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List architect Documentation
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List architect Documentation


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List Architect Documentation

List Architect Documentation

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Import • Check and Upload CSV File – upload a list from saved folders. The list must be in CSV format. • Import from a Pipeline List – select a list from a campaign. Use List Status to have a better view of the lists. Select an empty bucket where the list will be uploaded. Copy the desired list and paste in the box. Click “Verify” button. A check mark will be seen if the list is ok. Click “Load to Bucket” button. Wait until the Import box will disappear. Check the bucket if the list is uploaded. •Select from a Pipeline List – select a client from the drop down. Select a client account number. Select a client Job Order. Select a list name. Click “Load to Bucket” button. Wait until the Import box will disappear. Check the bucket if the list is uploaded.
  • 2. Merge •Merge button can merge two or more buckets. •Select the buckets needed to be merged with the selected bucket and click “Merge” button. Wait until the Import box will disappear. Check the bucket if the list is uploaded. •Check if the total number of merged list is correct.
  • 3. Intersect •Intersect select the common categories between two or more buckets. •Select an empty bucket. Select buckets needed to intersect. Then select a category. •By clicking the “View Statistics” button, an overview of available categories is seen. * Click “Intersect” button. The list will be loaded to a selected empty bucket.
  • 4. Order •Order sorts the desired categories. •Select a category needed to sort in the bucket. •Select if the sorting/order will be ascending or descending. •Click “Order” button. •The list in the bucket will then change according to the selected order.
  • 5. Scrub •Scrub cleans a list by; > Category > Bucket > Phone > Client list > Telemarketer •By Category: Select a category needed to scrub. Click “Next” button. •By Bucket: Select a bucket needed to scrub with another bucket. Select if the bucket will be scrubbed by company or by phone number. Click “Scrub” button. •By Phone: Type in the phone number needed to be scrubbed. Click “Scrub” button.
  • 6. Purge Purge empties the selected bucket.
  • 7. Analyze It analyzes the result summary of the selected bucket.
  • 8. Add Target •Add contact/s in the selected bucket. •Type in the information needed. •Click “Add Target” button.
  • 9. De-Dupe •Delete duplicates in selected bucket. •Select filtering parameters. Can select one or all parameters. •Select call result from “Exclude to Smart Selection” if needed. Can select one or all call result. •Select manually or click “Smart Select” button. If “Smart Select” button is clicked, computer automatically selects the best contact/s. •Click “Delete Selected” button.
  • 10. Export •On queue the list to “For Approval Queue” tab. •Select a client. •Select a client account number. •Select a job order number. •Select a client list. Either you want to create a new list or you want to send it to existing list. If a new list will be created; select the “Create a New Client List”. >Type in the list name in “New List Name” box. >Click the ISO Agents box. >Select the department and telemarketer/s. >Select a success call result. >Click “Auto Select” for the term codes. >Change “Operation Center” to Iloilo. >Fill-in or copy paste the notes from text file to Note field. >Click export to pipeline. >Check the “For Approval Queue” tab if the exportation is successful. If a list will be sent to existing list; click the “Check to automatically select last event under client account”. This will copy the last call result of a contact. A list name of the existing list will then appear. >Select the list name where the list be uploaded. >Add necessary notes to the Notes field.
  • 11. Export to CSV Pulls out the list from a selected bucket in CSV format.
  • 12. Select Range to Clear Clear contents of a selected bucket by entering the range of row or number needed to clear / delete.
  • 13. View per Page / View All •Views the desired bucket by page or by entire sheet. •Click the “View per Page / View All” tab to change.
  • 14. For Approval Queue List for upload will be seen if successfully exported. Once the list is approved for upload by Uploader, the list name will disappear.
  • 15. Temporary Bucket •Stores a list from the main bucket. •Select a bucket where to export / import the list. •Select import or import button depending what is needed Import transfers the list from the main bucket to selected temporary bucket. Export transfers the list from the selected temporary bucket to the main bucket. •Fill in “Notes” button if needed. •Can add temporary bucket by clicking the “Add Temporary Bucket” button. And can delete / remove temporary bucket by clicking “Remove Temporary Bucket” button
  • 16. Streamsend Functions like Import but follows the streamsend CSV format.
  • 17. Update Pipeline Misc Info Insert miscellaneous info from bucket A to pipeline.
  • 18. Update Pipeline List Edit a pipeline list.
  • 19. Update Bucket Field •Can insert note in a Description column and a website / link in a Website column. •Select it will be edited individually or by batch or by search and replace. •Fill in the note or site in the box. •Click update. •Check if the desired notes or sites appear on the selected field.
  • 20. Refresh List Refreshes to the original list if changes made is not needed.