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Edutxt Glasgow Sept08 Uni Of Bath


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Presentation given at EDUTXT event, 23rd Sept at Cyldebank College

Presentation given at EDUTXT event, 23rd Sept at Cyldebank College

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  • Hi Andy thanks for your presentation at the Edutxt conference. I only had a vague awareness of QR codes before your talk. So did a bit of further reading after it. I'm now hooked on QR codes and can see a lot of potential uses for them. I've written up a short piece on my blog here:

    Thanks :-)
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Texting – Integration for e-Learning Clydebank College, 23 rd Sept 2008 Andy Ramsden Head of e-Learning University of Bath eatbath-present andyramsden Presentation
    • 2. my number 07624 804921
    • 3. So … How is the person next to you using SMS in Teaching, Learning and Administration? Or how do they think they might use it? Tag responses: q1 07624 804921
    • 4. aims
      • Using a simple framework discuss some uses of integrating SMS into e-learning
      • Capture your ideas
    • 5. how the session will run
      • Collaborative learning experience
      • Experiential learning experience
      • Audience participation
    • 6. framework for analysis EduTxt (SMS) only EduTxt (SMS) with other tools e-Admin e-Learning
      • What I think about text communication.
      • always on - in your pocket - simple
      •  character limit – difficult to organising
      Capturing free text in word clouds -------- Hook into discussion boards Sign up for news alerts using QR codes
    • 7. clustering your thoughts EduTxt (SMS) only EduTxt (SMS) with other tools e-Admin e-Learning Note: I asked in Q1 who using / planning to use SMS in T, L & Admin Simulations Student reminders (3 responses), inform students class cancelled (2 responses), contact students, staff safety
    • 8. e-admin – sign up news alerts
      • why posters?
      • why SMS?
      • why QR Codes?
    • 9. the workflow Poster QR Code SMS Text: go-news to … EduTxt Sort into group using keyword. Auto Response with unsubscribe rule: stop-news Monthly SMS includes link to web report using Score 7/10
    • 10. e-learning – word cloud analysis
      • why free text SMS feedback?
      • why word clouds?
    • 11. the workflow Lecture ppt EduTxt Collect & print excel report TagCrowd Remove columns, filter out using stoplist Discuss outcomes Student SMS
    • 12. Lets try How do you share web resources? E-mail, shared document, wiki, blog, bookmark software … Tag responses: q2 07624 804921
    • 13. Outcomes Score 6/10
      • Straight forward to use, if a little time consuming
      • Use on important questions, high cost compared to other face to face approaches
    • 14. Questions and/or similar uses
    • 15. e-learning – hook 2 discussion boards
      • why change the interactions?
    • 16. the workflow Lecture ppt EduTxt Collect, select appropriate and upload to VLE discussion board VLE Discussion Monitor and moderate Student SMS Score 7/10
    • 17. thank you & questions - 07624 804921 Andy Ramsden [email_address] eatbath-present andyramsden Feedback for me … what did you like, what should I stop doing, and how might I improve this session? Tag responses: EDUTEXT