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2010 MUNITY Volume 18 Issue 1

  1. 1. MUNITY XLII The Hague International Model United NationsMonday, January 25, 2010 www.munity-online.net Volume 18, Issue 1 By: Victoria Uwemedimo Making the World a Better Place solely theA murmur of thrumming government itself,anticipation pervades the World instead ensuringForum Theatre as hundreds of that “citizens,delegates wait for THIMUN leaders and publicXLII to officially commence, institutions relate totheir impatience palpable and each other in ordercasting a veneer of solemn to make changetension over the conference happen”. This, ofroom. Can Soylu, President of course, relatesthe General Assembly, hushes directly to our ownthe room with the words “Could conference and thethe house please come to order!” role we play in theand a few authoritative taps of colossal mechanismhis mallet. After one minute of that is THIMUN: wemeditative silenc e to remember must “learn how tothose who have died through communicate [our] Eric Lawtonnatural disasters or man-made ideas to [our] peers “ The future is in your hands,” said our distinguished keynote speaker.causes, a resounding scatter and thus prepare to be concluding element of solidarity answered: “Problems can beof applause breaks and Mr. communicative world citizens”. is brought to the atmosphere. seen as big at THIMUN; butFrits Huffnagel, the Elderman Perhaps the key note of Ms. Simultaneously, a sense of every problem has a solution.”of International Affairs of the Dubock’s inspiring speech hope and determination can be The Secretary G e n e r a l ,Municipality of The Hague was the incredibly relevant detected as we realised that we Alessandro Guglielmi, madespoke to the delegates about correlation she drew between can make a change, we can make the final speech emphasising thehis cosmopolitan city. Ms. THIMUN and the recent a difference. massive impact that THIMUNLinda Dubock, Chair of the disaster in Haiti. Our pride and A passionate speech delivered makes and the magic that liesTHIMUN Board of Directors, near sense-self of importance by the keynote speaker and therein. He managed to embodythen took her place behind the gradually swelling in our THIMUN patron, Her Royal THIMUN in a few simple lines:microphone. She once again chests throughout the speech Princess, Princess Mabel von “But THIMUN is more thansets into motion the wheel of was brought crashing down as Oranje-Nassau, compelled us a mere conference. It is a placedynamism which spins the Ms. Dubock recalled through to admire her perspicacity and and time where people excel, itstraw of young, raw ingenious repressed tears the “devastation undying quest to make the world is a place and time where peopleminds into the gold that is that and heartbreaking images” “a better place”. The princess experience great new things, it isfinal resolution at the end of the of the Haitian earthquake. underlined just how vital good a place and time where memoriesweek. Suddenly, we became aware governance is in the successful are created”. Thus the opening Ms. Dubock highlighted the of our extremely privileged running and maintenance of a ceremony ended on a highlysignificance of this year’s topic, situations and the way in which country, with the affirmation positive note which remindedGood Governance, which in we take for granted what some “the problems might be bad and us all that we symbolise theher opinion is “mostly about the have never had. Nonetheless, deep-rooted, but they can be youth of the world, we speak forimplementation of human rights as Ms. Dubock announces that changed”. After the ceremony, those who do not have a voice,and the enforcement of human the proceeds of the collection MUNITY reporter Patricia and, through “partnership andrights standards”. She also for charity this year will be Kim asked Princess Mabel if she teamwork”, we can achievestressed that Good Governance donated to the victims of had any advice for THIMUN something brilliant.does not involve nor require the Haitian catastrophe, a delegates, to which the Princess IN THIS ISSUE: The Art of Lobbying: Preparations for THIMUN : The Hague Travel Guide: How to lobby step-by-step! Selection process and prepa- A quick guide to glamorous Get your ideas heard and ration that leads to a suc- places to eat, socialize and your resolutions passed...page cessful THIMUN conference party....page 14 10, 11 ...page 12
  2. 2. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 2 Munity XLII Staff Stabilizing the Core By: Divya Sharan 2E Van Blankenburgstraat 119 “Obama-mania,” as it was government institutions – own lifestyles and luxuries 2517HC Den Haag, The Netherlands termed, is quickly sweeping which is exactly what “Good are not being jeopardized. www.munity-online.net across the globe, reaching Governance” refers to. “However, in the face of all those who want to see an It is the lack of this sense economic and environmental Editors-in-Chief end to the problems facing of “Good Governance” in crises, that complacency just Kuan Yu Shen the world today. Recent the world that inadvertently isn’t possible anymore,” Mr. Andria Varnavides Nobel Prize winner, Barack makes it the root cause Buscher adds. Obama, has become a highly of many of the world’s It is becoming more Text-Editors influential household name; problems. Paul Wolfowitz, and more evident that Mari-Ana Narbon simply put, what he says, goes. former President of the there is a need