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Shinydoor Materials With Services

  1. 1. Why Use Social How To Get The Most From Your Use Of Social Networking Tools: Networks  develop a larger and  Think of social networking as electronically meeting a stronger network. colleague at a coffee shop. The difference is that:  increase exposure of  You choose whom you happen across at your yourself, your virtual coffee shop, and company, your  You further develop relationships with multiple organization. colleagues, at the same time, when you choose.  increase event  Social networking tools, in particular, provide an attendance. opportunity to strengthen your network both offline and  engage your clients/ online.  Find offline events through your online network members/donors. and with online tools. The viral nature of social networks will help promote offline events. ShinyDoor envisions a  Get to know folks online that you originally met world in which all offline and vice versa. members of society  The number of social media tools can be have the tools and the overwhelming. Find a few that meet your needs and resources to use the adjust as you experience the need, not because new Internet for the tools exist. betterment of  Focus on the quality of your online relationships, not themselves and their the quantity. To genuinely develop a strong network communities. We mix your personal and professional lives. Help your specializes in assisting network to get to know you as a person. We are all more small businesses and likely to do business with folks we know and trust. nonprofits who are hesitant of social networking’s value http://shinydoor.com and overwhelmed with implementation.
  2. 2. ShinyDoor Services Unique Purposes of the Most Popular Social Customized Workshops Networking Tools • in-person or via Facebook – further develop your network by webinar. We prefer in genuinely getting to know folks. person! • targeted to the goals of LinkedIn – the professional online representation of the client and the skill you and a means of determining who in your network levels of the students. can provide a warm introduction to a specific person. Guidance Twitter – unlike Facebook and Twitter, it is acceptable • via in person meeting, the phone or webinar. to connect with folks you do not know which means • From the basics to Twitter provides an opportunity to expand your strategy, each network. consultation is focused upon the needs of the Niche social networks – since you know everyone on client. the niche network is interested in the same topic as you, niche social networks are comfortable, safe Presentations places to receive advice, give advice and develop • our strength is relationships. interactive social media presentations. We Blogs – the commenting feature on blogs allows for a believe people learn by discussion focused upon a specific topic. Commenters participating. have an opportunity to engage in discussion around specific issues of their choosing and bloggers have an opportunity to not only initiate the discussion but also Angela Siefer, interact with those posting comments. Founder & Chancellor http://shinydoor.com angela@shinydoor.com http://shinydoor.com 614-537-3057 @angelasiefer