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Designed for people who want to get more out of life, more success in business and more overall joy and prosperity.

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Create PRO$PERITY - Preview

  1. 1. An insider’s guide to building a profitable career, a satisfying business, improving your life and winning like the big guys even if you are a one person operation. Preview How to Create ChaptersPRO$PERITY From What You Already DoANGELA DiCARLO, MBA Master of Being Alive
  2. 2. Welcome Do you have a big idea that you want to build and make money from but don’t know how? This hands-on guide will help you map out key elements to move forward now. © Copyright 2012, Angela DiCarlo. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval systems, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,photocopy, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission from Angela DiCarlo, with the exception of short excerpts used with acknowledgement of the author. Photos taken by author or purchased on various stock photography sites. Contact the author at or (858) 412-7738. Order additional copies at i
  4. 4. Every day, a new idea comes around that could change strength to stay focused, and the power within to survive thethe world, your world. Sometimes an idea is so big that it ups and downs that make or break a business so you candrives that person to create a business, your business. But no fulfill your dreams?matter how big or amazing the idea is; every business faces It can be relatively easy to get started in business, butthe reality of ups and downs. There are market changes, when an obstacle pops up or success does not come asunexpected setbacks, product recalls, cash flow issues, quickly as expected, many business owners hang up theireconomic catastrophes and more. Despite these setbacks, hats. They go back to their comfort zones of a job or retreatthere are still businesses making a profit and some are into a hideaway until the next big idea is born.pumping out hundreds, thousands and millions in profits While retreating back into your comfort zone mayfrom their business today. provide temporary relief, it will not make you successful or If you know an entrepreneur who has succeeded, then rich. So how is it that some entrepreneurs seem to flourishyou know they did not do it all alone. They had resources. effortlessly? What is their “secret weapon?” More important,Whether they were family, friends, books, seminars, how can you use it to build a healthy, successful businessassistants, coaches, consultants, investors or mentors, they balanced with a profitable, happy and healthy life?had resources. The idea was born and it was important This book is intended to work like a “Choose Your Ownenough that they worked hard despite whatever obstacles Adventure” book. During my youth, I loved to get deepwere in front of them to make it a reality. inside the many layers of Choose Your Own Adventure Once you find the big idea that gets you excited enough books. They were amazing and powerful because you createdto build a business, what do you need to do to keep it alive? the story. You chose where you went next. Still today, I rarelyHow do you find the resources you need to build it, the read books straight from front to back. I often randomlymarket to buy it, the branding to make it recognizable, the iii
  5. 5. open the book or flip to the section from the table of floats around the air, and then, POP, the bubble is gone.contents that had what I needed and I focused in on that. Imagine that an idea formed and floated around like aYou can read straight through or flip around to where you bubble. Oftentimes an idea makes itself visible and totallyneed the most help now. clear for a brief moment. Then just as quickly as it appeared, like a bubble, the idea can disappear. There are exercises throughout this guide that you cando as needed to strategize, strengthen and thrive. I How does that relate to business? Sometimes, we seerecommend creating a folder or notebook specifically for this the picture of what we want so clearly and then pastbook where you can keep all your files on hand. There are experience distorts the image, memories of failures or fear ofalso a few pages for notes throughout and at the end of this change burst the bubble. If we could re-capture that idea ofbook. Feel free to use them anytime an idea pops up that will why we got into business in the first place, then we can turnget you closer to your goals. an idea into a passion. One visual image that works well for me is to imagine There is a principle that my good friend Mick Moore,ideas like bubbles floating around in the air. A bubble starts the Internet Entrepreneur and author of Home Businessas a thin almost invisible layer like a