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ThoughtBurst Company overview 11 2 11

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An overview presentation of ThoughtBurst, a strategic business consulting organization with a focus on providing trusted advice to organizations that require help in transforming their......

An overview presentation of ThoughtBurst, a strategic business consulting organization with a focus on providing trusted advice to organizations that require help in transforming their customer-facing operations. We help our clients plan for, execute and manage significant transformation efforts. ThoughtBurst provides expertise in the development of business strategies, in the assessment of customer-facing operations, and in the design, implementation & program management of solutions. Specific domain expertise includes customer experience, contact center, social media response, social CRM, business process design and sales optimization.

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  • 1. Company Overview2/7/11 2011 © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1
  • 2. THOUGHT - the action or process of BURST - a sudden, intense display, asthinking, serious consideration... of activity, energy, or effort...to issuereasoning power...the power to forth suddenly and forcibly, as fromimagine confinement or through an obstacle(SOURCE - Meriam-Webster online) (SOURCE - Dictionary.com) “Actionable ideas that make a real difference now” TM © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2
  • 3. Contents Page # 1. Who we are 4 2. How we help our clients 5 3. Our services 7 1. Strategy and assessment 8 2. Customer experience 9 3. Design and implement 10 4. Management 13 4. Our model 16 5. Our methodology 17 6. Our toolset 19 7. Our differentiators 20 8. Our contact details 21 © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 3
  • 4. Who we are…• A new consulting company which focuses on helping our clients plan for, execute and manage significant transformation efforts, particularly in the area of customer/client related solutions• Incorporated in 2010 and based in Indiana• Access to a large pool of very experienced consultants• Our clients are primarily large organizations in the Financial Services, Technology, Media, Healthcare, Telecommunications and State Government sectors © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 4
  • 5. How we help our clients… • Defining the strategy to take in relation to customers or turning a mission statement into a fully operational and measurable strategy • Responding to a new regulatory or industry change which has an impact across multiple business units or lines of business • Turning a transformation need into a coherent portfolio of projects or initiatives and then successfully implementing that portfolio in a co-ordinated and cost-effective way • Improving the experience that customers have when contacting the company and better differentiating the customer experience based on the customers’ value or other criteria • Improving the consistency across multiple contact channels • Improving individual contact channels and bringing them up to the same level of capability as others • Integrating stand-alone channels with the rest of the enterprise • Rationalizing or better integrating IT systems across multiple business units © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 5
  • 6. How we help our clients… Developing a strategy and Better defining their Business Better defining their social subsequently designing and Process Outsourcing strategy in media presence or responding implementing a cloud-based or providing support in to the increasing volume from CRM call center or enterprise- negotiating and managing social media channels wide IP deployment outsourcers © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 6
  • 7. Our Services Strategy & Assessment Services Design & Implementation Services Cross-Phase Services Customer Facing Transformation Customer Experience Business Requirements & Functional Design Marketing Operations Sales Business Process Design Portfolio Management Program Management Organizational Change Change Management Operations Technology DesignService Areas Contact Assessment Center Strategy Training Operations Face to face Operations Web, Multi-channel & mobile Social CRM/ Social Media Response Business Process Outsourcing Service Offerings 7 © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 8. Our services –strategy and assessment ThoughtBurst can work with you to develop an overall In addition to helping you develop a strategy for an customer operations strategy, a customer experience element of, or all aspects of your customer-facing strategy, or a strategy for any one of the pillars of CRM operations, ThoughtBurst can undertake operational such as : assessments in any one of these areas. • CRM strategy • Customer experience Whether it be strategy OR assessment work, we focus • Contact center operations on bothnear-term results and long-term sustainability. • Sales operations All of our recommendations will be actionable, based • Web, multi-channel, mobile on experience, have a realistic balance between • Social media response • Face-to-face operations innovation and proven approaches and be focused on • Business process outsourcing results. “He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator.” ...Francis Bacon (Essays, II, On Innovation) © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 8
