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A fake online business proposal which is seeking investors. Group project as part of Google's Squared Online course.

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  • Be-At.tvLive streaming video platform for all-premium Electronic Dance Music content. It is one of the toughest competitors as the content is very high quality. However, by focusing on only Elecotronic Dance Music, they leave a great gap for Rock The Richter to step into.  Collaboration with leading organisers such as Sensation, Tomorrowland, Space, Exit, BPM, Miami Music Week, WMC among many others.Very clean site however it has limited tabs and hidden search bar and navigationRevenueCollaboration with organisations such as Sensation,Tomorrowland, BPM, Miami Music Week and more.Affiliate: Tickets & SoundCloudBroadcasting events 
  • Boiler Room:Professional videos of DJs during a festival or gig with location, hosted on YouTube. Two immediate limitations are a) YouTube videos lack professionalism and associated with free content, and b) only listing DJ performances opening the door for Rock the Richter to fill the gap.Boiler Room lack any affiliate relationship with ticket websites, such as ticketmaster or seetickets, or any other affiliate relationship, presenting a gap at the platform is not all-inclusive.Revenue Sponsorship (RayBan, Red Bull) Affiliate: SoundCloud Merchandise
  • Baeble Music Original. Curated. Now playing. Professional videos of gig and festival performances with rating, no. of views, comments box and recommended videos for you. Focusing on Indie/Alternative music, Rock the Richter outperforms Baeble by covering multi genres.Whilst this site is more inclusive of additional features such as blog posts, album reviews and interviews, the site does not clearly link sections together and consequently becomes a clunky user-journey.Search number 1 on “Watch live music” and “watch concerts”, proving competition for SEO keywordsNo links to tickets or fanpage or official websites.Parts of the website do not work – proven that 60% of users will visit competitor’s website if your site does not function properlyRevenueGoogle Ads (PPC)Sponsorship and advertising (presumably banner & newsletter)Baeble Store for DVDs and downloads
  • iConcertsBelieve. Be live. “A pioneering cross-media entertainment channel dedicated to live music…world's largest library of live music concerts, TV shows and documentaries”App where you can watch your favourite videosTv channel with listings on site: schedule of next few weeks.Search no.6 on “watch live music” proving competition for SEO keywordWebsite is not complete with some functions not working – going back to our point of users visiting competitors sites when unsatisfied with yours.There is little connection linking pages, making the user-journey awkward and inefficient“you are not authorized to access this page” when clicking preview video, maybe because not logged in, but does not specify this or prompt login.No options for tickets or upcoming events, which is where Richter will add flavour.RevenueWatch the preview or purchase the full clip. Need to login to purchase (prompts login).Investment from companiesPartnerships e.g. with smartclipAdvertising on TV channel (limited countries)
  • Following our competitor analysis and reviewing the market research, Rock the Richter notes, and will fill, the following gaps (Talk through points on slide)Nobody grades or stars clips. Rock the Richter not only has the function to encourage user engagement and search filters, but generates it using the Richter rating, unique to our brand.Rock the Richter will reward loyalty to our users like no other before. Highlighting our strong relationship with partners, our Richter points for loyalty can be used towards event tickets.Celebrating the pure sound of live music – Rock the Richter will be the first to provide high quality recordings of festivals and gigs live for all music genres.Bringing back the memories for those that were there and creating memories for those that couldn’t make it.Working with the music business for the same purpose: generating and spreading high-quality music for the wider population. The one stop shop for everyone music-lovers need, with the help of our affiliates.In summary, we are the YouTube of Recordings, like Spotify is the YouTube of Music. Bringing back memories for those who were there, and bringing the concert to those who couldn’t make it.
  • Rock the Richter - Squared Online

    1. 1. Rock the Richter “Bringing Live to you, Worldwide” Presentation by Team Wombat Megan, Sian, Jack, Jamie, Phil & Andy
    2. 2. What is Richter: We bring live music to the people - a disruptive technology bringing live concerts, gigs and club nights via download or streaming to people at home or on the move.
    3. 3. What is Richter: More than just live music: it is an experience - view and listen to recorded live music in HD & MP3 - access LIVE streaming from the biggest gigs - approved content from artists and labels - comment live with others on an interactive timeline - rate performances to create a Richter rating - purchase merchandise - download music - purchase future gig tickets - discover new bands based on listening habits
    4. 4. What is Richter: Live music accessible across any device in any place - online through our website - on mobile through the Richter app - in your living room via the Smart TV app - audio downloads for offline listening
    5. 5. Why Richter exists: Because we don’t like to miss out - There is currently no dedicated online platform for live concert or gig recordings -There are significant issues within the music industry - YouTube provides damage with ripped or poor quality recordings - iTunes & Spotify provide audio only losing the visual experience of the gig - Individuals are being priced or left out of gigs - We want to be the first to know; we want to share our opinions and our experiences socially
    6. 6. The opportunity: 64% of people in the UK said that music was important or very important - People spend over £45 a year on recorded music - Over 19 million people attended a live gig in 2011 - Richter offers both – live broadcasts and recorded live gigs - Those mainly attending gigs are aged 55+ and 18-24 - The average age of those attending gigs is increasing and is currently at 35 - However...
    7. 7. The big opportunity: Those aged between 14-24 are being priced out of the market - A survey by Gigwise for MSN found that 60% of young people (14-24) are unable to go to a festival due to it being unaffordable
    8. 8. Digital is the choice: How 14-24s are engaging: - Listen to music online - Likely to stream music - Prefer digital music - More likely to recommend live music - Use YouTube to find new artists - Connect with artists socially on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
    9. 9. Digital is the choice: But so are 55+: - Silver surfers are the biggest growing demographic - High disposable incomes - Music and live performances are part of their lives
    10. 10. In summary: Two key audiences: We provide live music experiences for those that can’t make it. We provide memories for those that do.
