Smartphone Workshop for Small Business


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Slides for 3 hours hands on workshop guiding small business to engage and sell using smart phones. Taught by ShinyDoor. Supported by Appalachian Regional Commission.

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  • Take a moment to introduce yourself and your background. Also introduce any special guests or organizers of the event
  • Be sure everyone has a handout
  • Who has considered creating their own app? What happened? ShinyDoor does not recommend creating your own app. The problem is not the cost to create the app. The challenge is coming up with an awesome enough idea that users want to download and USE your app. Better to spend your time on existing apps with existing users.
  • Raise your hand if you use an application on your phone
  • This is the same site, viewed normally and optimized for mobile
  • Who has a foursquare account? Who has one for their business? Foursquare is a game. Not everyone likes games but LOTS of people do. It was the users of Foursquare, not the company itself that figured out businesses should offers deals to users of Foursquare. Here's how it works - The GPS in your phone recognizes you are close by a location identified on FourSquare and if that location is a business offering a coupon to Foursquare users, the coupon will show up when the user "checks in".
  • Users who "check in" every time they are near particular locations are competing to be the "mayor". Remember - its a game! Businesses can choose to reward the "mayor".
  • Sign at starbucks - what are they getting out of this? What similar campaigns could you create with your partners?
  • tell angela's story discuss pros and cons to being on there and how they may relate to each business there. Have you researched your business on Yelp or Google? Lets do so now.
  • While there are many options, I have experience with Square - who here has used others?
  • This fee structure may not always be cost effective - if you are high volume, check your bank for their mobile enterprise solutions!
  • Instructor note - if time, work more on action plans.
  • Smartphone Workshop for Small Business

    1. 1. Smartphonesand their potentialfor business useA project of ARC and ShinyDoor
    2. 2. Your Action PlanTodays session is less about your phone, and more about your customers smart phone.We will work to develop strategies for your organization to engage customers via their smartphone.
    3. 3. IntroductionsTo begin, lets get to know the group. Please share:Your NameYour Business (name and what you do)Your Current Level of Smartphone Use Rookie, Veteran, MasterWhat you do with a smartphone
    4. 4. Who uses a smartphone?During 2011:- Nearly 1/2 of US Adults own a smartphone (Pew 2012)-11% increase over 2010- Nielsen reports that U.S. youth send on average 3,000 texts A MONTH
    5. 5. What is the smartphone replacing?71% of smartphone users use the smartphoneto shop (Pew, 2011)
    6. 6. What Are People Using On TheirSmart Phone?Google and Facebook are tops!In March, comScore says:Google sites had nearly 94 million smartphone visitors, or 96.9 percent of the mobile audience.Facebook ranked second with 78 million visitors, or 80.4 percent.Washington Business Journal, May 7, 2012
    7. 7. What Are People Using On TheirSmart Phone?Apps also drive the lion’s share of mobile audience engagement, accounting for four out of every five mobile media minutes.Washington Business Journal, May 7, 2012
    8. 8. What Are People Using?Android’s top five list: Android Market, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and Facebook.Washington Business Journal, May 7, 2012Among iPhone users, the five top apps used to access the Internet are iTunes, Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo! Weather.
    9. 9. Your business needs mobilestrategies NOW1 - Website - Optimized for mobile - Contains information tailored tomobile
    10. 10. Your business needs mobilestrategies NOW2 - Loyalty Programs - Aimed at impulse buyers - Easy to use, fun, interactive
    11. 11. Your business needs mobilestrategies NOW3 - Mobile Search and Review - Help new customers discover you - Informative and meaningful
    12. 12. Your business needs mobilestrategies NOW4 - Sales - Sell on the go - Tradeshows, craft expos, etc.
    13. 13. Mobile Website OptimizationIf your host supports it, automatic optimizationworks great (Weebly and Google Sites are two that provide free hostingand free optimization)
    14. 14. What does "tailored to mobile"mean?1 - Fewer images2 - Lightweight and fast3 - Focused on providing the basics as quickly as possible - Location, hours of operation, etcTry to limit information to just the critical pieces, with navigation available for the other stuff customers may want to see
    15. 15. Action Plan: WebsiteWhat do you need to do to make your website optimized for mobile?
    16. 16. Location-based servicesApps like Foursquare and Google Places give your potential customers a way to find you and learn about your business.They also give your customers a sense of loyalty, community and fun surrounding your business!
    17. 17. Create a loyalty campaign!First Step - advertise something on your mobile site for mobile customers!For example "Show us this page on your phone for 15% off your next order"
    18. 18. Create a loyalty campaign!Next Step - Offer something on FoursquareFor example "The mayor gets a free muffin!"
    19. 19. Loyalty and partnershipThis sign statesthat when youcheck in viaFoursquare, theywill make adonation.
    20. 20. Action Plan: Loyalty ProgramWhat do you need to do to develop a loyalty program using Foursquare?What value might participating in Foursquare have for your business?
    21. 21. During an average day:- 59% Read Email On a Smart Phone- 43% Use Social Media On a Smart PhoneMore than half of all local searches ("Find a car repair shop by me") are done on mobile devices.Translation - you need to know how to reach these customers and tailor advertising to them.
    22. 22. Mobile Search and ReviewCustomers use apps like Google Search, Foursquare and Yelp to find local businesses.Does it make sense for you to be on there?How about your business?
    23. 23. Action Plan: Mobile SearchWhat do you need to do to grow your presence in reviews?What are the pros and cons to having a presence in reviews?
    24. 24. Now that youve done all that...You can use your smartphone to make sales!
    25. 25. SquareSquare is a free, easy to use app for iOS and AndroidThe card reader is freeThey charge 2.75% per chargeDeposit funds on a regular basis
    26. 26. SquareCustomers find it Fun and CoolThey get emailed receipts almost instantlyYou get reports dailyCan accept Visa, MC, AMEX and DiscoverYour phone can pay for itself!
    27. 27. Action Plan: SalesWhat do you need to do to make sales via smartphone?Is it an appropriate strategy for your business?
    28. 28. So now what?What are the steps you need to get started?What outside help do you need? Where do you get it?By what date do you want to see this happen?What is your Capital Letter Take-Away?
    29. 29. Thank You!Please be sure to take our class survey before you leave - it will help make our class better!And be sure to visit us on the
    30. 30. Questions?Jason
    31. 31. References ReferencesSmith, A. (2012, March 1). Nearly half of American adults are smartphone owners. Pew Internet & American Life Project. Retrieved from
    32. 32. Creative Commons LicenseThis presentation was created by Shiny DoorIt is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported LicenseTo view a copy of this license, visit