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  • wikis blogs podcasts videos don’t mean anything if they don’t produce a face like this. or what ben zander calls smiling eyes. they are the future. they are the wow.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Exploring theHabits and Attitudes of 21st CenturySuccessHabitudes:#HABITUDESangelamaiers.comPresented byAngela Maiers
    • 2. 2025What do youanticipate to be theworlds most pressingproblem?
    • 3. 2025Whatskills/competencieswill be needed tosolve theseproblems?
    • 4. How doHow doweweteachteach21C21CSkills?Skills?
    • 5. How doHow doweweKEEPKEEP21C21CSkills?Skills?
    • 6. “Allchildrenare bornartists . . .thechallenge isto remainan artistas wegrow up.”-Picasso-
    • 7. Image from Amazon
    • 8. 98%98%32%32%10%10%2%2%21st Century Skills21st Century SkillsThe Talent CodeThe Talent CodeHarvard Project ZeroHarvard Project Zero
    • 9. Let’s Do This!!!Let’s Do This!!!
    • 10. •Name It•Claim It•Sustain It
    • 11. Problem SolvingSkills, Habits, Attitudes
    • 12. •ImaginationImagination•CuriosityCuriosity•Self AwarenessSelf Awareness•PerseverancePerseverance•CourageCourage•AdaptabilityAdaptability
    • 13. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Self AwarenessSelf AwarenessSelf-awareness isthe ability to thinkand exist inside --and outside ofourselvessimultaneously.
    • 14. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Imagination is thefoundation of allthinking.Without seeing thepossibility,we cannot achieve theoutcome.ImaginationImagination
    • 15. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Curious brains areCurious brains areactive brains,active brains,and active brainsand active brainsbecome smartbecome smartbrains.brains.CuriosityCuriosity
    • 16. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008PerseverancePerseverancePerseverance is notPerseverance is notonly the ability toonly the ability toget done what needsget done what needsto be done --to be done --but to continue thebut to continue theeffort no mattereffort no matterwhat.what.
    • 17. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008CourageCourageSuccess is the by-Success is the by-product of taking risks,product of taking risks,not letting fear hold usnot letting fear hold usback, and taking theback, and taking theplungeplunge
    • 18. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008The world opens up forThe world opens up foradaptable learners,adaptable learners,approaching each taskapproaching each taskand challenge willing toand challenge willing tobe a a beginner.AdaptabilityAdaptability
    • 19. 1919
    • 20. •Name It•Claim It•Sustain It
    • 21. 1.1. Who Do You Admire?Who Do You Admire?2. What Trait/CharacteristicWhat Trait/CharacteristicSets Them Apart?Sets Them Apart?
    • 22. What Habitude Was Their Claim to Fame?
    • 23. What Makes YouWhat Makes YouA Dream Team Member?A Dream Team Member?
    • 24. OWN YOUR GENIUSChief Happiness OfficerTony Hsieh
    • 25. Chief Happiness OfficerTony Hsieh
    • 26. TextPASSION PROFILE ARCHETYPES:The Builder: Creating a strong sense of urgency to deliver results, they’re the driving force of obtaining oexpanding an communities presence.The Connector: Srong desire to see both sides of an issue, they are born communicators, adept anegotiation and relationship building.The Conceiver: These “intellectual acrobats” think outside the box, imagine new possibilities ancontribute to innovation.The Creator: The artisans of the organization, their thought patterns are filled with emotion and arwithout limitations. They eagerly address challenges and imagine potential solutions.The Discoverer: Explorers and innovators, they combine logic and linear thinking with intuition and plaways to carry out their discoveries or achieve innovations.The Processor: The sustainers of structure, function and tradition, they create a framework for thorganization by developing processes, analyzing information, and establishing and maintaining qualitstandards.The Transformer: Alchemists and change agents, they identify and embrace possibilities foimprovements in the business, the environment, themselves and others.The Altruist: The humanitarians of the organization, they are on the lookout to raise your organization’profit, while benefiting the world at large.The Healer: With a passion for creating peace where there is turmoil, applying salve to open woundsand mending broken relationships or broken spirits, they passionately sink to the root of any issue.The Teacher: Passionate about new information and ways of viewing the world, create foundation oinstitutional wisdom – the single greatest organizational asset as yet unaccounted for on the balancsheet.
    • 27. •Name It•Claim It•Sustain It
    • 28. CourageousInnovativeProblem SolverImaginativeAdaptableCreativeThe Habitudes of Genius
    • 29. HabitudesUnit of Study:CourageLessons: 15-20 minUnit : 4-6 Weeks
    • 31. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Habitude #5:Habitude #5:CourageCourageSuccess is the by-Success is the by-product of takingproduct of takingrisks,risks,not letting fear holdnot letting fear holdus back, and takingus back, and takingthe plungethe plunge
    • 32. HabitudesUnit of Study:Self AwarenessLessons: 15-20 minUnit : 4-6 Weeks
    • 33. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Self AwarenessSelf AwarenessSelf-awareness isthe ability to thinkand exist inside --and outside ofourselvessimultaneously.
    • 34. Assessment?
    • 35. Habitudes Global Book StudyLet’s Keep the Conversation Going!#HABITUDES
    • 36. QuickTime™ and aDV/DVCPRO - NTSC decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    • 37. Thank You!The