concept or idea Success Kit, was telling me a story about called the 48-hourbeginning to form. Then energy is added to the bubble in the effect where he described how an idea must be capturedform of air being blown into the bubble. It grows bigger and within a certain point from when they appear or they may beclearer until it breaks free from the bubble maker and floats lost forever…or at least until someone else seizes the idea andinto the air. It glimmers like a rainbow in the sunlight for a makes it their own.brief period. Then just as quickly as it appears, pop, it If you have your idea or you are already in business,disappears. While the bubble is forming, you can see the then you may want to know how to grow your business bycolors, the size, and the potential. Once released the idea iv
  6. 6. unlocking the code to success (chapter 1), creating a clearpicture for yourself of what you want to happen (chapter 7),effectively finding a hot market (chapter 5 bonus), and theknowing the importance of keeping a bird’s eye view of yourbusiness with an end goal in mind (chapter 3). Plus, you canclearly provide that focused picture to the people who matterthe most (chapter 5). Of course you will want to share yourmessage clearly with your employees and buyers (chapter 4).Whichever chapter you start with, you are on your way tosuccess (chapter 6). v
  7. 7. Chapter 1 UNLOCKING THE CODE “If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavors to live the life theyimagined, they will meet with a success unexpected in common hours...If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost: that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau Walden
  8. 8. How are some people successful in business and others can BIG IDEAS PRINCIPLE barely get off the starting line?What has kept people from getting what 
 Have you ever felt like you just cannot get to the next step?they want? Have you ever gone to a business event and seen the same people1. Not having a game plan. over and over again? It seemed like some of them just are not2. Trying to do everything alone and not having mentors. making any real progress. Have you ever wondered if they looked at you and thought the same thing? Well, if you have been doing3. Having a poor relationship with money. the same things over and over again expecting different results,4. Not acting or behaving as a top performer. then it may be a good time to take a lesson from the ones who are5. Being surrounded by naysayers. successful today. 6. Harboring fear of success, fear of change or fear of Why are some people doing so well right now? And how can failure. you be like them?7. Thinking that it is too hard to reach the right decision Having coached hundreds of clients from brand new startups makers. to multi-million dollar Fortune companies, there are some striking8. Treating their goals as if they were someday far off in similarities between those who succeed and those who get stuck in the future. a rut. Would you like to learn what they are? I did too. So I took9. Allowing busywork to stop them from doing productive the time to follow top producing sales people and business owners things. around to see what separated them from the average10. Not being fully committed to their passions and goals. businessperson to learn what they did to succeed. After numerous interviews, I found the same thing over and 7
  9. 9. over again.  They work.  It is that simple. As Rory Vaden someone else could do for them.  They asked for referralsmentions in his New York Times Best Selling book released and stayed in contact with their buying clients. They createdin 2012 Take The Stairs, “Top producers do the hard things jobs for others by employing people. They had a verythat average producers do not want to do.” targeted work schedule that helped them accomplish and exceed their goals. So do you just need to work harder? Well, not really.First, they defined what it is they do best. Then, they created Most of these people were highly revered by others fora game plan to accomplish those goals. Then, they enlisted how successful they were. the help and expertise of those who knew more than they did When I went to their offices to meet with them into flesh out their plan. Then, they started calling on their person, their offices did not look much different than anyonemarket to see if there were any buyers. As they proved their elses.  They still had their computer, their stack of work, theirbusiness model was a valid one, they started working. And phone, their calendar, and constant interruptions by others.they worked a lot.   