to look in Jessia Gao On his first trip to Africa World Bank, said that good to the transparency and Alejandra Paton as President of the United governance “is essentially the accountability of individual States, Obama addressed one combination of transparent governments. In fact, there Reporters of the most pressing, yet often and accountable institutions, is nothing the rest of the Divya Sharan overlooked issues world can do to solve Victoria Uwemedimo Patricia Kim in the world – the “[Good governance] this problem. Instead, problem of “Good it is up to individual Bavo Stevens Aditya Naganath Governance.” is the ingredient governments to take “ [ G o o d responsibility for their Liske Bruinsma Vera BLoemen governance] is the which has been actions and to uphold ingredient which the United Nations Genevieve Snider Tugce Koseoglu has been missing in missing in far too Charter. “Good far too many places, Governance” is the for far too long.” It many places, for far theme of THIMUN Layout remains to be seen 2010. Amongst all SeoHyun Sarah Bae how Obama’s words too long. “ the problems facing Spencer Jackson impact the Africans, the world, this was Jennifer Sun but this year’s singled out to be one Mara Wendebourg THIMUN Administrators strong skills and competence, of the most important issues have decided to take up the and a fundamental that needed to be solved, Photographers challenge and explore what willingness to do the right and in fact, it is. If nations Eric Lawton the world would be like thing. Those are the things can achieve the standards of Sophia Palenberg with good governance. The that enable a government to “Good Governance,” almost Karina Dukalska selection of this theme came deliver services to its people half the world’s problems about when “during the mid- efficiently.” will become less daunting or Intern evaluation of the Millennium Furthermore, Mr. Jeff simply disappear. Brianna Felegi Development Goals Buscher, a THIMUN That brings us to THIMUN (MDGs), experts proved Advisory Board Member, XLII. Delegates will get Adviser that a part of the failure of explains that “Good to interact and debate on Mr. Andrew Newman some of the goals were due to governance is more critical issues pertaining to this Bad Governance,” says Mr. today than ever before, both in idea of good governance. In Alain Meidinger, a member the developing and developed particular, the focus will be of the Board of Directors. In worlds.” As the developing on the Special Conference Opinions expressed by MU- addition, Her Royal Highness world realizes the sheer delegates to produce first- NITY are not necessarily Princess Mabel van Oranje quality and quantity of wealth class resolutions that aim to those of the newspaper, The brought up this issue in her and resources present in their cover topics ranging from Hague International Model book, ‘In vrijheid blijven ge nations, mismanagement and corruption to increased United Nations, its affillates, loven’ (Continue to believe corruption are becoming national dialogue. Delegates sponsors, or participants, but in freedom). In this book, she more and more widespread, should keep in mind the rather those of the individual addresses the need for certain driving these nations deeper relevance of good governance writers formed from their freedoms and the need to into poverty than they should to almost every major world obersation of the conference defend democracy across be. Thus, good governance problem when they engage with research. Commentary the globe. Furthermore, is necessary for them to lift in fruitful debates in their and response referring to the Mr. Meidinger states that themselves out of poverty. At respective committees in articles are welcomed. MU- this book mentioned the the same time, people in the order to understand and NITY reserves the right to defense of democracy against developed world continue create solutions for the core withold or edit submissions. dictatorship, corruption, to turn a blind eye to such issues of “Good Governance”. and lack of transparency in poor governance since their
  3. 3. January 25, 2010 Issue 1 PAGE 3 Flags Fly for the Honorable AmbassadorsBy: Vera Bloemen and Genna Snider They are hardworking.They are studious ,intelligentand tactful. They representtheir home countries andare essential to internationalpolitics. Who are these people?They are the Ambassadors,the representatives of theircountries. When asked, PeterGoosen, the Ambassador ofSouth Africa, expressed that“Ambassadors are in place torepresent countries in theirinterests and to improveties with other countries.”Likewise, Marciano Dasilva,the Ambassador of Timor,stated that Ambassadors areappointed to “promote thecountry and bring in investors, Eric Lawtonwork for the people andrepresent the people as best as Ambassadors thought that and answers questions in the start the young generation onpossible, and work for peace the theme chosen is “very international community as the political track.in the country and the world”. good”, “interesting” and “definitely should be solved”. Even though “...the theme cho- For all the delegates out researching for your country is sen is ‘very good,’ there, simulated this UN often difficult, experience is all ambassadors agree that the ‘interesting,’ and closer to reality, as many of the students representing are ‘definitely should be issues faced in this conference solved.’ “ their countries are faced on a well and to their daily basis. The full potential. ambassadors of the countries present Unquestionably, well. Marciano DaSilva, from at THIMUN come constantly THIMUN brings Timor, agreed and said that it is across the repercussions and the world closer an appropriate event for young outcomes of the issues being Eric Lawton to a brighter people and it is the best way to discussed here. future for all. It isThis year’s THIMUN theme is in the hopes of everyone thatGood Governance and there ‘a consensus (will be reached)are many nations represented which will bring prosperityat this conference who all to all’, as said by the Deputyhave different views on what Ambassador of Norway, Sirigood governance is and how Nicolaisin. Alternatively, asit is interpreted and applied the Ambassador of the Russianwithin their territory. Many Federation put it, THIMUNAmbassadors of the represented and the youth participating incountries of THIMUN it shall ‘make the world a betterwere present at the opening place’.ceremony today, giving theircompliments to the student The Ambassador of Southdelegates representing their Africa, Peter Goosen, expressednation as well as their gratitude that THIMUN is a great eventfor the students’ efforts. A few that engages young people Eric Lawton
  4. 4. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 4 EDITORIAL Teddy MUNY Tries to Help Haiti It has been more than twelve Linda Dubbock, Chair of organized a raffle in which ticket. Raffle tickets aredays since a 7.0 magnitude the board of the THIMUN one person will be able to win being sold for 50 cents at theearthquake struck Port- Foundation, to raise money the teddy bear Teddy MUN. Merchandise Stand. At 50au-Prince, leaving most for Haiti, honoring Her At the moment, 100 Euros cents or more, even you canof the city in ruins and Royal Highness, Princess has already been raised, and help make a difference inresulting in more than 150 Mabel von Oranje-Nassau, the THIMUN Foundation Haiti.000 confirmed dead. The with the choice of charity hopes that every conferencedestruction has inspired in Haiti. Ms. Dubbock has attendant will buy a raffle Thank you ARAMCO for your generous support to THIMUN. MUNITY looks forward to sharing more information aboutyour sponsorship in tomorrow’s issue. Press Box Release Don’t forget to catch tonight’s movie ‘Silent Army’ – a stark story about an innocent child forced into child soldiery, whose tale serves as an incentive for us to work even harder to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. Spare some time at 7:30pm for this beautiful and worthy movie and we’ll see you there! The Director of the movie, Jean van de Velde, would be present to entertain any questions from the audience.
  5. 5. January 25, 2010 Issue 1INTERVIEW PAGE 5 SG Plans To Ensure THIMUN Succeeds Secretary General Profile How come you decided matter, is my number one to apply for the Secretary priority. General position? I don’t really know, to be Which do you personally honest. Few people told me consider the most cur- I should apply so eventually rently pressing issue in the I did. I think it’s just because world? as SG, you can really make Two things. First of all, changes and contribute. world hunger. There are 1.02 billion undernourished And what was the first people in the world today. thing that came to your This means that almost mind when you found out one in six people do not get you got the job? enough food, while there is I couldn’t believe it. I enough food for everyone on was extremely happy and the planet. Secondly, educa- couldn’t wait to get started. tion. Education is the key to the improvement of the What is the most valuable quality of life in my opinion. skill you’ve learnt through Education still isn’t accessi- THIMUN? ble enough for many people, Teamwork. It’s incredibly and this has to change. important to try to do ev- erything as a team and to get How would you like to everyone involved. This way be remembered by future you get multiple views from THIMUN generations? Sophia Palenberg different perspectives, so the As the SG who was happy Name: Alessandro quality of the final product is and cheerful, and who mo- Surname: Guglielmi always higher. tivated many people to give School: Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar MUN all they have. Being How about your most remembered would be moreThis year’s Secretary Gen- What do you feel inspires cherished THIMUN than enough, seeing as it’s alleral (SG), Alessandro Gug- you most about THIMUN? memory? about the conference beinglielmi, “the man in charge”, Seeing many young people Last year’s closing ceremo- remembered and not thehopes to make this year’s having fun. The reason why ny. I was a student officer last individual.Conference as successful so many people want to at- year and when the closingand fruitful as possible. tend THIMUN is because ceremony came to a close, What is your advice to allDespite having a very tight everyone has a great time. all the student officers were THIMUN participants,schedule, he found the The combination of the aca- still talking amongst each especially to THIMUNtime to share some of his demic aspect and the social other on the stage. Some- first-timers?experiences with MUNITY aspect just makes it a great how, I just didn’t want to get THIMUN might seemreaders... experience. Weeks, even off the stage. We didn’t want intimidating but there is no months before the confer- to leave because we knew it reason why you shouldn’t ence you’re excited. Then would mean that the confer- speak up. Don’t be scared How many M.U.N. during the conference you ence was definitely coming to take the floor – raise thatConferences have you at- have an incredible time and to an end. placard!tended? the month after the confer- I’m not 100% sure. I think ence you suffer from the well Would you ever consider Thank you for your time,THIMUN will be about my known “post-THIMUN- dropping out because of Mr. Secretary General, and18th [or] 20th conference. syndrome”. It is more than the unbearable work load? for all the hard work youI have been in the MUN- just a five day simulation of Never; THIMUN and put into THIMUN!circuit for quite awhile now! the United Nations. MUN in general, for that
