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Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday






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    Shrove Tuesday Shrove Tuesday Document Transcript

    • BBRRIITTIISSHH CCUULLTTUURREEEEnngglliisshh:: 11sstt SSeeccoonnddaarryy EEdduuccaattiioonn©Ángela M. Ruiz Montero – http://letsclil.blogspot.comhttp://dotsub.com/view/569f369d-9449-4f02-bec1-ab3b27134eddBefore watching the video1. In pairs. Ask your partner the following questions: Do you likecakes? What is your favourite cake? How often do you eat cakes?2. Write the meaning of the following words and expressions.Shrove Tuesday ______________Lent ______________feast day ______________pancake ______________After watching the video3. Say if the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE. Correct FALSE sentences.1. Shrove Tuesday is the first Tuesday before Lent.2. In France it is called Mardi Grass or Fat Tuesday.3. People ate lots of eggs for Lent.4. People made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.4. Explain in your own language what you understood after watching the video. Extramarks if you try in English.5. Do you know how to make pancakes? Here you are the recipe. Read it and translateit into your language. Use your dictionary to helpyou or click on www.wordreference.com.Yes, I do / No, I don’tSure! Absolutely! No doubt!Not at all! Absolutely not!My favourite cake is… . It isdelicious / yummy / tastyI eat cakes once /twice / three times aday / week / month /everydayPancake recipe250 gr of flour with baking powder1 pinch of salt1 teaspoon of sugar½ litre of milk2 eggs1. Mix all the ingredients.2. Heat a frying pan.3. Put a bit of butter in the frying pan4. Pour in the batter.5. Brown on both sides.
    • BBRRIITTIISSHH CCUULLTTUURREEEEnngglliisshh:: 11sstt SSeeccoonnddaarryy EEdduuccaattiioonn©Ángela M. Ruiz Montero – http://letsclil.blogspot.comAnswers2 Shrove Tuesday – martes de carnavalLent – cuaresmafeast day – día de fiesta (banquete)pancake - tortita3 1. FALSE. Shrove Tuesday is the last Tuesday before Lent.2. TRUE3. FALSE People didn’t eat eggs for Lent.4. TRUE4 250gr de harina con levadura1 pizca de sal1 cucharilla de azúcar½ litro de leche2 huevos1. Mezcla todos los ingredients.2. Calienta una sartén.3. Pon un poco de mantequilla en la sartén.4. Vierte la masa.5. Tuesta por los dos lados.