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The Professional Bios of the leadership and representatives of Indigenous/Latino/Afro-Descedants and Migrant-Worker Leaders going to Cochabamba, Bolivia for the WPCCC.

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La Trenza Leadership Eco Hermanas WPCCC Group bios

  1. 1. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. Eco-Hermanas is a program of La Trenza Leadership (LTL), an organization that "cultivates the collective wisdom of power-sharing" for women of color, their families, communities, and in the workplace. LTL Eco-Hermanas is a network of inter-generational women from all the colors of the global rainbow that care about the planet, promote respect for Mother Earth, want to continue learning about the environment and help others learn as well. We are especially interested in issues of the environment that affect women and people of color. Many Eco- Hermanas work directly with the land and Earth, others are leaders and organizers for environmental protection and justice organizations, and some are environmental educators. All of us love Mother Earth and inspire others to love her too. LTL Eco-Hermanas has organized a group of 12 Intergenerational, Indigenous, migrant, Afro-descendant, and Latino women and men leaders to join in the discussion at the World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. They represent “dignified yet vulnerable voices” and communities of the United States. They will also be reporting on the happenings in Cochabamba and sharing it with their respective communities using citizen/social media. (Please refer to LTL Press Release 04.15.10). La Trenza Leadership firmly believes that the only way we are going to come to a mutual agreement on Climate Justice is if we listen to a diversity of voices. Eco-Hermanas Co-Organizer Angela Adrar (Latina)- Washington, D.C. International Strategist & Environmental Communicator Web 2.0 and Traditional Media Angela is an American Citizen born in Colombia of Muisca and Spanish Roots. Her career integrating digital with traditional marketing began over 15 years ago, promoting the diverse/Latino-focused campaigns of key international organizations. Such campaigns include; the AI-USA Rights for All Campaign, the IDEX-No Puebla-Panama Publication for Mexico/Central America and the Global Exchange, Colombia Human Rights Program. Linking global issues of social good to the environment has led her to work on projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the USA. She has a Master of Science degree in Organizational Management for Socially Responsible Business from the School of International Training and is an Editor of the Blog; Citizen Inspired: Where Creativity + Communications = Global Change. Her culturally appropriate social media materials, presentations, trainings & tele-classes have been used to promote the sustainable objectives of government, academic, NGOs and entrepreneurs; helping them build their capacity to influence impact. She specializes in bringing nature closer to people by developing powerful strategies, demystifying the online experience across borders, and establishing new communication goals that integrate traditional marketing and Web 2.0 strategies for people to people solutions. Contact Information: FULL BIO: BLOG: TWITTER: Email: Eco-Hermanas Co-Organizer Angelica Salazar (Chicana) –Washington, D.C. CommUnity Organizer/ Photo-Journalist Angélica Salazar is a commUnity organizer, world traveler, photojournalist, and global citizen. She is a Chicana with a history of over 16 generations of ancestry from what is now known as the state of New “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 1 202-439-7724 I I
  2. 2. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. Mexico. She is a descended of the one of the original families of the common San Miguel del Vado Land Grant in North Eastern New Mexico. She embraces her Mestiza history, identity, and culture. For almost 10 years, Angélica has worked to organize communities in grassroots political and social justice campaigns. She is currently a consultant at the Washington Office on Latin America working to educate and mobilize the U.S. public in efforts to change U.S. policy toward Cuba. Her first trip was 1996 and since has traveled to Cuba over a dozen times. She has traveled, lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. She is honored to be a part of this movement of the World's People to heal, protect, and demand right's for Mother Earth. Contact Information: FULL BIO: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: No 3 (Native) New Mexico Name: Linda M. Velarde Registration # 1194150279-6905 Organization: Centro Cultural de la Raza Title: Co-Founder & Co-Director P.O. Box 386 Taos, New Mexico 87571 575 776 0303 Email: Brief Bio: Linda M. Velarde, a native of Velarde, New Mexico, a 450 year old Chicano farming community located on the Rio Grande near San Juan Pueblo in New Mexico. