Bush burning by sotonye anga presented 2001

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bush burning distorts the ecosystem, destroys soil fertility and pollutes the air we breathe. do we need to hear more inorder to stand up against the act? read on.

bush burning distorts the ecosystem, destroys soil fertility and pollutes the air we breathe. do we need to hear more inorder to stand up against the act? read on.

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  • 1. BUSH BURNING: atrend that must be By discouraged By Sotonye Anga Agribusiness expert and strategist
  • 2. Bush burning as a result ofcontrolled burn, wild fire ordeliberate burn impactsnegatively on our environmentand affects agriculturalproductivity in many ways. sotonye anga, Email: 2 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 3. REASONS FORBUSH BURNING sotonye anga, Email: 3 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 4. It clears more landfast for Agriculturaland other uses sotonye anga, Email: 4 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 5. Cheaper method ofland clearing sotonye anga, Email: 5 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 6. Hunters in Nigeria and otherparts of Africa deliberatelyset bushes and forest on firefor the commercial purposeof catching animals such assnakes, bush rat, grasscutter, antelope etc. sotonye anga, Email: 6 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 7. Some farmers believethat bush burningenhances soilproductivity sotonye anga, Email: 7 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 8. Are these reasonsenough to allowbush burning? sotonye anga, Email: 8 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 9. Let us examine whatbush burning does..... sotonye anga, Email: 9 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 10. During bush burningcarbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) is releasedinto the atmosphere. sotonye anga, Email: 10 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 11. It is harmful and doesdamage to the soil sotonye anga, Email: 11 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 12. Affects the quality ofthe soil sotonye anga, Email: 12 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 13. Has a very negativeeffect on soilcondition sotonye anga, Email: 13 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 14. Loss of shade that thebushes provide for thesoil, meaning soilmoisture will easilyevaporate sotonye anga, Email: 14 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 15. The soiltemporarily lose itsability to absorband retain water sotonye anga, Email: 15 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 16. Our soil becomesvulnerable after bushburning and becomessusceptible to erosion sotonye anga, Email: 16 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 17. Exposes the soil todirect sun whichgives rise toincreased soiltemperature sotonye anga, Email: 17 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 18. Destroys soilmicrobes essential tosupport plant growth sotonye anga, Email: 18 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 19. Threatens foodsecurity sotonye anga, Email: 19 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 20. Contributes todeforestation sotonye anga, Email: 20 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 21. Distorts theecosystem sotonye anga, Email: 21 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 22. Destroys soilfertility sotonye anga, Email: 22 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 23. Pollutes the air sotonye anga, Email: 23 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 24. Contributes toozone layerdepletion sotonye anga, Email: 24 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 25. Bush burning isdangerous! sotonye anga, Email: 25 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 26. Knowing thatbush burning isbad is one thing sotonye anga, Email: 26 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 27. Doing nothing tostop bush burningis not right sotonye anga, Email: 27 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 28. Warning peopleagainst bushburning is good, butnot good enough sotonye anga, Email: 28 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 29. SO, WHAT DOWE DO? sotonye anga, Email: 29 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 30. Provide support thatenables poor farmersaccess modern toolsand machinery forland clearing sotonye anga, Email: 30 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 31. Support themovementagainst bushburning sotonye anga, Email: 31 anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 32. sotonye anga, Email: 32anga4000@yahoo.com
  • 33. The end sotonye anga, Email: 33 anga4000@yahoo.com