Cultural imperialism


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Cultural imperialism

  1. 1. Cultural Imperialism and Post Colonialism Imperialism: The policy of extending a nations authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations. Colonialism: The policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas.
  2. 2. Cultural Imperialism Cultural imperialism is the domination of one culture over another. Cultural imperialism can take the form of a general attitude or an active, formal and deliberate policy, including (or resulting from) military action. Economic or technological factors may also play a role.We might say: the cultural products ofthe first world "invade" the third-worldand "conquer" local culture.
  3. 3. Cultural Imperialism and the Media Increasingly the major media players are multinational companies with interests across the globe. This has an important implication for the way Western television and film companies can have an impact on the cultures of developing countries.
  4. 4. Cultural Imperialism and the Media An important function of the media is in winning the support of people to the interests of the dominant classes. Obama receives a native American delegation British photographers in India in the days of the Raj. Zuma visit: Thanks for the show, cultural imperialists!
  5. 5. Cultural Imperialism and the Media The media also constitute a potential tool for control by dominant Western cultures over those of developing countries. The Western way of life and its economic and political systems can be imposed on other societies as its lifestyles are sold through media products such as films and television – cultural imperialism.
  6. 6. Cultural Imperialism and the U.S.The most dominant culture in this is the US. Hollywood is a good exampleof cultural imperialism to the extent that even developed countries likeFrance and the UK go to great lengths to ensure their own film industriesremain strong.Cultural imperialism is, in fact, a very old phenomenon. Forcenturies, countries imposed their cultural values on other nations.Today, as a global economic and political power, the United States isinevitably intruding into the cultures of other countries of the world.Some believe that the Americans spread of culture is beneficial to theentire planet, while others consider this cultural imperialism a threat.
  7. 7. Post colonialism Post colonialism as the name suggests is a theoretical perspective that looks at media and cultural studies in terms of the aftermath of colonialism. Most European countries have a history of military imperialism and indeed at one point Great Britain ruled half the world.TheBritishEmpire
  8. 8. Post colonialismThese countries would conquer less developed countries across the worldand impose their rule on them, usually to ensure a supply of cheapmaterials from that country to help support the development of their ownEuropean economies.Much of the culture of these imperial countries remains today, forexample, look how much French and English are spoken in Africancountries.
  9. 9. Post colonialism The postcolonial argument is that non-Western cultures are represented through Western eyes largely because of the impact of cultural imperialism through the power of Western media. It can be argued, for example, that whenever Islam is represented it is shown through a Western perspective that usually fails to understand the nature and complexity of Islamic belief and culture but instead reduces it to a few stereotypical characteristics. In this way the sense of oppression is just as great as if colonies still existed.
  10. 10. For discussion• How might the James Bond franchise be said to impose cultural imperialism?• Compile a list of other television programmes (especially dramas) and films which could be said to export the Western culture.• How are Western women represented to the world? Is it a positive representation in your view?
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