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An Emasculating Truth - A Short Presentation About the end of Mankind As We Know It.
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An Emasculating Truth - A Short Presentation About the end of Mankind As We Know It.


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Man-skills are on the decline. Skinny jeans are on the rise. And male testosterone? Declining at 1% a year. What does it all mean for the future of mankind? …

Man-skills are on the decline. Skinny jeans are on the rise. And male testosterone? Declining at 1% a year. What does it all mean for the future of mankind?

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  • Funny in its own way but the decline in testosterone (or 'T' for short) has nothing to do with us not grilling hamburgers or 'acting manly'. It has to do with all the stuff dumped into the water blocking our T-pickup receptors and causing our testes to produce less testosterone.

    But yes, our grandsons are much more likely to be granddaughters as a result, since we are also more likely to produce X-bearing sperm and the Y-bearing ones are weaker in any case, thus less-likely to make it to the ovum before any Y-bearing sperm cells.

    In places where there is disproportionate numbers of girls being born today, the region is likely to have a history of chemical waste being dumped in it. The thing is, treated or untreated makes little difference since the chemicals in question are too expensive to break down (by most calculations) or too resistant to it to make it practical. These chemicals will eventually spread further, moving this phenomenon everywhere, eventually. (In fact, the signs are already emerging) Alas ,competition to keep recovery costs low among producers will keep things as they are.

    The ironic thing is that by far most of the modern innovations in materials and chemicals have come from men. It is men's handiwork that is the cause of our own decline in numbers not due to war, etc., but due to the creation of emasculating substances. We didn't know it at the time of course, but the die is cast.

    The future is female, all right. About 80% female. The more radical of the feminists ('radfems') in the 60s and 70s were advocating a social engineering plan that would reduce the number of men in the human pop'n to 10% of the the total. These 10% would be useful only for breeding, and would of course be kept under lock and key or at least close scrutiny 24/7, since of course to them males are 'inherently dangerous'.

    Not surprisingly, the radfems lost popularity, if they ever had it. But in terms of their '90% vision', looks like they will be getting that soon enough, or something close to it.
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  • 1. An Emasculating Truth A Short Presentation on the End of Mankind as We Know It
  • 2. We face a crisis of epic proportions A real problem like:  Swine Flu  Obesity  Global warming
  • 3. A global crisis that threatens the foundation of civilization THE LOSS OF OUR MANHOOD
  • 4. Testosterone is declining in American men at the alarming rate of 1% a year. Testosterone levels Down 17%! 1987 2004 Testosterone levels dropped 1.2% per year, or about 17% overall between 1987 and 2004* SOURCE: Travison, TG, AB Araujo, AB O’Donnell, V Kupelian, JB McKinlay. 2007. A population-level decline in serum testosterone levels in American men, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • 5. “1%? That doesn’t sound alarming?” Oh, really? Do the math.
  • 6. Your son will be half the man your father was* Testosterone levels *The above is not technically true, but you know who you are
  • 7. And his grandson will probably be a girl Testosterone levels *projected, images simulated
  • 8. Is it time to panic? YES. 80% of recently laid off are men.* 60% of grad school enrollees are women.** *SOURCE: Andrew Sum, Ishwar Khatiwada, Joseph McLaughlin with Shaun O’Brien and Sheila Palma, The Impacts of the 2007-2009 National Recession on Male Employment in the U.S. through March 2009: The Massive Concentrations of Job Losses Among Males Especially Black Men and Blue Collar Workers, Center for Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University, Boston, May 2009. **SOURCE: Nathan E. Bell, Graduate Enrollment and Degrees: 1998 to 2008, by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and the Graduate Record Examinations Board.
  • 9. And we’re doing it to ourselves! 13% of men 25-34 still live at home (compared to only 8% of women)* 40% of men would consider having cosmetic surgery** *SOURCE: Herbert Kline, A Population History of the United States ( New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004", chap. 8; "Trends," American Demographics 25, no. 9 (November 2003): 24-29; Judith Stacey, Brave New Families: Stories of Domestic Upheaval in the Late-Twentieth-Century America ( New York: Basic Books, 1990), 9-15; Ronald Levant, "The Crisis of Connection Between Men and Women," Journal of Men's Studies 5 (August 1999): 3-4; "A Good Man Is Hard to Find; They're All in Mom's Basement Playing Videogames," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3 November 2003 **SOURCE: Anna Magee, Rise of the Man Jab! LIFEstyle, Daily Mail (London), December 22, 2008, IRE Edition
  • 10. Menʼs hair product is flying off the shelves like never before.
  • 11. In short, manhood is in peril.
  • 12. WHY???
  • 13. Modern culture is killing the modern man! 1. Fashion 2. Technology 3. Food
  • 14. Fashion  Embroidered jeans and new, made- to-look-old clothes mock our work ethic.
  • 15. Fashion  Man-purses, man-bras and Mantyhose? No, no, no! (good rule of thumb: if you have to specify it’s for a man, then it probably isn’t.)
  • 16. Technology  Convenience is conspiring to strip masculinity from our once-calloused hands.
  • 17. Food  99cent burgers, microwavable dinners, and easy light charcoal insult a man’s innate desire to provide.
  • 18. Is it too late to reclaim our manhood? NO!* *maybe
  • 19. It’s time for men to act like men again.
  • 20. Let’s…  …change our own oil and grill our own burgers (even if it’s a veggie burger)
  • 21. Let’s…  …open doors and offer subway seats and re-learn big words like “chivalry”  …recapture the power of a clean shave and a firm handshake.
  • 22. Let’s…  …not forget that “manhood” starts with “man”!
  • 23. Will it be hard work?
  • 24. Of course it will, but hard work is what being a man is all about.
  • 25. Men, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and SLEEVES wear the pants again. PANTS
  • 26. The battle for our 1% starts TODAY Testosterone levels
  • 27.