  6. 6. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 6 By Genna Snider MUNITY INTRODUCES THE DSG’S Interview with Thomas Wilopo: What is your favorite memory of a previous MUN conference? My favorite memory of all [the] conferences was when I was a delegate during my first conference (MiniMUN 2007). I was very shy at first, until I was forced to speak by my chairs. After my first speech, which seemed to last for ages, my fear of pub- lic speaking disappeared and was replaced by addiction to take the floor and to speak. I also have some nice memo- ries representing countries like: Pakistan, The Russian Federation (THIMUN 2008 Security Council) and China. What do you consider the most pressing issue facing the UN these days? The most pressing Is- sue facing the UN these days is climate change. Never before has the world been in such big of a dilemma choosing between lifestyle and climate. Until now it was always lifestyle that came first, which was very understandable to a certain degree. But now we have to find a compromise between these two, which won’t be easy. And for that we do need “good governance” and transparency. wwSophia Palenberg Interview with Lara Nonninger: How many MUN conferences have you participated in? What is the most valuable lesson you have taken away from these conferences? I have participated in eighteen conferences, this one included. The most valuable les- son would have to be that no matter what your opinion is, express it, so that people can understand it and learn from it. What is your life goal? Does it pertain to the UN or peacekeeping? My life goal is to go and work for the UN as a field observer after I graduate from university. What is your favourite memory of a previous MUN Conference? My favourite memory is making friends at one Conference and then meeting the same friends again. What do you consider the most presing issue facing the UN these days? I think the most pressing issue facing the UN is globalisation. Sophia Palenberg What is your life goal? Does it pertain to the UN or peacekeeping? My life goal is to go and work for the UN as a filed observer after I graduate from university. Interview with Madeleine Versteeg: How many MUN conferences have you participated in? What is the most valuable lesson you have taken away from these conferences? I haveSophia Palenberg participated in eighteen or nineteen conferences, not including this year’s conference. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that that even though it is a simulation, MUN really does make a differ- ence. Maybe not necessarily with the solutions we produce, but it changes people’s way of thinking and point of views. I have met so many people, thanks to MUN, that I am sure are someday going to make a huge difference in this world. How many MUN conferences have you participated in? What is the most valuable les- son you have taken away from these conferences? I have participated in eighteen or nineteen conferences, not including this year’s confer- ence. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that that even though it is a simulation, MUN really does make a difference. Maybe not necessarily with the solutions we produce, but it changes people’s way of thinking and point of views. It enlarges the world and views of all the participants, lets us meet new cultures, lets us think about world issues, and even though the solutions we come up with might not be carried out now, I have met so many people, thanks to MUN, that I am sure are someday going to make a huge difference in this Sophia Palenberg world. In that way, MUN really does contribute something to the real world.
  7. 7. January 25, 2010 Issue 1 PAGE 7What is your life goal? Does it pertain to the UN or peacekeeping?I do not have a specific life goal yet. I have so many dreams, and I am planning on making as many of them come trueas possible. I would love a job at the UN or at a NGO, but I don’t think you can plan your life out like that. You just haveto see what comes your way. However, my field of study will probably be in an area related to international politics.What do you hope the THIMUN 2010 conference will achieve?I hope that it will reach even more people. That not only will we give 4,000 people an amazing week, but we will alsolearn something [from] all these people, and that even more people will be motivated to continue this way of thinkingin their everyday lives.Interview with David Ollivier de Leth:What do you consider the most pressing issue facing the UN these days?There are a lot of pressing issues. One of them I am very concerned about is the situation in the Democratic Republicof Congo. The conflict that is taking place there is the deadliest since WWII (killing 