As an outsider, one would never know the difference I found that Top Producers worked at least 40 hours a between this person who was building a successful empireweek on their business. They were not going to luncheons or and someone who was just pushing paper around.networking events unless they had a specific goal they were Not, at least, until you listened to them. On the phone,looking to achieve or a specific person to connect with. They there was minimal chatter and issues on the calls werewere on the phones or putting people on the phones to resolved by setting up a next step or an appointment toprospect and build their business. They were prospecting, confirm a detail. Their email was piled as high as anyonevisiting leads and converting them into clients. They were else, but it was based on putting out valid information andhiring professionals to manage and build the parts of the getting quick or accurate responses. Their voicemailsbusiness that they did not know how to do or knew that 8
  10. 10. instructed callers on how often they checked their messagesand what was the quickest way to get a response from them. BIG IDEAS PRINCIPLESome people instructed their callers to send emails, others What has brought people to their goals?instructed to send text messages. 1. Setting goals, making mini commitments and having Let’s turn the focus to you now. Where in your life are accountability in letting unnecessary “work” slow down your progress? 2. Finding support through mentors and a community ofWhat actions suck up the majority of your working day?  Are like-minded people.these the things that will make you money or cost you 3. Developing a good relationship with money and monitoring its Do you find yourself busy pushing aroundpaperwork or responding to unimportant emails?   4. Looking and acting the part they want to be in the future today. What would happen if you gained back one “working 5. Being able to ask for help even on things that arehour” and turned it into one “income-producing hour?” uncomfortable.Think about how that one shift could change your income 6. Surrounding themselves with positive enforcement toolsover the next month, or perhaps over the next year. What like vision boards.would that be worth to you? 7. Actively networking with targeted business connections. 8. Taking action immediately and making the most important calls first and often. 9. Proactively scheduling activities into their day that get them closer to their goals. 10. oving what they do with a passion for success and L improvement. 9
  11. 11. Chapter 2 THE POWER HOUR“Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.” Found on a client’s wall during a workshop.
  12. 12. What is one thing that stops you from truly succeeding Perhaps you can relate to this. I had become an experttoday?  at avoiding the most important thing I needed to work on. It did not matter if it was a phone call or a project for a client, According to the thousands of business owners and sales for myself, or just something that needed to get done. I hadprofessionals for whom I have led training workshops, there become an expert at filling my day with everything but thathas been an all too prevalent theme that inhibits people from one all-important task. So I made a vow to myself that Ibringing them the wealth and results they desire. It really would give up procrastination for forty days.comes down to a few common behaviors that can be reallyboiled down to in one word: procrastination. Wow! The transformation was amazing. I started seeing real results in my personal and business life. I started setting I gave up procrastination for Lent in 2011. I had never those important meetings with clients and getting projectscelebrated Lent before but the timing was right. I thought to done faster. I wrote out my goal list for the year and startingmyself, what one thing would I be willing to give up for 40 crossing it off faster than I imagined. Everything started todays? I am pretty healthy so I did not need to cut out any come together in my life. No longer was I lingering on anyfood or add exercise to my schedule. I did not really have any one task when I could be getting it done and moving onto thebad habits that I could think of. I thought long and hard next thing.about it. I could have thought about it for days. I could haveavoided it altogether as I had done with many other parts of Then I thought if I could blast through thismy life where I could have worked to get to my goals but procrastination thing and see such great success, what elsefound other things to do. Finally, it hit me. I needed to give could I achieve? I made my ability to overcomeup the worst of all habits: Procrastination. procrastination into an action that could be repeated every day no matter how badly I wanted to avoid that thing that I had previously delayed on. 11
