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  • The graphic above shows that the IPad is the dominating tablet but I like the headlines, “its still early”. Many consumers are buying tablets and mobile as a necessity in their daily activity. The tablet number is expected to grow 60% by 2016, according to Online Media Daily in there new study by The Yankee Group. In the next slide we will move along to the grown of mobile and tablet as a whole. \n
  • Pew Research Center conducted research on tablet statistics every marketer should know. My company that I’m consulting for is 1800Charity Cars. At first glance 11% doesn’t sound like a high percentage. But what I want the client to look at is the fact that IPad and tablet alike are very new and the adult usage is on the rise by. \n
  • Mobile and tablet usage can be frustrating when you go to a site and the browser is only good for a full site. The discourage the use to come back to that companies site. Developers in the next coming years will have their hands full because the demand for mobile and tablet site are being requested in all areas. \n
  • We are all benefiting from current technologies like GPS, WiFi and cell towers that are everywhere. If a business website can’t be pulled up on someone mobile with will appear as if the company is out of date that gives consumers a red flag that the company isn’t legit. \n
  • Fendi doesn’t work on a tablet. A flash logo is only visible. Now this business is losing money for the lack of investing in the current technology. \n
  • Prada is a household name and you would expect no issues for it to come up on a mobile device.\n
  • CNN and Reuters realize that most of there viewers use mobile/tablet devices for news updates\n
  • Just imagine not being able to pull Google on my mobile device. I don’t think I could picture it. \n
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  • Allen angela mobile_presentation

    1. 1. Project 4: Presentation on Mobile/Tablet Design Instructor: Terry Weber Angela Allen August 26, 2012
    2. 2. How much mobile and tablet usage has grown and estimated future usage?
    3. 3. In 2011 11% of adults use their tablet daily.
    4. 4. How mobile and tablet usage has impacted web design?
    5. 5. What current technologies can be used to make websites accessible on all devices?
    6. 6. Bad example of websites that don’t work well on mobile/tablet devices.
    7. 7. Prada is another bad example
    8. 8. Good examples of websites that do work well on mobile/tablet devices
    9. 9. Google is a great example
    10. 10. References• Should-Know-Infographic.aspx•••