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Intro class on Social media

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Intro social media

  1. 1. Introduction to Social Media#InternetMarketing @AngelaBelford
  2. 2. Definition• – Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication• Brian Solis – Social Media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism, one-to-many, to a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers• CubixDev - Social Media is the new term for socialising online. It allows people to freely interact with each other online where-ever they are and whenever they want• Daily Blog Tips - Social media are the various forms of user generated content and the collection of websites and applications that enables people to interact and share information online• Duct Tape Marketing – Social media is the use of technology combined with social interaction to create or co-create value• Fresh Networks – Social media is people having conversations online. These conversations can take a variety of forms; for example, blogs and comments or photo sharing• Get a Social Boost – Digital word of mouth• Harish Dabasia – Social media is people having conversations online• Health is Social – Social Media is the meeting place between people and technology• Hudson Horizons – Social Media is often used as another term for user-generated content• iContact - An umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures
  3. 3. Definition• Investopedia – Internet-based software and interfaces that allow individuals to interact with one another, exchanging details about their lives such as biographical data, professional information, personal photos and up-to-the-minute thought• Just Ask Kim – Social media is any media form that displays itself to an open public and encourages interaction between the host and all observers• Kyle David Group – Social media is the technological path of least resistance for two-way communication and distribution through a large audience who would otherwise be unconnected if it were not for the technological medium• Luke Hayes – Social media is a group of Internet-based applications that allow the creation and exchange of user generated content. This content is then shared through social interaction• Mahalo - Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content• Michelle Digital – Social media is life online• One Zero One – Social Media, by definition, is the collection of strategies, practices and tools for communicating, creating, sharing and discussing news, information and other media online• Online Schools – Social media is technically a means for social interaction through the web• Optimize Your Web Presence – Social media are online venues, such as social networking sites, blogs and wikis that enable people to store and share information called content, such as text, pictures, video and links
  4. 4. Definition• Orange Soda – Social media is about interacting with and sharing information with others online• ProPR – Social media are online communications in which individuals shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author. To do this, they use social software that enables anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share or mash up content and to form communities around shared interests• Radian6 - Social media is game changing, not a closed system, not just another media, transparent, more than blogs, decentralized and real-time and measurable• Relationship Economy – Social media is communications• Search Engine Land – Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions• Tech ER – Media is an instrument of communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication• The Financial Brand – Social media isn’t about the media, it’s about being social• Tjongolongo - Social Media is word of mouth on steroids• Web1Marketing - Social Media consists of media that support and encourage social interaction among user• Wikipedia - Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques• WiseGeek - Social media mainly consists of user-generated Internet content
  5. 5. What do you think?• What is social media?