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Centro Cultural de la Raza in Taos, New Mexico and a Consultant. She leads transformative capacity building leadership trainings and retreats that include spiritual practices as an avenue for change. Linda was the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Vallecitos Mountain Refuge, a wildlife refuge and retreat center, hosting contemplative retreats for International and National Environmental and Social Activists. Linda has been active in the environmental movement for 30 years and is an experienced community organizer. Linda was the Assistant Director & Community Organizer for the Western Environmental Law Center. She has received the Martin de la Cruz award from the International Congress of Traditional and Indigenous Medicine at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque for “Transforming the Art of Healing through Diversity”. For the past 15 years Linda has been part of Danza Azteca de Anáhuac, a pre-Colombian Aztec ceremonial dance group, based in Taos. She is the Malinztin (fire keeper) of the group. She was a catalyst for repurchasing two sacred sites in Guatemala. She has been twice recognized by the Council of Elders at the sacred site in San Francisco el Alto, at the sacred site in Rabinal, Guatemala for helping raise funds and assisting all the Mayan Nations of Maya, Xinca, and Garifuno from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Linda has been given recognition and authorization to represent the Council of Elders to assist them in their mission and effort to obtain other sacred sites. “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 202-439-7724 I I 2
  3. 3. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. No.4 (Latino)-NYC Contact Information: Name: Cell: 216-789-0408 Lance Rios Office:212-273-4841 Registration # 1401862003-5408 Twitter: Organization: Facebook: Being Latino, Inc. YOUTUBE: Title: BLOG: Founder/CEO Brief Bio: Created the largest and fastest growing English-based Latino focused Facebook group. In an 8 month period created a following of close to 28,000 engaged fans. The goal is to educate, empower and connect all people across the global Latino spectrum. Lance Rios serves as the perfect liaison to spreading to word within the social media space. No.5 (Latina Mexico/Guatemala) – Washington, D.C. Name: Kety Esquivel Registration# 1174800024-5427 Organization: Latinos in Social Media Title: Representative Contact Information: Website: Brief Bio: Kety Esquivel has over fourteen years of experience in the non-profit, private and political sectors. She directed Latino outreach for the Clark Presidential Campaign. Her work has taken her to China and Ethiopia with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. She spent three years coaching executives on human capital and diversity in the US, Canada and Latin America. She worked as the New Media Manager for NCLR (the National Council of La Raza). Kety graduated from Cornell University where she served on the Board of Trustees. While at Cornell she organized students to defend issues as varied as financial aid and need-blind admissions to the environment. She is a published author and founder of She is co-founder of the Institute of Progressive Christianity and the Sanctuary, Kety has served on several boards, including that of the Backbone Campaign, the Puerto Rican Youth Development and Resource Center and the New Leaders Council. She has been a speaker at Netroots Nation, SXSW, Personal Democracy Forum, BlogHer, the Center for New Words, Gov 2.5 and Gov 2.0 Camp LA. She has worked with O'Reilly Media, Blogalicious, Women Action and the Media and Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference. She has been a convener for Web of Change and She's Geeky and is a past editor of BlogHer. Her commentary has been featured and quoted in stories for the Wall St. Journal Online, HITN, PBS, XM radio, CNN, Televisa and Univision. She is the Executive Director and CEO for Latinos in Social Media (LATISM). She blogs here and on the Huffington Post. “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 202-439-7724 I I 3
  4. 4. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. No. 6: (Indigenous Tohono O’odham Nation) - Mexico/US Border-AZ Name: Ofelia Rivas Organization:O'odham VOICE Against the WALL Title: "Women on the Border" Prize Recipient & Indigenous Activist Contact Information: (520) 349-5484 Email: Brief Bio: Indigenous woman of the Tohono O'odham nation, Ofelia Rivas,was just named as one of the two to be awarded by BorderLinks as "Women on the Border". She is such a wonderful activist, so humble yet so powerful, and unrelenting in her quest for justice against the "Wall" and a "Hazardous Toxic Waste Dump", and other horrible injustices to the people and Mother Earth. She conducts spiritual walks, walking across the border from the United States into Mexico at sacred ceremonial places. She is also an activist for O'odham Rights Cultural & Environmental Justice Coalition, and Solidarity in Dignified Rage. No. 7 (African Native American) Virginia Name: Rabiah Al-Nur Registration # 1170635435-5435 Organization: Spring of Light Title: Director 10442 Armstrong St. Fairfax Va. 22030 Telephone: 703.352.5188 p/f Email:, Linkedin: Brief Bio: Through Spring of Light Rabiah, has worked for the last 10 years to educate the public about the need to work together to find solutions that will benefit the world community at large and at the same time tailor it to their respective locals. She has attended the UN Conference on Women and Indigenous Peoples for several years. I work with a large network of women and men to grow ideas of sustainable resources through the exchange of culture and tradition. We have been successful in developing partnerships in Guatemala, NZ ((Maori), a village in Senegal and Burkina Faso, as well as Native American Communities and others in the US. Rabiah is an active member of A prayer Vigil for the Earth (17 years), Networks of indigenous peoples (30 yrs), MPWG-Plant Conservation Organization and Spring of Light (10 yrs). She also volunteer at Fairfax public schools introducing the students to Native cultures and traditions, North and South. “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 202-439-7724 I I 4
