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Tips & tricks social media followers
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Tips & tricks social media followers


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Leverage your social media pages

Leverage your social media pages

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Tips & Tricks Social Media
  • 2. Voomly turn’s your reputation intorevenue.That reputation may already be on oneor more social media platforms. Or itmay not be.Here are some tips on how to usesocial media to promote your Voomlybusiness.
  • 3. Add your Voomly business to your social media profileYour expertise is a part of who you are. Don’t miss the chance toleverage it in your profile(s). Share your experience and expertisewith your friends, followers, and fans.You don’t need to overstate Voomly. Just emphasize your expertiseand talent, and then let your followers clearly know they can haveaccess to it.
  • 4. Find groups that can benefit from your expertiseTake the time to like, follow, or request membership in the socialmedia groups that could benefit from your expertise. Potential followersInstantaneously you can send a message out to dozens or evenhundreds of potential followers of your Voomly business.
  • 5. Searching for groups can be both fun and easyUse groups to your advantage. Leverage membership to add toyour following and influence. Even start one of your own! Type various search keywords into the search bar to find groups that fit your interests/expertise.
  • 6. Promote yourselfPeople won’t know about your Voomly business if you don’t tell them.Either actively inform your followers about their ability to subscribe toprivate Q&A with you…Or put a little something like thisat the end of your posts.*Don’t be obnoxious and make every post or blog you create a sales pitch.
  • 7. Promote yourselfP.S. You don’t have to be a social media butterfly to be successful withVoomly.As a recognized expert you can have a following from any number ofother ways (published books/articles, television, teaching, etc) and useany means you want to promote yourself, including “traditional”methods (snail mail, email, fliers, presentations, etc.). Potential Voomly Client 123 Any Street Anywhere, US 0000
  • 8. Summary Add your Voomly business (link and description) to your social media pages Find and join groups with membership that could benefit from your expertise Promote yourself. Be creative and use posts, messages, pictures, etc.
  • 9. www.voomly.comTurn your reputation into revenue