Engaging your audience presentations in the 21st century


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This presentation is designed to train those who seek to enhance their presentation skills. During this seminar, attendees will gain an understanding of the dos and don’ts of presentations, with a focus on both the
preparations for presenting and the use of body language, tone, and pacing. The course will address issues related to nervousness and the use of technology. Attendees will also learn how to analyze their own presentations.

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Engaging your audience presentations in the 21st century

  1. 1. Engaging Your Audience: Presentations in the 21st Century Angela S. Williamson Adjunct Professor & Doctoral Candidate, Capella University
  2. 2. Can A Powerful Presentation Change Your Life? YES!
  3. 3. Questions to Ponder….. • Why is public speaking different in the 21st Century? • What do I need to know about these changes?
  4. 4. Presentation Takeaway #1 Set A Goal! • Transition to “virtual” is not a “natural” one for most presenters • Operating technology is not the only issue • There is a learning curve
  5. 5. Presentation Takeaway #2 Hook Them In & Don’t Let Go! • Communication rock stars will engage, motivate, and even inspire traditional & virtual audiences • Your opening always engages your audience in the topic & establishes goodwill
  6. 6. Presentation Takeaway #3 Give Them Something To Chew On! • Breakdown your speech into the major points you want to make • Then build your content around them with the aim of finishing on your key point • Vocal variety is your friend!
  7. 7. Presentation Takeaway #4 Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! • If you’re using PowerPoint aim for 2-3 slides per key point • Add a summary slide at the end to re-iterate the points you have made • PowerPoint or Prezi?
  8. 8. Presentation Takeaway #4 Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! • Don’t clutter the slide • Rehearse it to yourself • Rehearse it in front of others • Appearance does matter!
  9. 9. Presentation Takeaway #5 Leave Them Wanting More! • Make the conclusion memorable • Challenge your audience to respond • Have a strong call to action!
  10. 10. A Good Contact Slide Goes A Long Way!
  11. 11. Questions? Don’t Be Shy!
  12. 12. Let’s Recap! 1. Set A Goal! 2. Hook Them In & Don’t Let Go! 3. Give Them Something To Chew On! 4. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! 5. Leave Them Wanting More!
  13. 13. Practice, Practice, Practice! It’s Your Turn!
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