  5. 5. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. No 8 (Latino) Chicago NAME: Ian Viteri Registration No. is 1337585987-5780 ORGANIZATION: Little Village Environmental justice Organization TITLE: Clean Power Organizer CONTACT: (773) 208-2094 Email: or BRIEF BIO: Ian Viteri is a Latino young male of 22 years born and raised in the southwest side of Chicago. Ian has been worked for the community as a organizer with various organizations in the hood. He began as a youth organizer working with organizations like LVCDC (Little Village Community Development Corp.), Universidad Popular, and others writing grants and acquiring funding for after school and summer school programs to give kids in the neighborhood alternatives to gangs. He currently works as a Clean Power Organizer for the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization. He focuses most of my efforts on informing people of the effects of pollution in his neighborhood and in trying to shut down two ancient outdated coal power plants in Chicago. Things like social and environmental injustice are not things that we just have to live with. He is committed do his best to represent his people who are constant victims of social and environmental justice, just because of their income, class, and race. No. 9 (African-Native American) Los Angeles Name: Mataji Shri Natha Devi Premananda (Claretta Cayette) Conference Registration# 1134534565-6028 Organization: Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center Title: Founding Minister Phone: 323 779-0210 Website Brief Bio: For more than 25 years, Shri Natha Devi has traveled the world conducting ceremonies and prayers for the healing of Mother Earth. She has traveled to Africa, India, Egypt, Peru , Italy, France, Bosnia, etc. conducting ceremonies and prayers for peace. For more than 20 years in South Central Los Angeles, she has taken women to the Pacific Ocean each Full Moon for the Women's Ocean Ceremony. Offerings are made to Yemaja for the healing of the waters around the world. Shri natha Devi is a Universal Teacher for World Peace, and her small Center in south L.A., and her Queen of Peace retreat center in Joshua Tree, CA, are very quietly making a significant impact on raising consciousness on the planet. She has been featured on the California page of The Los Angeles Times and has received many honors for her work. “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 202-439-7724 I I 5
  6. 6. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. No. 10 (Afro-Latino) NYC Name: Joaquin Malik Sandino Organization: Ross Global Academy/ International Youth Leadership Institute Title: Coordinator of School Culture/ Co-Director Brief Bio: Joaquin Malik Sandino Noguera Mujica was born on the Caribbean island of Grenada during the nation’s revolution to a Peruvian mother and father of Jamaican, Trinidadian and Venezuelan roots. Raised in the politically conscious environment of Berkeley, California, Joaquin followed the path of his activist parents and has long been a proponent of social justice. After gaining experience working on various initiatives as a youth leader in Berkeley, Joaquin further honed his skills working with underrepresented peoples through various organizations at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, and New York University before beginning his practice as a teacher in New York City and heading a youth leadership organization. th Having taught all grades from kindergarten through 12 grade, Joaquin now serves as the Coordinator of School Culture for a New York City public charter school, Ross Global Academy, while acting as Co-Director of the International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI). With IYLI Joaquin has had the privilege of taking students on educational trips abroad to Egypt, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Brazil, living by the philosophy that travel is the best education, with the hope of acting as a catalyst in the evolution of human consciousness and helping his students see themselves as agents of change. Joaquin humbly, and gratefully, joins his compadres/madres in Bolivia with the hope of learning and sharing plenty, making many strong and lasting connections, while being equipped with tools and strategies to positively stimulate ongoing, practical, and sustainable change in the many communities he works with. No. 11 (Chappaquiddick Tribe of the Wampanoag Nation) Massachusetts Name: PENNY Diane Lee Williams Registration # 1291808902-6903 Title: Executive Director Organization: OHLKE Cultural Network Contact Web sites: Brief Bio: OHKE is a Wamponoag word for Mother Earth. For the past 11 years Penny has devoted herself as broadcast journalist to elevating the voice of Indigenous people globally. She conceptualized, proposed and co- curated a major exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian, "IndiVisible" which celebrates the “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 6 202-439-7724 I I
