December 15, 2011.To: RISE Program at UPR Cayey   205 Barceló Av., Cayey, Puerto Rico 00736   South Science Bldg. - MMM Ro...
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Reflective letter to rise fall semester 2011


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Reflective letter to rise fall semester 2011

  1. 1. December 15, 2011.To: RISE Program at UPR Cayey 205 Barceló Av., Cayey, Puerto Rico 00736 South Science Bldg. - MMM Room 206 (787) 738-2161, exts. 2173, 2287, 2283, 2285 Fax: (787) 263-6426From: Angélica M. González Sánchez UPR Cayey angelica.gonzalez10@upredu 787-506-3168Dear professors and administrators of the RISE Program: During this fall semester, the RISE program has been a very significant part of mydevelopment as a freshman student. That’s why I would like to let you know how the programhas helped me during this time. First of all, throughout this semester I took the ScientificLiterature on Biological Topics course which was definitely a great mean of learning lots of newconcepts and structures of writing commonly used in the scientific field. For example, I learnedhow to distinguish between a primary literature article and a review paper, how to properly readand analyze scientific literature, the correct way of making an annotated bibliography, the citingmethod used in Biology, among others. I also got to lose my fear and be more confident onasking questions to speakers and on giving presentations. Moreover, this course gave me theopportunity to write my own review paper on a topic of my interest and to present it. This was avery enriching experience because it made me feel like a real researcher who was presenting theresults of his or her research. Therefore, I think that this experience definitely got me to know alittle bit of the duties of a researcher. On this fall semester I also went for the first time to several seminars on actual topics ofScience, which resulted very interesting and inspiring for my future career. I also learned a lot byreading and analyzing the articles that the speakers recommended. I got the great opportunity toattend several interviews given by some of the speakers as well. This has been a very meaningfulexperience because it has gotten me even closer to achieve a summer research internship. On theother hand, I went to various workshops on topics related to preparing for graduate school, whichreally encouraged me to continue working hard to achieve a Ph.D. I’m very sure that all of these experiences will help me both on my academic career andon my professional life because they taught me the basis on many scientific terminology andtechniques so that I will be able to apply them further on. They also got me in contact withexperts of different areas of Science, which have enthused myself to follow their path onachieving a Ph.D. and making research. That’s why, next semester I expect to learn even more techniques to be a good researcherand a good candidate for graduate school. Therefore I will like to get to know more about lab andresearch methods to be really prepared for my possible summer research internships, which inturn will give me more experiences to get to graduate school. Finally I would like to thank all of you, professors and administrators of the RISEProgram, for helping me during all the time I’ve been on the program and for your deep intereston our success. Keep on with the good work! Sincerely, Angélica M. González Sánchez