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WordPress plugins.

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There's an app for that

  1. 1. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenThere’s an app forthat
  2. 2. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenSo, What is a plugin?From the WordPress Codex:“Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress.”So, what does that mean?It means a plugin is a lot like an app on your smart phone.From simple things like adding your Twitter feed to the sidebar ofyour website, to having a robust eCommerce website. Withplugins it can be as simple as installing the plugin and turning iton to get it working.
  3. 3. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenHow do I install a plugin?The easiest way to do this now is to simply login to yourWordPress website. From there navigate to Plugins > Add New.Now you have a few options:• Search: Search the plugin repository• Upload: Upload a plugin you have already downloaded.• Featured: Plugin spotlight from• Popular: Popular plugins.• Newest: Most recently uploaded plugins.• Favorites: You can favorite plugins at the website ifyou have signed up for an account. In this area you simply enter thatusername and it pulls that list into the backend for you to install thoseplugins with.
  4. 4. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenWhere do I get plugins?The most trusted source for WordPress plugins is from: plugin found there is free to use and you can see:• When it was updated• What version of WP it requires• What version it is compatible up to• Total Downloads• Ratings• Authors• Support Threads• Compatibility Rating
  5. 5. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenWhere do I get pluginscontinued….You also have the option of outside plugin authors/websites suchas:• WooThemes• Elegant Themes• Yoast• Code Canyon• StudioPress• And more….Just keep in mind to read reviews of these plugins online andmake sure you feel comfortable troubleshooting any issues youmay come across using these plugins.
  6. 6. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenHow limited are plugins?The only limitation to WordPress plugins is you or yourdevelopers expertise. The WordPress plugin system is ideal forcreating custom website functions for many websites.In my time I have come across very few functions I have wantedfor a client website that I was unable to find a solution for.Recently, that number has been 0. I have been able to solve anyclient request using WordPress and plugins for functionality.
  7. 7. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenSo… what can I do?The possibilities are endless. You can:• Create a Tumblr style personal website• Set up an eCommerce store• Administer a forum• Run a social network• Build a member directory• Create a non-profit websiteOr any combination of the above or more.
  8. 8. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenSocial mediaShare your Posts & Pages• Jetpack Publicize• Sociable• Digg DiggFollow Widgets• Social Media Widget• Social Media Tabs• Socialbox• Social Press
  9. 9. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenecommerce• Woocommerce• Jigoshop• Shopp ($55+addons)• WP eCommerce• Cart 66• eShop
  10. 10. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenForum/social networkForum:• bbPressSocial Network• BuddyPress
  11. 11. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenContact formsContact Form 7 + Contact Form DBGravity Forms ($39-199 per year)
  12. 12. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenSeo/marketing• WordPress SEO by Yoast• All in One SEO Pack• Google XML Sitemaps• Google Analyticator• Simple 301 Redirects• Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
  13. 13. @atnetplushttp://www.atnetplus.comAngela Bergmann @radkittenQuestions?