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  1. 1. L O N D O N 
  2. 2. The first day went to the ies cruz santaat 2:45and then we went by bus to the reinasofia’s aiport
  3. 3. We arrive to the royal national hotel at 3:00a.m and began share out the rooms
  4. 4. 23 april: first i went to have breakfast with some people and then we visit the royal court ofjustice, the Monument, St Paul’s Cathedral ,the Tower of London and we went to cruise for the Támesis , we saw and film in 4 D and then we rode to London eye . In the afternoon we went to Albert pub for dinner.
  5. 5. 24 April: we went to visit the Brithis Museum and then we went to Candem town, it was aincredible places. We bought a lot of things . As we were too tired to walk we took theunderground.In the night we went to dinner to Sussex Pub and when we finish we went some people to walkand we saw many shops as “Build a Bear”it was very beautiful, Apple..And we went to a hotel.
  6. 6. 25 april: We have breakfast in the hotel then we went old day to Thorpe park and we rode a lotatractions: Collosus, the Chunks, No way outs, Tidal wave, Stealth, Detonator and more…We have dinner in Pub Rissing Sun and we went to the Royal National.
  7. 7. 26 April: I have breakfast with Anabel, Ainhoa, Abel, Adryan Pol, Victor, Estefania and Elisenda asall day .Then we went to Houses of Parlament, Horse Guard, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden .In the night the teachers we have preparet one surprise for we, we saw The Lion King Musical itwas what I liked most . Then we have dinner to Pub Prince of Wales and finally we went to the hotel.
  8. 8. 27 April: we woke up and we group we have breakfast and then old went to Natural HistoryMuseun, the Harrod’s, Picadilly Circus were we bough a lot of things, the M&M’s world , Chinatown . Then we group went to have lunch pizza in Picadilly. Later we sawMadame Tussauds and Oxford Street . In the night we have dinner in Blue Post and the teachersgave us a beautiful bear.When we arrived the hotel Anabel, Ainhoa, Abel, Victor, Elisenda, Estefania and i plain stay alltogether in my room because have three beds. The girl’s Joined 2 beds, and Abel and Victor it wasin other. Then playing to 1 and saying jockers, as it was the last night.
  9. 9. 28 April: wen we woke up each went to his room and were to go buy lunch.We arrived to the hotel we rode in the bus to went to the aiport from Tenerife.
  10. 10. My opinion: For me this trip was a new experience because i was with people with which he hadnever been and now we were a very good friends,and I liked the city because is verybeautifull, interesting because you have speak english and solves your problem.I return again .
  11. 11. THE END