  6. 6. Old Media• Newspaper• Television• Radio• BillboardPlatforms for delivering ads to an audience
  7. 7. New Media• Web-Logs -> Blogs• Podcasts• User generated content – Twitter, – YouTube – other variants of online video and microblogging distribution.
  8. 8. Social Media• Social Media incorporates New Media and Social Networking sites• Social media encourages 2 way communication.
  9. 9. Lists of social media sites • FaceBook • Twitter • LinkedIN • Pinterest • What else???#InternetMarketing @AngelaBelford
  10. 10. Lists of social media sites ARTS:ArtSlantdeviantARTHumble Voice – Art, music, video, photography imeem – Music, videos, photos MyArtInfoPhotographyVoterVirb – Music, art, fashion, film and more BOOKMARKING:AllMyFavoritesBackflipBlinkbitsBlinklistBlogmarksBlummyBuddyMarksBookmarkTrackerChang eToLinkChipmarkdel.icio.usDe.lirio.usDiigoDogearFavoritooFeedmarkerFoxmarksFreeLinkFurlGiveALinkHyp erlinkomaticiKeepBookmarksJack of All LinksLilistoLinkaGoGoLinkatopiaLinkrollList MixerLycos iQ Mister WongMobilicio.usMyBookmarksMyHqMylinkvaultMyPipMy Stuff (from Ask) MyVmarksNamakkalNetvouzOnline Bookmark ManagerOnlyWireOyaxShadowsSimpySiteBarSiteJotSnipitSocializerStartAidStufflinkerSync2itSyncOneTurb oclipWindows Live FavoritesWireFanZurpy CARS AND AUTO:AutoSpiesBoompaCar CommunityCarDomainMotorpulse CONNECTING WITH FRIENDS:ClassmatesConnectUFriends ReunitedGraduatesMeetupMyYearbookReunion SKOUT CONSUMER REVIEWS:Cork’d – Wine reviews Chowhound – Food EpinionsRateItAllYelp COOKING/FOODAll Recipes BarmanoBake SpaceEpicurious CommunityFamily OvenFohBoh – Restaurant network Kitchen BugMyDishNibbledishRecipe KeyRecipezaarSharecipeTasty PlannerWe EattWineLifeToday – Wine CULTURES/FOREIGN LANGUAGES:Acelerame – Spanish (cars) Amina – Chechen Republic Black Planet – African American ClubGh – Ghana Hyves – Dutch IRC Galleria – Finland iWiW – Hungary IndianPadLunarStorm – Sweden MiGente – Latino Mixi – Japan Nexopia – Canada Playahead – Sweden Scoopeo – French StudiVZ – German students Wamba – Spanish social network Yigg – German DATING:Bachelor PlaceChemistryCrush or FlushCupid’s LabFlirtomaticLoveandFriendsOkCupidSpeedDateWooMe EDUCATION/BOOKS:BookCrossingBookinsBookMoochBookSwimCarmunCiteulikeConnect via BooksCurriki - for teachers Good ReadsLibraryThingPaperBackSwapqoolsqoolRead It Swap ItShelfariWe The Teachers#InternetMarketing @AngelaBelford
  11. 11. Lists of social media sites EVENT PLANNINGSocializrZoji FAMILY:AmigliaBabbizCafeMomEonsFamily 2.0Family DenFamivaGeniGenoomGreatSchools – Parents review schools KinzinMomJunctionMothersClickMoxie MomsMyFamily.comParentographyTheFamilyPostWebBiographies FASHION/CLOTHING:2Threads ChictiniFashionisingFashion NetworkMetro FriendlyMovmntMy Kids FashionSpringleap – T-shirts StyleCaster CommunityStylehiveStyleHopStyleMobThreadless – T-shirts Us Trendy FINANCE:Tip’d GAMES:Gaia – Games and anime Game DiggityGuildCafeWeeWorld GENERAL NETWORKING:AIM PagesBadooBeboCyWorldEarthFriskECpodFacebookFavesFriendsterGronoHi5iBritzLiveJournalLovent oMultiplyMySpaceMyWebProfileNetFriendshipsNetlogOrkutPassadoPlaxoSkyrockTaggedTribeTrigWindow s Live SpacesYahoo! 360Zaadz HEALTH/MEDICAL:DailyStrengthDrConnectedHealth RankericarecafeMyPharmaNoteSanewire – recovery Sermo – Doctors Walker TrackerWho is Sick? KIDS:imbeeKidLinks INTERNET MARKETING:GooruzePlugIMSphinn LINK/WEBSITE SHARING:EnsitingFavesStumbleUponTagToogaTrailfire MICROBLOGGING/IM/MOBILE:BeeMoodFeecle – Japanese FlickIMFrazr – German and French IMifiedJaikuKomoo – Chinese looptmbuzzyNumpa – Dutch PownceRadarRobisz – Polish RummbleTwitterZannel MOVIES:FilmcraveReelempire MUSIC:10TuneBuzznetFuzzJamNowJangoLast.fmMOGPurevolumeSoundpediathesixtyone#InternetMarketing @AngelaBelford
