study of inductive and gas stove, the researcher was able to gather data base on the task given and evaluation tools to check the usability of the product. With this, researcher conclude that inductive stove is preferred most of the user instead of the gas stove. inductive stove it satisfy the users in effectiveness and efficiency.
    19. 19. **In the context of this study, the researcher suggests the following recommendations: *In the layout off the gas stove , the edges of it should be round. For easy cleaning. *There should be an added weight to the stove so that when turning the knob theres no need to hold to stop it from moving. *In the inductive stove there should be a signage of what temperature to be used to a certain food. *The design and tools to be used should not be limited. A specific utensil to be used is discouraged.
    20. 20. *
    21. 21. *Questionnaire