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Tag overview

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Tag overview

  1. 1. meet up, get down
  2. 2. - Check-in privately with friends, without sharing to your entire social network - No persistent location tracking – just private check-ins so your privacy is maintained - Add photos or videos to showcase what you’re up to and entice friends to meet up with you - Meet up more often with those you care about most. Friends are nearby more than you’d think The Best Way to Meet Up
  3. 3. How Does it Work?
  4. 4. - People are rapidly adopting platforms where they can share more privately - No one is doing private location sharing right. Foursquare was too public, Find My Friends too creepy / invasive - Tag is the best way to privately tell friends where you are to meet up or find out which friends are nearby Private Sharing is Exploding
  5. 5. - Tag launched to Penn State during last month of school. Grew to 3,500 users, now that number is close to 10,000 mostly from Penn State without any marketing spend - 25% of users come back every day, 50% every week - 50,000 sessions and 21,000 tags sent to 100,000 receiving users in the 1 month launch - 5 recipients per Tag on average and 13 screen views per session on average - Based on the rapid growth at Penn State we will replicate launch to 100 schools in the fall (see appendix) Tag Beta Success Metrics
  6. 6. - Millions of people tagging across the world creates a gold mine of local data - Tag will be a location platform enabling local merchants to reach the right customers at the right time and more personally engage fans with a 1-1 relationship - Imagine following your favorite local restaurant that typically has a month long wait list and getting tagged when there’s a free table, for example during off-peak hours - Partnerships with concerts or events – create custom maps with sponsorships - Suggested meetup spots – allow businesses to advertise to users making recommendations * See more in appendix Revenue Model
  7. 7. - Raising $500 convertible note - $3m cap, 20% discount Tag Seed Round
  8. 8. Appendix
  9. 9. - Ability to send Tags to friends who don’t have Tag yet via text, FB, Twitter or Instagram - Feature to invite all your Facebook friends to Tag - Tag scores on profiles for power users - Android launch in 1 month (currently only available on iOS) - Revamping our backend to be significantly faster and more scalable - Explanation video tutorial when you sign up for better first time experience - Filters, doodling, cropping of profile photos, and more attractive profiles Features Coming Soon
  10. 10. 2014 goal: 100K users by end of year - Fall public launch – roll out to 100 colleges via campus ambassador program - Target hostels across the glove – perfect way for travelers to stay in touch - Event promoter launch – Tag as a way for partygoers to meet up in urban areas - Work networks – Tag as a way to safely track colleagues, for example bookers / model agencies - Organization trials with sports teams to more personally engage fans. Sacramento Kings and Nets adopting first 2015 goal: 1-10 M monthly active users - Beginning of year international rollout with translations in 100+ countries - Integrate custom maps for event and concert partnerships - Trial brand sponsorships for events, and suggested meetup sponsorships - Trial affiliate fees from ticket sales, restaurant reservations, and hotel bookings - Launch featured accounts – suggest relevant users to people based on their checkins 2016 goal: 10M+ monthly active users - Tag is a global brand and the go-to app to for location sharing - Roll out context engine for local businesses to reach the right customers at the right time with offers 3 Year Roadmap
  11. 11. Our longterm vision for Tag is to be the de facto way to share location. We believe location sharing is "broken" and that we can get it right by first focusing on private sharing and meeting up among college students. Longer term Tag can be the go to way to find friends or let others know where you are. Here are the phases that we see unfolding: There is a trend in social media from public to more private sharing - for example the rapid growth of Snapchat and messaging apps (1 to 1 private sharing). People don't want to publicly share their location with the world anymore, and don’t want persistent tracking. Phase 1 is to get location sharing right by focusing on 1-1 private sharing, letting users just "check in" and selectively share w/ friends. We plan to focus on a specific demographic (college students) and provide a simple solution to show off what you're doing and meet up. To this effect, the product in Phase 1 needs to be extremely user friendly and should cater to ease of meeting up. Location Sharing Done Right