5.4 million people. That is morethan the entire population of Singapore!). The humanitarian situation there is horrific;enormous amounts of child soldiers are involved and it doesn’t look like the situationwill improve [over the] short term.What is your life goal? Does it pertain to the UN or peacekeeping?At the moment, I have a very Miss-World-like life goal. I hope that when I die, I cansay I have significantly improved the lives of people who were not so fortunate to beborn in one of the richest countries in the world. About how to achieve this I am notentirely sure yet, but I for example know I want to join the United Nations Volunteersprogram, and be active in one of the problem areas. Of course, however, this weekendmy committee chose me as “most likely to become a porn star”, so my life goal mightchange...What is your favorite memory of a previous MUN conference?My favorite memory is making friends at one conference and then meeting the samefriends again. Sophia PalenbergWhat is your favorite memory of a previous MUN conference?I have an innumerable amount of favorite MUN-memories. But this is one of them: I once represented Iran, and one ofthe issues concerned the nuclear program of Iran. Actually there is almost no evidence of the nuclear weapons Iran issupposed to have, and I was trying to convince the committee of that. But a few minutes later, Iran was compared to aNew York Pizza restaurant with nukes! (Yes indeed, that is a weird metaphor) It was also funny to see a male delegateaccidentally yielding HIMSELF to the female chair.What do you consider the most pressing issue facing the UN these days?There are a lot of pressing issues. One of them I am very concerned about is the situation in the Democratic Republic ofCongo. The conflict that is taking place there is the deadliest since WWII (killing 5.4 million people. That is more than Sophia Palenberg Sophia Palenberg Sophia Palenberg Sophia Palenberg
  8. 8. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 8 Sophia Palenberg Eric Lawton Sophia Palenberg Karina Dukalska Eric Lawton Eric Lawton Sophia Palenberg
  9. 9. January 25, 2010 Issue 1 PAGE 9 Sophia Palenberg Karina Dukalska Karina Dukalska Karina Dukalska Sophia Palenberg Karina Dukalska Karina Dukalska
  10. 10. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 10 FEATUREBy: Aditja Naganath Discovering The Art of Lobbying Delegates looking to make their markin this year’s conference seized the veryfirst opportunity they got – the ‘Lobbying’session. As the adage goes, ‘first impressionsare last impressions’ and this is exactlywhat delegates kept in mind when theysought not only to impress their allies (andtheir chairs!) but also to intimidate theiradversaries. Of course, the most successfuldelegates did employ some ‘sophisticated’MUN techniques, some of which I havetaken the liberty to enumerate for you: • Well Researched: Well prepared delegates like Amy Zheao(Delegate of UK) entered the conferencenot only with clear objectives but alsowith enough firepower to bamboozle otherdelegates who were not as well researched,assimilating them in her bloc in the process. Eric Lawton • Eloquence Worked: that matter, during lobbying. Norstrom, Nikhil Lalvani (Delegate of Peru) like many other delegates, was attracted to • Laptops! : was extremely fluent and glib when those whom he felt knew others as everyone It has been proven MUNtifically that communicating with other delegates. He seeks to be a part of some sort of circle. Itdelegates tend to crowd around the person evidently knew that eloquence always was also amusing to see delegates who hadwho wields technology. Fernando Zanardi creates the notion of intellect, whether no real stand on an issue, approached by a(Delegates of Antigua and Bermuda) or not one has the content backing one couple of other people; the numbers gameseemed to have cracked the system as he up. A majority of the delegates used it as a does have a profound psychological impactwatched others swarm around him, each marketing tool to get recognized. It was on a delegate’s decisions.dictating their own preambs and operatives. observed that delegates were attractedWhen the dust has settled, the credit goes to the eloquent and glib talkers, not theto him. Those clauses did come from his reticent fact spewing robots and rightly so! • Some Schmoozed:laptop after all. It’s always important to have something to “I’ll give you chocolate if you recognize say and to say it well. me” – these unforgettable words to the General Assembly 2 Chair Rabia Majeed, clearly explicate the kind of under hand • Associating tactics certain delegates employed during with others: the lobbying session. That said, softening M i t c he l l the chair up a bit can grant certain N o r s t r o m privileges: an extra minute to speak, your (Delegate of overly aggressive behavior overlooked from Botswana) time to time etc. The accumulation of these realized that even minutiae may actually reap rich rewards at if he doesn’t know the end of the day – like one’s resolution the delegate next being passed for example. It’s nice to see to him, it pays that some delegates are meticulously to hang out with planning for their future. him anyway. Nobody likes After an extremely fruitful session of to be stranded lobbying, it will be interesting to see what without a bloc/ delegates do next when the real conference Eric Lawton group after or for begins. With the amount of planning put Continued on Page 11.