  7. 7. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. intersection of the native Americans and Africans. She showcased Indigenous knowledge and practices in our Global Village. Spirituality and the bond of indigenous people with the land is embraced and celebrated. For over thirty years Penny Gamble-Williams has been an activist involved in Native American land, freedom of religion and sacred site issues, Indigenous and environmental rights. She was instrumental in re-constituting the Chappaquiddick people, monitoring repatriation issues in respect to the Chappaquiddick, reviving the ceremonies and language. Penny served for seven years as Sunksqua, (Chief). Since 2002, Penny has served as Spiritual Leader for the Chappaquiddick people. Through her non-profit organization, Ohke Cultural Network, Inc., Ms Williams conducts teacher training workshops in public and private schools and works with children of all ages throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Penny Gamble-Williams produces and hosts a radio talk show called the “Talking Feather.” The talk show explores critical issues and concerns dealing with health, environmental matters, history and culture of Native Americans, African Americans and Indigenous People around the world. Penny has produced other radio programs dealing with Native American women in the arts and Native American spirituality on WPFW FM Pacifica Radio. She co-founded a storytelling collective called “The Painted Gourd, Red and Black Voices.” The group comprised of four Indigenous people, performed and lectured on the historical connection of Native American and Africans before Columbus to the present. They presented their program in public schools, libraries, colleges and government institutions throughout the East Coast. As a cultural presenter, Penny has presented at University of Maryland, Howard University, Brown University, American University, Georgetown, George Washington University, and George Mason. No. 12 (Indigenous) San Francisco Name: Roberta Salazar (Bobbie) Title: National Organizer and Activist Roberta (Bobbie) Salazar’s origins come from 14 generations in New Mexico. She has traveled around 6 continents, spending extended time in India, Afghanistan, Iran, Eastern Europe, Central and South America. She returned to the U.S. got involved in local and state-level politics. She helped in a number of Presidential races including the Presidential Campaign for Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and Dennis Kucinich. She has volunteered in field work in California, Nevada, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. She did outreach to major community organizers/organizations within Latino communities, canvassed and did GOTV work in diverse demographic areas. She is currently the Northern vice Chairwoman for the California Chicano/Latino Caucus and an active member of the Progressive Caucus. “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 7 202-439-7724 I I
  8. 8. ECO-HERMANAS (Eco-Sisters) Lista de Lideres y Representantes de Indigenas, Latino, Afro-Descendientes y Trabajadores Migrantes de los Estados Unidos de America. List of Indigenous, Latino, Afro-Descendant and Migrant-Worker Leaders from the United States. In 2006, she attended the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela and 2004, attended the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brasil. She is very humbled to able to attend the World’s Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. No 13 Washington D.C. Name: Levy Schroeder Organization: The Farmworker Health & Safety Alliance Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs Title: Director National Organizer & Activist Levy Scroeder is Director of the Farmworker Health & Safety Alliance, a project of the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for migrant farmworkers and their families. She directs the operations of three National farmworker safety programs involving pesticide safety education for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. This involves training of trainer projects, monitoring and evaluation, policy advocacy, fund development, capacity building/leadership, and social network management. Her professional interests lie in making positive changes in policy, public awareness and consumer choices that address problems within environmental, human rights and food production issues. She is a seasoned advocate in women's rights and environmental advocacy, with experience in NGO management and leadership, community organizing, coalition building and issue-oriented education. Link in to any one of these sources to follow the diverse voices of the Eco-Hermanas Group at the WPCCC. FACEBOOK: Being Latino Facebook Fan Page: La Trenza Leadership Fan Page: Citizen Media Cochabamba Community Page: GOOGLE GROUPS: WPCCC and WorldPCCCAllies TWITTER HASTAGS: #PWCCC #CMPCC #LATISM #Cochabamba @WPCCC @KetyE @BeingLatino @DancingSparrow BLOGS:,, TALKING FEATHER BLOGTALK RADIO: “Cultivating the collective wisdom of power-sharing.” 8 202-439-7724 I I