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Presentation for South Shore Chamber of Commerce

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  1. 1. Create Momentum in your Marketing with Social Networking Angela Rutzick October 6, 2009 prepared for the South Shore Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. Some Social Networking Tools ! Blogs ! Online Communities ! Forums / Discussion Boards ! Content Aggregators ! Social Bookmarking
  3. 3. It’s Here to Stay ! Eight in ten Americans are now online " Yet, only 5-10% of marketing budgets are allocated to social media " Social network users represent 67% of all internet users ! The fastest growing digitally mature industries include: " Technology, financial services, travel subscription media & retail
  4. 4. Consumers — the New Marketer ! Web 2.0 tools have upgraded their voice power ! Consumers are now Prosumers (producer + consumer)
  5. 5. The New Marketer —Technopologist? !Technologist, sociologist and psychologist !Usage behavior — watch and observe
  6. 6. What Will it Do for Me? ! Keep current with new trends ! Meet other like-minded individuals ! Expand opportunities / increase visibility ! Exchange ideas / find answers ! Establish yourself as an expert in your field ! Boost referral marketing efforts ! Free publicity, testimonials and reviews
  7. 7. And my Business… ! Engage customers ! Improve customer understanding of products & services ! Increase customer satisfaction ! Bring referrals and recommendations ! Attract new employees ! Strengthen and enlarge your network of vendors and partners ! Create evangelists
  8. 8. Facebook — Not Just for Kids ! Quickly becoming a powerful business tool ! Geared to using your profile page as a home page for information being brought to you ! Facebook is usually an older audience with more income
  9. 9. My Space ! Generally younger audience without deep pockets ! Environment is one where you primarily visit page of others as opposed to having info brought to you
  10. 10. YouTube ! Upload and share video clips and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email
  11. 11. Linked In ! Business site representing over 150 industries ! Find jobs / Recruit staff ! Research competitors ! Make business connections
  12. 12. Twitter ! Fastest growing social networking site ! Users send and receive tweets ! Follow and be followed
  13. 13. Blogs ! Search engines love blogs ! Link a blog to your website ! Respond to other blogs ! Write commentaries ! Hire a “ghost blogger”
  14. 14. Search Blogs on Specific Topics ! ! !
  15. 15. LinkedIn ! Reconnect/Re-engage ! Strengthen relationships ! Find jobs and recruit employees ! Find resources for your customers & business ! Gather information ! Give and receive recommendations ! Get introduced to prospects ! Upload presentations and other documents
  16. 16. Create your Profile ! Decide what will be public information ! Complete your background
  17. 17. LinkedIn Blog
  18. 18. Upload applications to give more power to your page.
  19. 19. Always read the rules and be ready to adhere to them before signing up.
  20. 20. Creating a Business Page ! Pick a business category ! Add information – similar to profile build ! Publish page ! Be sure to become a fan of your own page ! Invite others to become fans ! Write a ‘what’s happening note’ ! Add applications (you can allow Twitter and LinkedIn to receive updates) ! Post upcoming events / announcements
  21. 21. Creating a Business Page
  22. 22. Market an event on your “brand” page. Upload presentations and/or PDF files. Upload videos and photos
  23. 23. Event Marketing — Drive Demand ! Direct mail as a starting point ! Boost registration though social media ! Create a special page on which you can put the details and collect RSVPs ! Special introductory offer (use a code so you can track where responses are coming from)
  24. 24. Members wanted more from the current website.
  25. 25. A meeting planner creates a community within a website. Industry Wiki / Forum E-Learning Surveys/Studies Bookstore Video RSS Feed Webinars Job Bank
  26. 26. Blog gives members a voice in upcoming conference. LinkedIn helps find appropriate Speakers Post sample presentations of prospective speakers via YouTube RSS feed is added to let members know as new information is received Twitter helps keep members updated while on the go
  27. 27. Post - Event Activities ! Invite attendees to join a group — create a community ! Add a link to Flickr or other photo application where attendees can upload photos ! Rally people around a cause
  28. 28. Results ! Increase in registration ! Execution: save money ! Collect hundreds of customer references ! Follow up – increase in leads, lowers cost per lead
  29. 29. Blogs help take Brand Awareness to Advocacy ! Collaborate with customers on product development, service enhancement and promotion ! Learn more about customer lifestyles.
  30. 30. Solicit opinions Learn about your audience Establish price points
  31. 31. Traditional Approach: Focus Group New Approach: Social Media Poll consumers online using free analytic tools and surveys.
  32. 32. By creating an online community with “mommy blogs”, the mothers connected to discuss options for eyewear protection for their children…. but they also found common ground discussing their home life and child rearing problems. Learn more about customer lifestyles. Collaborate with customers on product development, service enhancement and promotion
  33. 33. Online Focus Groups Better understanding of price points Insight for future products Customers trust each other’s opinions Interaction with the customer about their products led the company to start developing prototypes for lighting fixtures.
  34. 34. Keeping track of alumni and documenting their progress and successes after leaving the program helped this non-profit generate funding for future programs.
  35. 35. Widgets and Applications Factors contributing to failure: No clear way to invite friends, or view globes that friends created. Instructions were too Successful long. No response from Sony’s agency. viral marketing increase Office Max sales
  36. 36. Be Prepared… ! Take the good with the bad ! Be prepared to handle responses ! Never ignore an unfavorable comment
  37. 37. Why will they come? ! Provide incentives — both tangible and intangible " Tangible — money, free samples, coupons " Intangible — play on consumers’ emotions ! Create community ! Peer recognition
  38. 38. Recruit & Engage Employees ! Carefully select employees to write blogs "Social networking skills "Shares company vision "Knowledgeable about services and products
  39. 39. From Push Marketing to Conversational Marketing ! Persuade don’t sell ! Be part of the conversation ! Facilitate ! Listen and respond to customers
  40. 40. What’s the Word ! You can’t completely control what’s being said but you can participate ! Find out who is “talking” about you Google Search Google Alerts ! Get notified !
  41. 41. How do I measure success? ! Number of referrals ! Site traffic / visitors ! Audience participating - quality of conversations ! Blog comments ! Content sharing (ie., email forwards) ! Follows, friends & fans ! Profile views ! Wall posts
  42. 42. Tips for Success ! Always use customer focused messages ! Take into consideration your overall marketing plan. ! Integrate traditional and online marketing to ensure consistency across all media ! Simplify your efforts. Focus on the big picture. ! Reference: The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott
  43. 43. Be Digital Savvy ! Align yourself with "technology "the right talent "a company’s whose culture is progressive ! Create partnerships with agencies, media companies and social media “technopologists”
  44. 44. Challenging Times Bring Opportunities Prepare Now… ! Develop new tools ! Time to reevaluate your Business ! Learn new skills to deliver more services to your customers/clients ! Build a great team
  45. 45. Never Under Estimate its Power A campaign is short-term. A relationship with a customer is meant to be long-term.