  11. 11. January 25, 2010 Issue 1FEATURE PAGE 11 Lobbying Pays Off (Continued)into the lobbying session, one can only his country’s stand rather than act on his the USA! Talk about irony! To some ofimagine their output during discussion emotions. As a reporter, it was surprising the aspiring and relatively inexperiencedtime. It looks like THIMUN XLII will to see delegates representing conflicting delegates out there, it is imperative tounfold into a very enriching and fulfilling countries work together in the lobbying stick to one’s stand not only because oneconference. session purely because they wanted to is ‘representing’ that country but also to form a bloc, knew that person or needed preserve the reality of a Model United (On an off note: While I may not be the to be authors of resolutions. A baffled chair Nations that gives it its name.)most experienced delegate, I do know that recounted how she was once presented withduring lobbying, a delegate must adhere to a resolution co – submitted by Russia and The Veto Power Reform in the Security CouncilBy: Tugce Koseoglu “I forbid!” That’s since it was established. Federation and its predecessor debatable. Those advocatingwhat Vyacheslav Molotov, also the Soviet Union with 123 the veto power, mostly theknown as Mr. Veto, meant by “The effect of veto vetoes and the country with the Permanent Five countries,using the power to veto. Since power is essential in least amount of vetoes is China imply that the utilization of itfifty-one countries adopted the guiding resolutions...” with six in total. Even though is rare and that it is essentialUN Charter in 1945, the veto the record belongs to the for the collaboration of the P5power has been used many times Russian Federation, the United countries. They suggest thatfor the sake of international When we look back States has used the veto power since the international armsdiplomacy and world peace. through history, the veto power eleven times in recent years, control agreements are theAlthough the system has was established just after the mostly on the controversial responsibility of the Securityworked successfully for over founding of UN. In sixty-five issues concerning Israel. Council, the veto power ishalf a century, the veto power years the veto power was used The effect of veto needed in the monitoring ofof the UN has always been a 261 times in total, almost three power is essential in guiding the applications of arms. Oncontroversial issue among the times per year. The vetoing resolutions, although the the other hand, some groupsstates of the Security Council record belongs to the Russian pros and cons of vetoes are such as the G4 bloc, formed by Brazil, China, India and South Africa, advocate reform by limiting the veto power, requiring agreements from multiple states before using it or even abolishing it entirely. Some voiced concerns that the national interests of the P5 can stunt the process of peacekeeping. In addition to these opinions, some argue that countries like Brazil, Japan and Germany should be a part of the permanent states to balance power distribution within the Security Council. The hint of reform has already been given with a proposal concerning the increase in the number of permanent states made by the G4. It seems that the strong policies of nations and the sensitivity of the issue may heat Zack Lee Creative Commons 2.0 BY NC ND up the process of the reform.
  12. 12. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 12 FEATURE Selection Process and Preparation Leads to THIMUN SuccessBy: Bavo Stevens The competition is tough. cumbersome, but rewarding intelligent, confident, or especially those outside the preparation phase. In just a few resolute. By mastering the Art region, THIMUN is also an Sometimes there are more months, we are changed from of Speaking you will be able to opportunity to travel aroundthan a hundred applicants for (hopefully) idealistic youths to inflame the hearts of millions Europe. Some delegations eventwelve highly coveted delegate (hopefully) idealistic delegates. to your cause. Patrick McGuire, studied Parisian metro mapsspots. Essays need to be written, As Manuel Ramos, delegate of a Chair of General Assembly before going sightseeing.speeches prepared, intensive the Dominican Republic, put it, Two, commented that to beresearch needs to be done; and to be successful at THIMUN, successful at THIMUN one Lesson 4: Pack Wisely.all of these before we are even one should be interested in should be an excellent public Packing is also an importantchosen as delegate! With that doing only good. But the speaker. part of the trip, and for somesaid, the conclusion is obvious: transformation from idealist delegates, a challenging one.THIMUN violently gets us to youth to idealistic delegate Lesson 2: Research. THIMUN advisors fromfeel the true numbing power of doesn’t happen overnight. At THIMUN, research tropical regions have mentioneda selection process. With the help of our THIMUN plays an essential since that packing for the cold has advisors, we master the skills it’s the foundation of all been nearly impossible. Coats, Those long waits outside the that will help sharpen the dull our interactions. From the sweaters, and thick socks wereinterview rooms, the insistent edges of politics as we know it delegates who need to know borrowed from friends or family,clattering of stiff knees, and today. almost everything about their and most probably thoroughlyalternatively the way in which country to the chairs who washed. But otherwise,time leading onto the final According to many delegates, need to memorize around complaints about packingdecision seemed to creep by, are no lesson has been lost on them. 4,000 words of information, have been limited to socks andall things we became painfully Sweat, blood, and tears are put research is essential. Research gloves, articles of clothing thataware of. After all, regarding the in their work, and with the help has