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Museo de Antequera
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Museo de Antequera


Short and easy presentation for our bilingual students, prepared by our teacher Paloma López-Tello.

Short and easy presentation for our bilingual students, prepared by our teacher Paloma López-Tello.

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  • 1. OUR VISIT TO THEANTEQUERA MUSEUM 1º ESO of Pedro Espinosa Secondary-School (Antequera) March,2012
  • 2. THE BUILDING ● The Museum is placed in the Najera Palace. ● It stands on the well known Coso Viejo Square. ● There are twenty permanent exhibition rooms.
  • 3. This is one of the most famous items you can see atthe museum: the so called Efebo de AntequeraIt is a 154m tallRoman sculpture in bronzeof a young boy. And he is 20centuries old!
  • 4. You must go to Room IV in the Museum to see him!
  • 5. This is ACILIA PLECUSAS TOMB You will see it in Room III.Acilia Plecusa used to be a slave servant inthe Roman town of Singilia Barba (IaC).After marrying Manio Acilio Frontón , arich man, she was set free.The discovery of her tobm was a surpriseand a great success for the arqueologists.
  • 6. These are someother pieces youcan see in theMuseum.
  • 7. Do you know this man? His name is Cristóbal Toral and he wasborn near Antequera. In fact, he studied at Pedro Espinosa High-school. As you can see, he is a painter. A very good one!
  • 8. Some of Torals works are in the Antequera Museum: Rooms XIX and XX. Some Luggage By Cristóbal Toral
  • 9. These are only some of amazing pieces of Art andHistory you will find in this Museum.Come and enjoy an unforgetable visit to the pastand present of Antequera.
  • 10. How to behave at the MuseumWhile we are visiting the Museum, REMEMBER...
  • 11. THINGS TO DO Take your time to● Look● Read● Listen● Learn● Enjoy
  • 12. THINGS NOT TO DODont touch Dont eat or drink Dont shout or run
  • 13. And thats all, Folks