The Sun


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The Sun

  1. 1. THE UNIVERSE AND THE SOLAR SYSTEMNatural Science: 1st Secondary Education watching the video1. What do you know about the sun? Work in pairs and write two orthree sentences.2. You will hear the following words in the video. Do you know its meaning? Matchthe words with its translation in Spanish. Use a dictionary to help you.erupt reachclosest milky way galaxystar stableburn orbitbright growfor at least breathesource dramaticdepend on steamywhile freezinggiant slightestsphere devastatingcore magnetic fieldcollide shieldfuse deflectrelease fuelamount sourcethoughAfter watching the video3. Match the words with its definitions. The large bright object in the sky that gives us light and heat,1 star A and around which the Earth moves. A cluster of stars held together in a particular region of space2 orbit B by gravitational attraction. A heavenly body, not shining by its own light, which revolves3 galaxy C around a larger body. The elliptical trajectory that stars follow when making their4 satellite D revolution movement.5 sun E Heavenly body which shines by its own light.4. Work in pairs. Read the sentences and write TRUE or FALSE. Correct falsesentences. 1. The sun is at the centre of the Solar System. 2. The sun is a hydrogen bomb. 3. The sun is our closest star. 4. Life does not depend on the sun. 5. The sun releases a lot of energy. 6. The sun is as big as the Earth. 7. The Sun is the only star in the Universe.©Ángela M. Ruiz Montero –
  2. 2. THE UNIVERSE AND THE SOLAR SYSTEMNatural Science: 1st Secondary Education5. Explain in your own language what you understood after watching the video.Answers1 Students’ own answers2 erupt – entrar en erupción, estallar closest – más cercana star - estrella burn - arder bright - brillante for at least – durante al menos source - fuente depend on – depender de while - mientras giant - gigante sphere - esfera core - núcleo collide - chocar fuse – fundir, fuisonar release - liberar amount - cantidad though - aunque reach - alcanzar Milky Way Galaxy – Vía Láctea stable - estable orbit - órbita grow - crecer breathe - respirar dramatic - espectacular steamy - empañado freezing - congelado slightest – el menor devastating - devastador magnetic field – campo magnético shield - escudo deflect - desviarse fuel - combustible source - fuente3 1E 2D 3B 4 C 5A4 1true 2true 3true 4false 5true 6false 7false©Ángela M. Ruiz Montero –