  12. 12. Tag incorporates the temporal comfort of the check-in with the privacy & comfort of selecting friends each time. Features through end of 2015 include: - Ability to set time limits, for example see where I am for the next 30 mins or hour - History of one's own Tags to remember cool spots or things you did - Public Tagging - Tag as a potential way to meet new people. For example send a Tag from a bar with friends and see if anyone nearby wants to meet up, or send a Tag to people nearby at lunchtime to meet Revenue opportunity 1 - Suggest places to meet up in the future. Potential here to have sponsored recommendations similar to Yelp model - for ex. if I set date in future instead of checking in now and select "sushi" I could have recommended sushi spots to send to friends to organize a meetup at a future date. Revenue opportunity 2 - Custom Tag maps for events and concerts with sponsorships. An event map is more useful than seeing a purple oval on an map when trying to show where you are at a tailgate, concert venue, or stadium. Check- ins would recognize you're at the game and change from "American Airlines Center" to "Tailgate Lot 30" or "Concourse - Audi Club" or "Section 132, Seat 5" Tag Features through end of 2015
  13. 13. - Local commerce will be bigger than e- commerce by 10x for the next decade - Tag will be positioned to help small businesses reach the right customers at the right based on their check-in histories - Merchants can pay for sponsored alerts to reach relevant customers or surface as recommended spots when users Tag to meet up somewhere After 2015 – Helping Local Merchants Tag can help small merchants in a massive local commerce space.
  14. 14. - Advertising is behind it's true potential with the technology available. People are using their smart phones for everything from shopping, to banking, to sharing pictures of their friends. Companies like Facebook and Google have begun targeted advertising, but they're all missing a crucial factor - temporal location data. Current ads are based on your trends (facebook likes, cookies, content you post about) more than what you're doing here and now. Tag gives advertisers insight into this information. - Ex. on the day of a sporting event, users will be tagging from the arena. Using cross-promotion, companies like Chipotle can advertise to people who are at the game who have previously Tagged from Mexican restaurants with a message like "Feeling hungry after the game? Stop by Chipotle with your ticket, and receive $2 off your burrito!" While many companies have been able to determine the trends of their users, none have been able to access what their users are thinking about or experiencing in a particular moment, where they are experiencing it, and then directing pay-to-push advertising (with real time rich media & directions) to their mobile devices. - Once this connection is established between brands and the users they are advertising to, a one-to-one relationship is also formed. Users can send back their reactions to the ads, for example send a selfie conveying their excitement to a deal they just received for a chance to win even more perks. This allows the brand to not only send people personal messages back, but also allows the brand to see who actually walks into the brick-and-mortar stores to gauge effectiveness. This sort of personal advertising is what all brands strive for. They want their customers to feel that the brand is speaking to them directly, and not that they are just one person in a large broadcast Sponsored Alerts Examples
  15. 15. We have the secret sauce to recruit and incentivize campus ambassadors to launch their schools. Here is a sample video from our Penn State launch: http://onwardstate.com/2014/06/05/tag-releases- video-featuring-familiar-penn-state-faces-2/ Influencers usually are athletes, greeks, writers, or belong to some popular clubs or organizations. They have a large network of friends and command respect among peers. For example at Penn State -> The Secret Formula to Launch Schools The opportunity for ambassadors is to get in on the ground floor and learn how to build a community, be first to introduce a fun app to their peers, learn how to build a community, get free swag, grow their resume, and get referrals and reference letters. We accept ambassadors on a rolling basis throughout the semester based on their influence on campus and walk them through the best way to introduce Tag to their peers. Students put us in touch with Presidents and Social Chairs of every Fraternity and Sorority on campus to reach influencers. Tag is promoted through listservs, facebook groups, personal networks and we even leverage other apps like Snapchat, Tinder, and Yik Yak. We will also physically visit 10 of the 100 target schools to meet with our ambassadors. Purpose for the tour will be to live our brand of meeting up, create content to keep users engaged on the platform/social media, and co-host socials with campus influencers (invitations exclusively sent out via tag)
  16. 16. User Growth (Mar 19-Jun 11) During Penn State Launch
  17. 17. Unique Tags (Mar 19-Jun 11) During Penn State Launch
  18. 18. Retention During Penn State Launch
  19. 19. GeoSessions