  13. 13. If you have ever given up procrastination for a while, buckle yourself into your chair and do what needs to getthen you know that procrastination unfortunately, like done. You do not let distractions, unrelated calls, negativeaddictive behavior, can be an easy habit to slip back into. self-talk, unnecessary breaks, refilling coffee, checking the internet, unproductive time on social media, grabbing Perhaps you can relate to this. Have you ever just supplies from the cabinet in the other room, or anything notwanted to stay in bed and avoid the world? It can be so easy directly related to the lie in bed for just a few more minutes. It is not that difficultto justify spending just a couple extra minutes checking social This sounds easy until you try to do sites, which quickly turns into an hour of avoiding that You will be amazed at how many things pop into yourimportant task. It can be so easy to swing by the store to pick mind during your power hour. One way to overcome this issomething up and lose an hour from the workday. to get everything lined up before the power hour. Get your In order to reinforce the power of life without beverage, go to the restroom, have your list of what needs toprocrastination, I scheduled a Power Hour into my day. It did be accomplished in front of you, and put your pets ornot matter when I did it. But I found I had the best results children to play or rest in another room where you will notwhen it was done before noon. Just think about this for a be distracted. For some people, they have to do this beforeminute. If you invested one hour in your day tackling that the kids get up or others arrive to the office. However itproject you had been avoiding before you take your lunch works for you, try it for one day or one week. Once you seebreak, how great would that feel? From my own experience, I the results, you will want to do it every day.have to admit that it feels pretty awesome. In your work area, have a blank sheet of paper and pen Now you are probably wondering what this Power Hour next to you for writing down all the other things that pop intois. To put it to you straight, this is the one hour that you your head during your power hour. I suggest pen and paper 12
  14. 14. because if you are on a computer project, it is easy to get hour day or a forty-to-sixty hour distracted workweek or adistracted as you go into another program to jot down a note. 2,000 hour distracted work year.If you are ten minutes into your power hour and you Consider this for a minute. If you could add one powersuddenly realize you need to refill the stapler, then write on hour to each day, how much new business would thatyour note sheet to refill the stapler. If you remember fifteen generate for you?  How many more appointments or valuableminutes later that you need to pick up dry cleaning, then meetings would you set? How much additional revenuewrite that down. If you need to pay a bill or call your client, would you create?  Your answers to all these questions shouldwrite that down. If you get up and do the thing that pops make you want to run to your office chair and start makinginto your head, it will take away from your productivity and some calls, but then, life happens and in turn, nothingencourages the behavior of procrastination. happens for your life or business. Why? Because we are so Now what would happen if you could add one Power great at being busy being busy.Hour to your day? One session added where things did not If you could add one power hour to your day, whendistract you from your productivity. How much wealth would could you most easily slip it into your schedule?adding one power hour to your day create? Hundreds? For some people, their quietest time is early in theThousands? Millions?  morning. That is why many managers and business owners The Power Hour is easily translated into one dedicated often show up to the office an hour or more before their staffhour where you put 100% effort into one dedicated task or arrives. If you are in sales and selling to business owners orproject. During this allotted Power Hour, it is possible to managers, this could be prime time for calling them as manymake more progress than a previously “normal” workday. managers do arrive early to the office. For others, they canThat one focused hour per day could generate more resultsthan would often be accomplished in a distracted eight-to-ten 13
  15. 15. find a quiet hour after they drop their kids off and get back EXERCISEto their home or office. Find an hour that works for you and do your first power Where in your life are you letting unnecessary “work” slow down your progress?hour. If you used to do similar power sessions and had super-productive times during your day, then this will just be likeexercising a muscle that has gotten out of shape. You willquickly see results. If this is your first Power Hour, it maytake a few sessions before you can last a whole hour with What actions take up the majority of your working day?
