Gardening on Prescription: Improving your Wellbeing through Horticulture


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Gardening on Prescription: Improving your Wellbeing through Horticulture

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Gardening on Prescription: Improving your Wellbeing through Horticulture

  1. 1. Please complete the details below and return to Mayfield Nurseries, alternatively we can take a Mayfield referral by telephone or email from the doctor. NurseriesDoctor’snameSurgeryAddress andTel Interaction with nature can help with symptoms of depressionReasons forreferral Nurturing things can help improve our sense of worth Improving your wellbeing Learning a new skill can help increase our self esteem throughName of horticultureperson beingreferred Getting our hands dirty allows us to have funAddress and of registered charityperson beingreferred Mayfield Nurseries Mayfield Park Tel: 023 80447743 Weston LaneDoctor’s Southamptonsignature or So19 9HLstamp Mayfield Nurseries is a subsidiary of your local mental health charity Solent MindReturn to: Mayfield NurseriesMayfield Park, Weston Lane Registered charity number 1128592Southampton SO9 9HL, Tel:
  2. 2. Week One Introduction to Mayfield Nurseries, Week Five general housekeeping, health and Container vegetable safety procedures and plant genres. planting Gardening on Prescription is a new GP referral Scheme run by the local charity Mayfield Introduction to different types of plants including Learn the basis of vegetable planting and what Nurseries and funded through NHS identification of annuals, perennials, shrubs, bulbs will grow at what times of the year to include Southampton’s Health and Wellbeing Grant. and corms. depth and pot sizes, feeding and maintenance, harvesting times and raised bed systems. Practical planting of vegetable container. It allows people who are experiencing mild to Week Tw omoderate mental health problems to participate in a weekly gardening club, to learn and Planting for all year round Week Six experience a variety of horticulture topics. The colour and interest and Pests and diseasesclub follows an 8 week programme, although as planting suitable for your each session stands alone you can join the Learn to identify the common prob-programme at any stage and follow the 8 week outdoor space. lems that plants experience and how course. Learning flowering times, plants suitable for dry, to treat these when they arise. shady moist and windy conditions. Learn what Practical question and answer—bring in your plants grow best in what soil. Practical PH soil plants that are causing youHow much does it cost? problems. Identification of pests. testing and creating displays for your garden.The course is free to attend and just requires areferral from your GP. Week Three Week Seven Propagation techniques Plant maintenance andHow does my GP refer? Learn different ways of general careJust ask your GP to complete the referral part ofthis leaflet and either you or your GP return it to propagating new plants and Learn the basics of pruning, deadMayfield Nurseries. We will then contact you to what they need in order to grow. Practical in seed heading watering and feeding. What feed to usearrange your start date. You must be registered sowing, taking cuttings and bulb planting. Caring for different plants. Practical dependent on timewith a surgery in Southampton. for your seedlings and plants at home. of year; to include prun- ing, watering etc.When does it start? Week FourThe courses will run between May and October Flowering hanging baskets Week Eighton Mondays, with the option of a morning or and containers Plant knowledgeafternoon session at 10am or 1pm. Each session Learn how to add seasonal colour to and creatingwill last two hours. your outdoor space. Learn the basics displays of how to plant a hanging basket and Test out your knowledge with our quiz. Create a For further information please contact container according to the time of year. Identifica- Rachel Hampton display for your garden or balcony using various tion of suitable and unsuitable plants, colour plants at Mayfield and for the types of conditions Mayfield Nurseries Manager schemes and balance. Practical planting of basket suitable for different plants. 02380447743 /containers. Feedback questionnaire.