  • 9. Our services – customer experience ThoughtBurst can support your implementation of the customer experience strategy by designing the treatments different customers or groups of customers will receive by interaction channel.Subsequently, we can help you implement that strategy acrossa specific, multiple, or all of those interaction channels. We can design and implement decision-engine and knowledge management technologies to customize the interaction with each of your customers, provide the right solutions to a problem or target the right customers at the point of interaction with appropriate offers. “The customer’s perception is your reality.” …Kate Zabriskie © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 9
  • 10. Our services – design & implementation Business Web & mobile self processes service Business Social media requirements response Operations Business & technical management architecture “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” ...Paul J. Meyer © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 10
  • 11. Our services – design & implementation Business processes Business requirements Operations management Operations management• Customer-related business • Business requirements • Process design, solution design process analysis, design & re- gathering and functional & business requirements to engineering design for packaged, SaaS support operations• Operational processes across and custom operational management & performance the full lifecycle: improvement, including: systems, including: – sales management, – sales and acquisition of new – contact center agent desktop compensation and reporting clients/customers applications, – workforce management – service in the contact or service – sales effectiveness solutions, – quality assurance and call center – business process management recording – processes related to other (BPM) – Speech analytics interaction channels such as – call routing, IVR and – performance management and web, mobile, branch, local – knowledge management & balanced scorecard office, social media decision tools development • Requirements and design for operational system interfaces © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 11
  • 12. Our services – design & implementation Web & mobile self service Social media response Business & technical architecture Operations management• Design and implementation of • Analysis/design of social media • Future-state business, web changes, including a move response solutions, processes technical and application to Web 2.0 and tools such as social media architectures to support• Enhancement or introduction of analytics, response engines & customer-facing operations. new mobile and device social CRM • Component modeling to channels • Rules for social media support SOA-based• Integration with chat response, which take into architectures collaboration and telephony account: • Premise-based logical and – the impact, importance, and• Improvement to usability urgency of each “post” or physical architectures functionality, navigation, brand “thread” to the overall customer • Integration architectures to experience, operations and effectiveness, channel brand support a cloud-based hosted adoption, strategic positioning – the value and “influence” of the implementation. and web process flow customer, to the organization and brand • Integration to BPM and call routing © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 12
  • 13. Our services – cross-phase Program Organizational design management Portfolio Training management Change Process outsourcing management support ”Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.”... Glenda Cloud © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 13
  • 14. Our services – cross-phase Program management Portfolio management Change management Operations management• Program management and • Specialized support in the • Development of change Program Management Office definition and implementation management strategies support for large integrated of complex multi-workstream covering areas such as: programs, including: programs, with complex intra- – stakeholder analysis – planning & co-ordination company, inter-company and management – monitoring & tracking extra-company stakeholders – communications approach, – issue management and drivers mechanism and messaging – scope and change control, • The co-ordination and – cultural and emotional aspects – risk & dependency integration of those of the change management • Implementation of change workstreams between – budget and financial tracking organizations and departments management strategies and control – sub-contractor and vendor activity and contract management © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 14
  • 15. Our services – cross-phase Organizational design Training Process outsourcing support Operations management• Organizational design of • Development and • Outsourcing and right-shoring customer-facing operations, implementation of training strategy and assessment including areas such as: strategies • Outsourcer criteria – overall governance of call center, • Development of training development & selection sales, face-to-face and web operations modules and materials for: • Contract negotiation – facilities and organizational – self-paced electronic training • Metrics and measures consolidation – auto-delivered “needs-based” development – centralized versus decentralized training. – remote webcast training • Outsourcer process re-design models, – shared services models – face-to-face instructor-led • Management of outsourcing – customer data and content training. partners on your behalf – outsourcing governance • Training delivery (or train-the-• Support in the implementation of trainer) for remote webcast the design, including planning, training and face-to-face HR considerations, change instructor-led training management, & training © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 15