prevented proclamations can be easily replaced in Theinterview process, how can we of their THIMUN advisors, of naval warfare by landlocked Hague. It is clear that this yearbe expected to, with a meager they’ve become successful countries. THIMUN delegates have beenthree minutes, explain how delegates through the mastery well prepared.MUNtastic we are? It just isn’t of these age old. Lesson 3: Know your wayfair. around. Furthermore, remember Lesson 1: The Art of Preparation for THIMUN to practice sitting on chairs Therefore, lesson of the day: Speaking. often goes beyond the because as the World Forumif you’re here, congratulations; Eloquence in your way of conference itself. Tourism is Conference Center wiselyyou’ve made it. speech will make you look an integral part of most, if not announced “due to safety intelligent, confident, and all, delegations that travel to regulations, sitting on the stairs And thus begins the long, resolute even if you aren’t The Hague. For many schools, is forbidden at all times.” Alejandra Paton
  13. 13. January 25, 2010 Issue 1FEATURE PAGE 13Delegates solve world issues and loosen up, too!By: Vera Bloemen for some place to have Paard van Troje’, ‘De Zwarte thought out top 3 things to Of course we’re all here dinner, and you’d like a Ruiter’ and ‘De Supermarkt’, do:to change the world, to restaurant with good food all of which are places where 1. Did you know that the Dutchfind solutions to world- and an exotic atmosphere, be you can have a drink, dance soldiers freed Haarlem from theconcerning issues and to sure to visit ‘Popocatepetl’, or just sit and listen to live Spaniards on ice-skates? I guess a very popular and famous bands play for the whole you’ll never know when ice-search for proper ways to skates might come in handy, butimplement them. Of course Mexican restaurant, located night! Other possibilities you have to admit they’re a lot ofwe all want to create a world in the Centrum (Buitenhof at The Hague include ‘Bar fun! Take our advice: go to the 5). Other & Boos’ (Papestraat 26), ‘Buitenhof ’ to practice your ice options are which consists of a small but skating skills and do yourselves ‘ Va p i a no’ intimate dance floor, and a favor by having a nice, hot cup and VIP a bar that is always packed of hot chocolate afterwards! (Very Italian with THIMUN delegates! Pizza), which And if none of these places 2. Visit the ‘Boulevard’ in are relatively satisfy your needs, perhaps Scheveningen. Here you can cheap Italian you could try ‘Club Madness’ walk along the beach while shopping, visiting nice bars, rest au ra nt s (Dagelijkse groenmarkt 6), cafés and restaurants. Perhaps also with ano ther very popular and you might want to take a dip in delicious crowded club. Last but not the sea as well? food and least, there is ‘Byblos’, where a cozy dinner commences the 3. And for those who want ambiance evening which culminates to get a little cultural, you can (B u i t e n h o f in a night of boogying and go to the ‘Museon’ (Scientific 45-51 and partying! Oh, and for the Museum), the ‘Gemeente Kettingstraat brave ones with golden Museum’ (right now, there is an 1 3 -1 5) . voices make sure to drop by exposition on Haute Couture and one on Kandinsky!) or the Other than at ‘Thai Princess’ for some ‘Omniversum’. these, most of karaoke! (Achterom 10) Karina Dukalska The Hague’s So, after a long, tedious day of wel l-k now n We know that you probably debate, make sure you soften upwithout war and conflicts, and most visited bars and have a very full schedule, your brains and bodies; loosenwithout violations of human clubs are located at the but if you can find some up a little – we’re not just here torights; a world where ‘Grote Markt’. When you go extra time, it definitely won’t save the world, we’re also here toeveryone is equal and happy. there, make sure to visit ‘Het hurt to follow our carefully have the time of our lives!And of course we arewilling to work veryhard to achieve that. But, after a longand hard day ofdebate, all we reallywant to do is tostop thinking andworking, and tojust have a greattime here at TheHague. Fortunately,Munity is here tosuggest to all of youa few glamorousplaces to eat,socialize and party: Eric Lawton If you’re looking
  14. 14. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 14 ENTERTAINMENT How Much Do You Devote Yourself to MUN? By: Tugce Koseoglu Sometimes being a delegate can be hectic and not all the metabolisms can handle big doses of MUN fever. If you think you need a small dose for your own sake, come and take a glance at this quiz which can show you how much you take MUN seriously! 1. MUN becomes the most enjoyable… a. When you take the floor.(4) b. When you dine with your delegation after a tiring day. (2) c. When you dance till you drop at the post-conference party. (1) d. When you explore the city of The Hague. (3) 2. During the conference, the accessory that you can’t live without is … a. Your camera. (3) b. A Louis Vuitton handbag. (2) c. A classy folder. (4) d. The Blackberry you bought recently. (1) 3. During a recess period, your ambassador can find you… a. Standing with other delegates, chit-chatting (or more?). (1) b. Taking photos of the conference venue. (3) c. In the bathroom, freshening up. (2) d. In the middle of an enthusiastic crowd, discussing the next resolution to be debated. (4) 4. Let’s proceed with the post-conference party attitude. In the party… a. You feel like you should be outside, doing a little more sightseeing. (3) b. You are hoping that you’ll be chosen as the “Best Dressed Delegate” in the next issue of MUNITY. (2) c. You are sitting/standing in a corner, discussing committee issues and best debate moments with others from your committee room. (4) d. You are dancing with the boy/girl whom you had been talking a lot to during the conference. (1) 5. The note-passing issue: Usually you pass notes when you… a. Are desperate to ask someone how your hair looks. (2) b. Are desperate to tell someone that the admin staff is cute. (1) c. Are desperate to ask for an opinion concerning the amendment to be debated. (4) d. Are desperate to ask someone where the best restaurant is in town. (3) 6. While you were packing for THIMUN 2010, you filled your luggage with… a. Lots of clothes - what else would you possibly need? (4) b. Lots of batteries – you’ll definitely need them. (3) c. Lots of extra paper and pens. (1) d. Lots of high-heeled / fashionable shoes; that’s what all MUN conferences are for! (2) Now, add the numbers next to the choices that you’ve chosen and check out your results on the next page! (Continued on Page 15)
