God's Holy Name is Yahweh

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Read the full article @ http://AngeeSee.com/yahweh.html

Read the full article @ http://AngeeSee.com/yahweh.html

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  • 1. God’s Name is Yahweh AngeeSee.com
  • 2. With the restoration of Yeshua's name, the next natural question would be about God the Father's Holy Name. His Holy Name YHWH (yudhey-vav-hey), consisting of four Hebrew alphabets, is a long discussion topic that I am trying to summarize in this article. AngeeSee.com
  • 3. The most frequent questions I hear about God's Name are: * How to pronounce God's Name in Hebrew? * What does God's Name mean? AngeeSee.com
  • 4. My answer to the first question is... "The way you pronounce God's Holy Name depends on how you pronounce His Son's Name" and vice versa. AngeeSee.com
  • 5. I was reading Proverbs 30:4 when the light bulb went up. The names of God and His Son are paired up as Father-Son duos. AngeeSee.com
  • 6. Yeshua-Yahweh Yahshua-Yahuwah Yehoshua-Yehovah True? AngeeSee.com
  • 7. That is evidence to us that no man can come to the Father except through His Son. When you pronounce the Son's Name in Hebrew, then you will know how to pronounce His Father's Name, and vice versa. AngeeSee.com
  • 8. I use the first pair Yeshua (which means salvation) and Yahweh (meaning He exists) more often than the rest. Sometimes I say Yahshua (Yah saves) and Yahweh. Whenever I am around believers who are fixed on using a different set of Hebrew names (Yehoshua and Yehovah for example), I'll just follow along with their pronunciation. No fuss there! There are some pairings that I am not comfortable with using, like Yeshuahand Yahuahfor example because in the Hebrew language, words ending in "ah" are usually feminine words. I'm no Hebrew scholar but surely our God is a HE and not a SHE?! AngeeSee.com
  • 9. Besides these, it's all good in Hebrew. All Hebrew names have meanings because all Hebrew names are also words and short sentences. Hebrew names can also carry meaning within the letters that make up the name. AngeeSee.com
  • 10. Each Hebrew alphabet has a meaning of its own that holds consistent regardless of which Hebrew Script you are looking at; Modern Hebrew, Middle-Semitic or the Paleo Hebrew Pictographic Script. The meaning of each Hebrew letter has stayed consistent in spite of the evolving form of the Hebrew letters as it was updated throughout the ages. AngeeSee.com
  • 11. Pronunciation of words (even proper names) can vary between different groups of Hebrew speaking people, and this has been true in ancient times as well as today. It is true with most languages we speak today as well. Think of how the English language varies in pronunciation between the different peoples of this world. Ba-na-nah -- Ba-nay-nah... Po-tay-toe -- Po-tah-toe... AngeeSee.com
  • 12. I believe it is okay that Hebrew pronunciation is still differing slightly between different groups of people. There is really no point in fussing over having ONLY ONE pronunciation when later Yeshua will be returning with a new name, one which only He Himself knows for now. So the joke is on us. AngeeSee.com
  • 13. Stay with the most widely accepted Yeshua and Yahweh combination if you are still unsure. Surely that is better that any transliteration or translation of their Holy Names? AngeeSee.com
  • 14. Try saying "Abba Yah" I'm ethnically Chinese. So my personal preference according to the Oriental culture I come from would be to address a superior person with a salutation before their personal name. I address our God as "Abba YAH". "Abba" as the descriptive title of His role in my life, and also reflective of the honor I give Him by acknowledging His superiority with a salutation title before His personal unique name "Yah". AngeeSee.com
  • 15. The meaning of a Hebrew Name AngeeSee.com
  • 16. Our pronunciation of God's Holy Name does not affect the meaning of His Name. The meaning of His name carries the attributes of His character as the four Hebrew letters YHWH will reveal. It's nice to know that we do have some common ground after all. For we can all agree on the meaning of God's Name, Yahweh. AngeeSee.com
  • 17. A quick word study on YHWH reveals that His Name means "He exists" AngeeSee.com
  • 18. and a close up look at the meaning of the four Hebrew letters in the Ancient Pictographic Script reveals... "Behold the Arm, Behold the Nail" AngeeSee.com
  • 19. When we take a closer look at God's NameYahweh, we find MessiahYeshua. And when we look closely at Yeshua's Name, we will find that the one who is saving us is "Yah", "Yah Saves". AngeeSee.com
  • 20. Yeshua IS Yahweh's salvation plan for mankind. AngeeSee.com
  • 21. Todah Rabah! Thank you! AngeeSee.com