concentration. Some people do power sessions of 25 minutes, Are these the things that will make you money or contributethen take a five minute break, then do another 25 minute to your goals? session. Find what works best for you to get the best results.It may sound funny reading it, but it can be really hard tostay focused on the task at hand for one hour. Try it foryourself. Would now be a good time? How would turning one extra “working hour” per day Answer the questions in the following exercise and use into one “income-producing hour” change your income over the next month? Repeated consistently overthe Power Hour worksheet to track your results. Copy it or the next year, what would that be worth to you?write on it and make it work for you. 14
  16. 16. Worksheet: Maximizing THE POWER HOURDate: ___________________________ Start time: ___________________________What I want to accomplish during my Power Hour:Date: ___________________________ End time: ___________________________What I did accomplish during my Power Hour: How I felt after my Power Hour: Schedule your next Power Hour session:Next Power Hour Date:__________________ Start Time:_______________________Goals for next Power Hour: 15
  17. 17. ABOUT YOUR AUTHOR“The master in the art of living makes little distinctionbetween his work and his play, his labor and his leisure,his mind and his body, his education and his recreation,his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which.“He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whateverhe does, leaving others to decide whether he is working orplaying. To him he is always doing both.” Source attributed commonly to texts from Zen Buddhism
  18. 18. ABOUT YOUR AUTHOR As your author, I can take a step back and let the biographer take over. Here you go... Angela DiCarlo, MBA has taught hundreds of programs on sales training, vision boards, business start up and individual growth.  She is the founder of CEO’s Secret Weapon and Prosperity and Friends; both described as innovative personal development A SNAPSHOT OF ANGELA DiCARLO programs. She is an author and keynote speaker with her signature speech titled “Can you pass the Prosperity Test?” “If you give me 20 pages to write out my work history, 
 I would ask for more paper.” Angela earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. She often refers to Angela DiCarlo, MBA the MBA that follows her name as a Master’s in Being Alive. Author of the book you are reading now :-) She was blessed to receive lifes golden ticket -- a second chance Master of Being Alive -- after surviving a traumatic head injury that lead to a 3-daySpeaker | Marketer | Life Enhancer | Author | Romantic | Friend coma and changed the course of her life. 17
  19. 19. She values getting the most of life since her own near Angela co-founded Life Enhancer Fitness for elementarydeath experience as well as that of losing her best friend at school programs incorporating yoga, meditation and exercisethe young age of 27. Her life is dedicated to helping since 2004. She has authored a business start up book for andindividuals, teams and organizations find their focus, share consulted clients of the Small Business Development andtheir voice, and make greater improvements in the world. International Trade Center for multiple years. In the corporate world, she helped build hundred Angela worked in television production on Fox 6 News,million dollar brands including Balance Bar Company San Diego 6 News, Del Mar TV and American Idol. She(famous for its energy bars) now owned by Kraft Foods, as helped produce Static TV, a teen television program dealingwell as Phone People and, now owned by j2 Global with issues teenagers face in school and life.Communications. She has toured the country with Her clients include entrepreneurs and executives fromSouthwestern Consulting as a professional sales trainer and around the world. Her advice and training has been soughtworks with their Speakers Bureau with New York Times best by Make-A-Wish Foundation, Goodwill, Salvation Army,selling author of Take The Stairs, Rory Vaden. realtors, commercial brokers, auto dealerships, and many Angelas consulting and speaking firm, CEOs Secret other corporations.Weapon, was formed to help success-focused businesses Droid, iPhone, and iPad applications were developedbecome more successful and help individuals live more under her brand Prosperity and Friends for adults and childrenempowered lives.  For her motivational speeches and with targeted games and exercises to develop role models,programs, Angela was dubbed the "Queen of Focus” by healthy habits, and environmental awareness.award winning speaker John-Leslie Brown. Angela served as an active member or contributor to Burning Man, Healthy California, Right To Succeed 18
  20. 20. Foundation, Childhood Health Obesity Initiative, TribalTruth and business organizations dedicating to improving theworld. Don’t be a stranger. Keep in touch. Tell us your story.Find classes in your area. Email us PROSPERITY AND FRIENDS Be sure to download Prosperity And Friends GuideBook for teens and adults. You can find it online 19
  21. 21. WHAT’S NEXT?“Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.” Mary Manin Morrissey The Dream Builder
  22. 22. Continuing education is something I strive for. Now that TAKE ACTION!you have completed this book or at least parts of it, you are Please contact us to book your free initial consultation atprobably wondering “What’s Next?” (858) 412-7738 or Great question. At CEO’s Secret Weapon, we offermultiple ongoing books, coaching and programs to help youcontinue to grow.WORKSHOPS • Keynote Speeches • Vision Board WorkshopsPERSONAL GROWTH • Life Coaching • Personal Development RetreatsBUSINESS PROGRAMS • C-Level & Business Coaching • C.E.O. Business Intensives • Marketing Consultations • Executive & Speaker Development Programs 21