  15. 15. January 25, 2010 Issue 1ENTERTAINMENT PAGE 15 How Much Do You Devote Yourself to MUN? (Continued) 0-8 -> Delegate: Dear delegate! Welcome to the room! No, not the dance room, the committee room! We think that you aretoo involved with the informal parts of MUN rather than the serious business. We know that The Hague is a beautiful city andwe understand that the delegate in front of you is very pretty, but you should remind yourself that this is MUN! Just try to tellyourself that debates can also be quite interesting and fun when you stop thinking about the post-conference party and actuallyget yourself involved during the debates! 9-17 -> Chair: A chair who is stuck in the middle! As we can predict, you love being the social butterfly and tasting the sweetside of MUN, and you want to shine during the heated debates as well. You need to keep the balance between the urge tosocialize and the need to participate in debates. Well, if you want to be the center of attention during the debates, you have towork a bit more, honey! We know that you are just a step behind becoming the best delegate on your committee! 18-24 -> PGA: Congrats PGA! You are a delegate everyone desires to be. You concentrate on debates and try to be the mostactive delegate in your committee. We can say that you are on the right track to accomplish it. Still, Mr. /Ms. PGA, you mustbear in mind that MUN conferences give you the opportunity to explore wonderful friendships, to visit very beautiful citiessuch as The Hague, and to enjoy the privilege of wearing formal dress! Remember people, in THIMUN, being yourself is what makes the experience all the more unforgettable! Good luck to youduring the conference and remember to keep the balance! Cracking Jokes Like a Comedian By: Bavo Stevens Like any good diplomat or politician, THIMUN delegatesspend their time fighting amongst themselves on issues thatneed solutions. Debates can get fiery, and zealotry is notuncommon. Luckily for the hard working delegates, thereare always many individuals with a good sense of humor.They cast aside the serious tone of the debates and decideto open their speeches with the funniest opening line thatthey can think of. The following are funny opening lines.Everything is PG rated. • This resolution is like a donut, sweet but it has a large hole in the middle. • This resolution is like a jelly donut; it tastes good and doesn’t have any holes in it! • This resolution is like a block of wood, it’s strong and sturdy, but easily catches fire. • This resolution is like my mobile phone, it may be old, but it has always worked well. • This resolution is like tape, it’s a quick fix, but no long term solution. • This resolution is like a suspension bridge; it’s safe and bridges gaps. • This resolution is like a pineapple: it tastes good but it hurts when you sit on it. But while this sense of levity does exist atTHIMUN, humor at the conference is not limited toopening lines. Untapped sources of comedic talent will bediscovered and people will learn to laugh to the situationalirony they will find themselves in. Naturally, the seriousnessof the debates will be up held, but THIMUN, prepare tolaugh. By: Alejandra Paton
  16. 16. Issue 1 January 25, 2010PAGE 16 by Patricia Kim TALKING OF THIMUN For the first day of THIMUN, we interviewed four delegates from different committees: Thomas van der Sommen, representative from the World Bank of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Gabriela Lima, delegate of Guatemala from the Disarmament Commission Commission 1, Neha Lalani, delegate of St. Vincent Grenadines from General Assembly 1 (GA1), and Jason Huh, delegate of Jordan from Human Rights Commission 1 (HR1). These were their answers: Goals for this year’s conference? Neha: To speak and participate a lot in the How are your first impressions of this year’s conference? debate because I didn’t really speak much Neha: The room is very small, but the overall impression is last year. organized and nice. Jason: I’m mostly here to improve my debate Jason: This is my first year at THIMUN, so I’m pretty and speaking skills because THIMUN is a scared. There are a lot of people, but I’ll get used to the great opportunity to talk in front of a lot of forum soon. people. Thomas: I was a delegate in GA last year. ECOSOC is the Thomas: Main-submitting, but having fun biggest forum I’ve been in. as well. That’s the biggest goal. Gabriela: Everyone has a lot of experience and most Gabriela: Just working on my resolution and delegates seem to have prepared a lot for the conference. giving out ideas. What are you looking forward to besides the conference? Neha: Because I used to live in Den Haag, How do you plan to contribute in your forum? I’m planning on seeing my old friends. Jason: I’m mostly going to throw out ideas for people to Thomas: Partying. I live here so I’m planning consider. By coming up with new ideas, other delegates on partying with new and old friends will add those onto their resolutions, and hopefully the together. debates will take new directions. Gabriella: I’m here for the conference, but Gabriela: Helping some of the resolutions to pass if I’m also shopping and hanging out. sided with it, and providing other delegates with new ideas. LAPTOP FEVER! Eric Lawton Eric Lawton Karina Dukalska Karina Dukalska Eric Lawton