Collaboration 101 SPSUK 2013


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Collaboration 101 presentation at SPSUK 2013 with Andrew Woodward and Andy Talbot

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  • If you approach your collaboration strategy with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality, your rollout is far more likely to fail. Within an organization, there exist all different types of users that each prefer to work in their own unique ways – some prefer to work in groups, others in silos, some on iPads, others on pen and paper. They also have different needs for the solution – some just need to share files, or manage tasks, or automate processes with workflows
  • Collaboration 101 SPSUK 2013

    1. 1. Collaboration 101 Andrew Woodward & Andy Talbot [v.2.0 – SPSUK 2013]
    2. 2. 2 many Andrews? Andrew Woodward SharePoint Architect | Tummeler | Gamestorming | Visualisation | Lean | Agile | Cooking /andrewwoodward @AndrewWoody
    3. 3. 2 many Andrews? Andy Talbot SharePoint Architect | SUGUK IOM Leader | MCSE: SharePoint | Isle of Man & UK Nomadic ……….arriving 2014 ‘IT Pro vNext’ #ITPROvNext /AndyTalbot @SharePointAndy
    4. 4. Are YOU Collaborating? A Quick Poll! So, who’s already Collaborating?
    5. 5. Time to Talk As a group let’s try to understand: VISION WHY? W H AT ? H OW ?
    6. 6. What SUGUK Cambridge Thought
    7. 7. What SUGUK Midlands Thought
    8. 8. Vision
    9. 9. What does Collaboration mean to YOU? ‘The action of working with someone to produce something’ or ‘Traitorous cooperation with an enemy’? … . S I L LY Q U EST I O N , R I G H T !
    10. 10. What does Collaboration mean to YOU? But seriously, understand what ‘Collaboration’ means to you and your organisation, and tell your customers! …..cos confusion just ain’t pretty!
    11. 11. They walk amongst us!
    12. 12. The 9 Types of Collaborators One size does not fit all (WHAT?!). . SOURCE: Central Desktop
    13. 13. The 9 Types of Collaborators Tell me more? Learning to recognize the different types of collaborators and their reasoning for loving, or hating, collaboration will allow you to help each overcome their biggest barriers or objections. SOURCE: Central Desktop
    14. 14. The 9 Types of Collaborators Am I going blind?! No! We can’t see it either, but before you get new glasses, pop over to and download the full size Infograpic for yourself. SOURCE: Central Desktop
    15. 15. The 9 Types of Collaborators Which type am I? Afraid you might be ‘The Dinosaur’? Of course not, you’re ‘The Expert’, right?! TAKE THE QUIZ! SOURCE: Central Desktop
    16. 16. Encouragement “Collaboration is a result of a culture that encourages it; culture is a sum of the individuals in the group” - Adi Gaskell (@adigaskell)
    17. 17. The ‘C’ Word – C H A N G E ! “Changing behaviours at work requires changing the environment that surrounds people when they’re at work” - Marc D Anderson (@sympmarc)
    18. 18. So what now?....can we KISS?! Oh wait, you mean ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’? W hy p r o m i s e to d e l i v e r 1 0 1 t h i n g s i n 6 m o nt h s , w h e n y o u co u l d t r y 1 0 fe a t u r e s i n 2 - 4 w e e ks ?
    19. 19. KISS Me Baby One More Time? • DON’T get carried away (look what happened to Britney!). • DON’T promise what you can’t deliver. • DO a bit at a time. • DO be humble, don't think of yourself as a super genius. • DO OOTB as much as you can – think ‘do I REALLY need a custom development?’. • DO think ‘I am upgrade ready?’ • DO celebrate each delivery and ……………have some fun man!
    20. 20. How? Approach/Agile
    21. 21. You cannot know it all – you need to collaborate • SharePoint Centre of Excellence • Design Working Group • Information Governance ( We call this SPIG ) • Steering Committees…
    22. 22. SharePoint CoE • See Woody’s deck from SPC12
    23. 23. Governance Excuse me, no more #KillMeNow tweets! Governance is SERIOUS stuff and you can’t afford to not think about it. To put it in context, without adequate governance in place, your Site Collections will probably turn into Shite Collections. Want to know more? Why not try ‘The SharePoint Governance Manifesto’
    24. 24. T-Shaped Skills (SMEs)
    25. 25. A collection of Mr Ts
    26. 26. Influence / Authority Initial Focus Influence Strategy 26 Au Business Requirements & Request Influence Development Teams Authority Solution Acceptance Inf Support
    27. 27. Swiss Cheese Model - We are not alone • Project Governance • Architecture • Information Governance • Release Management • Testing
    28. 28. Hear Me Now! What’s your communication plan?
    29. 29. Communicate Awareness
    30. 30. Do not forget...
    31. 31. Be the best Dinosaur, rewARRRRRRHd! Wanna get your hands on a sexy SharePoint 2013 book? Of course you do! The best Dinosaur Roar wins (no, seriously!) get a
    32. 32. Questions? “Questions are guaranteed in life; answers aren't”
    33. 33. Thanks to our Sponsors