  • 16. Our model ThoughtBurst’s consultants have significant industry and proven consulting experience together with a deep understanding of our service offerings. We look for the following in our consultants: • Innovation and thought leadership, • Deep skills AND experience in our core offering areas • The ability to balance innovation and trusted approaches to deliver optimal solutions • Client focus • Previous proven consulting experience • Integrity • Efficient and effective working practices We have an innovative leveraged staffing model, which enables us to supplement our own consultants with additional senior, experienced individuals with considerable expertise in customer strategy, customer experience and in designing and implementing customer-facing solutions. Between ThoughtBursts’ own and these “virtual” consultants, we has access to close to 500 years of experience in the customer-facing operations, process and systems areas. “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” ...Galileo © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 16
  • 17. Our methodology TM ThoughtBurst has developed a leading-edge methodology (C-SOARTM) for undertaking customer strategies and assessments and for helping create and implement transformation program roadmaps. C-SOARTM evaluates the customer-facing operations for its’ effectiveness, efficiency and differentiation from competitors using benchmarking results, capability modeling, mystery shopping and client experience focus groups. This methodology builds upon ThoughtBursts’ considerable experience in this space. The use of the methodology drives a degree of consistency in the way in which our consultants undertake engagements, leaving them to primarily focus their energies on bringing their experience to bear in the delivery of value-add content and driving results rather than on the process of the engagement. “The only source of knowledge is experience” ...Albert Einstein © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 17
  • 18. Our methodologyThoughtBurst has developed aleading-edge methodology – CustomerStrategy, Operations Assessment &Re-alignment (C-SOAR™) forsupporting customer-facing consultingengagements.The methodology incorporates:• Strategy & Assessment (S&A) - A comprehensive engagement model for Strategy/Assessment projects backed by a set of maturity, benchmark and metrics driven models• Analyze, Design, Develop, Deploy (A3D) - An implementation model for customer-facing projects, including sets of standard initiatives and architectures which can be customized as appropriate for the client• A comprehensive application toolset used by our consultants during an engagement which fully supports the methodology “Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.” ...Galileo © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 18
  • 19. Our toolsetThis tool enables ourconsultants to captureengagement specificfindings consistently andfacilitates the more rapidcollation/synthesis of thatinformation.Consultants are thereforefreed up to focus theirenergies on using theirexperience and skills toanalyze the information andcome up withrecommendations that drivereal results faster. “Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found." ...James Russell Lowell © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 19
  • 20. Our differentiators • Trusted advice from experienced people- All core consultants have a minimum of 5 years in industry AND 5 years of consultancy experience. • Near-term results and long-term sustainability- All recommendations will be actionable, based on experience and be focused on near-term results and longer-term goals - “Actionable ideas that make a real difference now” TM • We develop workable strategies, we make strategies work- So often a great strategy has poor implementation or technology is implemented without a clear goal. ThoughtBurst helps you avoid this gap through our experience, expertise and specialized C-SOARTM methodology. Alignment of operations to support a strategy is critical to the success of any transformation. • Easy to do business with - This includes contracting, resourcing and commercial arrangements • Openness and trust at all times- Integrity and trust is our mantra, not a marketing afterthought • Relentless client focus- We focus on delivering the best solution for each client, not on selling product or force-fitting solutions • Innovative methods and tools- We believe that methods and tools should support, not replace consultants, leaving our people to focus on value-add ideas and client specific innovations ”However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. “ ...Winston Churchill © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 20
  • 21. Our contact details Contact us: • +1-855-TBURST1 (+1-855-828-7781) or on +1-317-550- 0213support@thoughtburstinc.com • Online at www.thoughtburstinc.com Follow us: • LinkedIn – Thoughtburst, Inc • Twitter - Thoughtburst1 • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ThoughtBu rst/163385687019017 • YouTube Channel - Thoughtburstinc © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved 21
  • 22. “Actionable ideas that make a real difference now” TM © 2011 ThoughtBurst, Inc. All Rights Reserved2/7/11 22