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Simple machines powerpoint Simple machines powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • Simple Machines
    By: Angie Barnas
  • Examples of the 6 Types of Simple Machines
    Wheel and Axle
    Inclined Plane
  • Wedge
    Pushes materials apart; cuts things
    I found a knife in my house located in the kitchen cabinet
    I also found a fork in my house located in the kitchen cabinet
  • Wheel and Axle
    Makes it easy to move by rolling them and reducing friction.
    I used my mom’s car as an example because when driving it, the wheels are rolling and reducing the friction
    I used my bike as an example of wheel and axle because when riding my bike, the wheels are spinning and reducing friction
  • Lever
    Makes lifting weights easier by using a fulcrum to redirect force over a longer distance.
    To show an example of a lever I used my dad’s saws. First one is called a skil saw.
    Another example is a Chain Saw. I also found this in my garage where my dad keeps all of his saws.
  • Inclined Plane
    Makes it easier to move objects upward, but you have to go further horizontally.
    The first example of an inclined plane are the stairs in my house. Its easier to go downstairs than upstairs because your going horizontally.
    Another example that I used is a sidewalk ramp. I couldn’t find a sidewalk ramp around my house so I used an outside source.
  • Screw
    Turns rotation into lengthwise movement, takes many twists when going a short distance and it also holds many things together.
    My first example of a screw is a screw. I found the screw in my garage where my dad keeps all of his stuff.
    Another example is a jar lid. The jar lids turn rotation into lengthwise movement. I found a jar in a kitchen cabinet so I used to jar lid.
  • Pulley
    Makes lifting things with a rope a lot easier.
    I used a flag pole as an example. I found a flag pole outside my house and I thought it was a good idea to use it as an example of a pulley.
    Another example that I used were window shades/blinds. I don’t have window shades/blinds at home so I used an outside source.
  • Compound Machines
    Consists of two or more simple machines put together.
    I found scissors in my house that are an example of a compound machine.
    I also found a bike at my house that is an example of compound machines.
  • Summary
    All these objects are examples of simple and compound machines. The 6 types of simple machines are wedge, wheel and axle, lever, inclined plane, screw, and a pulley.