    11. 11. Revenue model: Subscription, advertising & affiliate: - Three pricing tiers: - Free. Listen or watch recorded gigs and concerts for free. In exchange, there are ads (audio and display), listening time is limited, downloads limited & recordings can’t be taken mobile. Live broadcasts unavailable. - Unlimited. £4.99/month. Unlimited listening time no ads during video performance, banner ads only on website. - Download. £/gig. Unlimited listening time, no ads, and the ability to take downloads mobile on other devices.
    12. 12. Revenue model:
    13. 13. Revenue model: Subscription, advertising & affiliate: - Revenue is generated through advertising based on the number of impressions - Great opportunities for brands with options to target age and sex demographic alongside bands and artists - Affiliate revenue made from iTunes and Ticketmaster purchases from the site
    14. 14. Revenue model: Sustainably profitable: - The product quality and deep social integration makes it viral, which brings in the free users - As it gains scale, Richter will gain negotiating leverage with content partners, which should allow it to keep the marginal costs for each new subscriber low - Because subscription revenue is recurring, the business should be sustainably profitable - Proven revenue model as seen by Spotify. Spotify has 24 million users worldwide, a quarter pay for the service.
    15. 15. Competition: Richter is unique – no other website: - Provides suggestions for other bands - Looks at trends, suggestions or offers a rating system - Offers purchase of merchandise - Works alongside affiliates to sell gig tickets
    16. 16. Competition: Competition sucks: Most competition is either: - B2B – the musical community sharing / helping / advertising their gigs - Hard-core fans (i.e. jam-band Phish have some of largest uploads …) - Lacklustre
    17. 17. Competition: - Professional electronic dance music videos (2hours) of artist/band during a festival or gig with location - Very clean site with limited tabs - Artist pages with videos, ticket links, top downloads and Soundcloud clips Revenue - Affiliate: Tickets & SoundCloud - Broadcasting events
    18. 18. Competition: Boiler Room: - Professional videos (45mins) of DJs during a festival or gig with location, hosted on YouTube - Related, Recent & Featured clips Revenue - Sponsorship (RayBan, Red Bull) - Affiliate: SoundCloud - Merchandise
    19. 19. Competition: Baeble Music: - Professional videos (45mins) of artist/band during a festival or gig with rating, location, no. of views, comments, recommended vids. - Sections for artist interviews, blog posts, album reviews - Google Ranking: 1 on “Watch live music” and “watch concerts” Revenue - Google Ads (PPC) - Sponsorship and advertising - Baeble Store (DVDs and downloads)
    20. 20. Competition: iConcerts: - Global entertainment channel with live music and TV channel, news, and supporting app - Google Ranking: 6 for “watch live music” Revenue - Purchase full clip (preview is free) - Investment from companies - Partnerships e.g. with smartclip - Advertising on TV channel (limited countries)
    21. 21. Competition: Opportunities: - Nobody (including YouTube) grades or stars clips; - Build fan loyalty - reward the Quality of ratings - Richter celebrates the pure sound of live music – quality video and sound - Bringing back memories of those that were there; ‘instant’ & ‘old’ - Develop categories to excite users on the content / appeal to the music community - Work with the music business… get them excited to maximise revenue
    22. 22. Marketing: Distribution: - Website - App - SmartTV App - The App will be available to download through app store, Android, Google play and Nokia apps. - Recorded gigs will be available to download through the the website and app.
    23. 23. Marketing: The app: Rock the Richter - The app has a two-fold use. 1. To access the live music services as per the website 2. An immersive connection with offline and digital - Rock the Richter is a gig rating platform like no other - Users rate a concert based on the db - Gigs are then placed into a rating chart based on volume - The rating is completed by raising the phone into the air to capture the noise
    24. 24. Marketing: The app: Rock the Richter - The app should also encourage users at gigs to rate the gig - This will provide a comparable service for offline vs digital - It should also encourage visitors to view gigs based on rating and explore new artists - Fusing offline & digital together should create another audience who are looking to “re-live” the gig
    25. 25. Marketing: Targeting concert-goers -Pop up stand at petrol stations selected for their likely footfall of our target audience on route to festivals - Outline the key features of the app and a QR code taking the user directly to download the app
    26. 26. Marketing: Hair-raising ideas - Placing vending machines on the way to festivals that provide free branded goodies. - All about enhancing the experience. Energy drinks, face paint, dry shampoo, torches. - Dry shampoo would be a good one – sales of dry shampoo at service stations during festival seasons go up 30%!
    27. 27. Marketing: Don’t be a loo-ser - Loo takeovers - Decals stuck to mirrors in toilets - Encouraged to take photos and share their picture on social networks - Hook on to the ‘selfie’ craze
    28. 28. Marketing: Targeting those who can’t make it: - Competitions on Social platforms to win tickets - Print media - Radio & TV advertising - SEO & PPC campaigns for related terms (Beyonce, Creamfields, Take That, Coldplay) - Local gig listing magazines
    29. 29. Marketing: The journey - Promotional festival activity from April to September - Membership voucher push at Christmas - Loyalty scheme, such as a points per view scheme to win tickets to gigs, in place 2 months after acquisition
    30. 30. In conclusion: Enjoy more with Richter:
    31. 31. In conclusion: Richter creates revenue: - Unique online offering - Solid revenue opportunities - Subscription model - Individual gig purchases can be altered to suit popularity - Targeted advertising - Affiliate kickbacks - Easily expandable model - Expandable model into theatre and comedy - Targeted 1,000,000 users with 50,000 subscription & 100,000 individual gig purchases by 2015.
    32. 32. Rock the Richter “Bringing Live to you, Worldwide” Thank You