  12. 12. Lists of social media sites NEWS:Blog EngageBlogg-BuzzBloggingZoomBlogsVineBookmarkUs.netBuzzFlashContent PopDiggFarkHubdubMad or LoveMixxNewsCloudNewsHeat – Politics NewsvineNowPublicPlimePropellerRawSugarRedditShoutwireStirr’d Up TagzaWobblogZoomit (Canada) PETS:CatsterDogsterFuzzsterMyCatSpaceMyDogSpacePetSidePetZumePikapetUnitedDogs PHOTO SHARING:eSnipsFlickrFotkiFotologLinkinnMy OperaPhotbucketPicliTagmeeText AmericaZoomr PHOTOGRAPHY:MyShutterspacePhotography Mentor Photography Network Picture SocialShutterateShutter Social POLITICS:Carnival of Politics POP CULTURE:Lipstick – Celebrity Showhype PROFESSIONAL:APSenseBiznikCitiAllyCofoundr – Entrepreneurial CompanyLoopDoMyStuffDoostangEcademyFast PitchJASEzoneKillerStartupsKonnectsLawyrsLinkedInMeetInMyCareer.geNaymesNetHooksRyzeSmall Business BriefStartupNation – Entrepreneurial Startupping – Internet entrepreneurs Synergy Street – Entrepreneurial Tapped In – Educational professionals UpspringVenture Capital NetworkXingZiggs REAL ESTATE:PuurpleTruliaZillow RELIGIOUS:BlesseditGospelShoutMyChurchTangle – video sharing Xianz SHOPPING:AgentBBiddingBuddies – For Ebay members Deal CometDealiggIliketotallyloveitJudy’s BookOSoYouThisNextYubZebo#InternetMarketing @AngelaBelford
  13. 13. Lists of social media sites SOCIAL ACTION:Care2 – Social Issues/Humanities Hugg – Environmental Planet Change – Environmental TakingITGlobal SPORTS:Armchair GMBallhypeeFansFanNationFanspot GymMeetKeeCricketJoga – Soccer (Football) Prep ChampsScoreGuruSportsFlipSportsviteTakkle – high school sports SportsCastStrands TECHNOLOGY:Design Bump – Web/graphic design Design Float – Web/graphic design DesignRelatedDevelopersNicheDNHour – Domain Name News DotNetKicksDzone – Developers Earner’s Club – Internet Marketing Hacker News Hosting BookmarksPixel Groovy – Web design SlashdotTweakoSWiK – Open source software WPscoop – WordPress TEEN:eCRUSHeSpintheBottlePiczoProfile HeavenSconexStudent.comStardollTeenwag TRAVEL:Couch Surfing EveryTrail – GPS GeckoGoGroopleGustoTravBuddyTravellerspointTrekCafeTrip AdvisorTripUpWAYNWoophy VIDEO SHARING:Broadcaster PanjeaRevverTubearooViddlerVideo BombVideo SiftVimbyXillian TVYouTube WOMEN:KirtsyPNNSurgarLoving#InternetMarketing @AngelaBelford
  14. 14. Lists of social media sites MISCELLANEOUS:9rules43 Things – Goal sharing Beautiful Society – List and vote for your favorite things Clip ClipChickAdvisorClipmarksClipstarClubnet UK – clubbing ConsumatingDandelife – A social biography network Dawdle – Auction Daytipper – Tips and tutorials DiggliciousDigStock – Financial DontStayIn – Clubbing EnergyPeopleConnectExperience Project – Share Life Experiences Faceparty – “The biggest party on Earth” FazedFaqqly – Community of questions and answers Ficlets – Collaborative writing Flixster – Movies FreagleGatherGlobal VoicesGoLark – Events and activities GreekStrength – fraternities and sororities HypedissI Am BoredJamboJetEyeLinkFilterListibleMatch A DreamNeighborrow – Borrowing and sharing Ning – Create your own network – local news Product Clash – Product reviews Prosper – People to people lending – Austria SearchlesSEO TaggShared Confession – Secrets Spout – Films SquidooStoryLink – Screen Writers Sydney NetworkersTipstrs – Tips and tutorials TribeTruemorsValue Investing News – Financial Vampire FreaksVelospace – Bicycles WeGame – Video games Wists#Internet Marketing @AngelaBelford
  15. 15. Social Media Users 2012
  16. 16. Who uses social media??#Internet Marketing @AngelaBelford
  17. 17. Reaching an older crowd • 55% of Twitter users are 35 or older. • 63% of Pinterest users are 35 or older. • 65% of FaceBook users are 35 or older. • 79% of LinkedIn users are 35 or older.#Internet Marketing @AngelaBelford
  18. 18. #Internet Marketing @AngelaBelford
  19. 19. #Internet Marketing @AngelaBelford
  20. 20. Twitter Terminology• @AngelaBelford – @denotes the user’s Twitter ID• Tweets – Status Updates• Re-Tweets - RT – Send someone else’s status updates• Direct Message – DM – Private message (the person must be following you)
  21. 21. Twitter Terminology • Follower – Similar to FaceBook friends, but can be one way • Hashtag – Use a number sign – #InternetMarketing – #Awkward Used to search for other conversations related to the word with the pound sign#Internet Marketing @AngelaBelford
  22. 22. FaceBook Terminology• Profile – Individuals protected by username and password – Friends must accept your invitation• Page – Business information: open to search engines – Likes not friends• September 26, 2006 – Date FaceBook became public