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Tips & tricks your voomly checklist-shortened
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Tips & tricks your voomly checklist-shortened


Published on

A checklist for making your Voomly experience awesome.

A checklist for making your Voomly experience awesome.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Tips & Tricks Your Voomly Checklist
  • 2. You’ve decided that Voomly is awesome andnow it’s time to set up your page.We’ve got you covered. Use our checklist to getthe most from your Voomly experience.1.Complete your profile & photo2.Edit your product & set price3.Write your Welcome Letter4.Promote your page5.Give yourself props for being so awesome
  • 3. Complete your Profile & PhotoThe easy part. Scroll along each of the tabs to ensure all info is accurate.Pro Tip: Don’t leave your photo blank. Even if you don’t want to use an actualphoto of yourself select a picture that “goes” with your offering (for example,a picture of a spatula if you’re offering cooking advice).
  • 4. Edit your Product & Set PriceYour profile should be concise but, in essence, tell your follower why they shouldsubscribe to your Voomly service. What makes you knowledgeable? Experience?Education? Certifications? Be specific.The title should CLEARLY convey your service. Don’t make them guess what you’reoffering.For your description, provide an overview of your service and emphasize what yourfollowers will get out of the deal.
  • 5. Edit your Product & Set Price (Cont.)Your price should take into account the value you bring and how much time youexpect to spend. It will vary highly depending on the advice you offer. Rememberyou can change it at any time.When editing your services provide brief details on what your followers shouldexpect for each particular service. Show them the value.
  • 6. Edit your Product & Set Price (Cont.)Always remember to provide the links to your most active social media pages orwebsites. Try and include a site that goes deeper into your credentials (likeLinkedin).Design your page to be an expression of your personality and your Voomlyservice.If you include a video make sure its 100% relevant, interesting, and persuasive toyour audience.
  • 7. Write your Welcome LetterYour Welcome Letter should express excitement to your followers. It should alsolet them know what to expect from you and any details about your services youneed to provide (ex. if you are out of pocket during a certain time of day, or howquickly to expect an email response).For more on the Welcome Letter, click here.
  • 8. Promote Your Page IF THEY FOLLOW, LET THEM KNOWTime to promote your Voomly! Do it early and often! Anywhere you have afollowing, let them know they can have access to your expertise. Put it in yourprofile and your posts.For more about how to leverage your social media followers click here.
  • 9. Give yourself propsGo ahead…bump it!
  • 10. Summary Complete your profile Edit your product and set price Write your Welcome Letter Promote your page Internet fist bump for being awesome
  • 11. Turn your reputation into revenue