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Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals
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Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals


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A presentation to the Golf Club Managers Association on the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] and some of the key tools they can use to better understand the performance of their …

A presentation to the Golf Club Managers Association on the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] and some of the key tools they can use to better understand the performance of their website in the search results

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Search Engine Optimisation traffic to your websiteSlides available from 1 1
  • 2. Search Engine Optimisation Download Slides from Slides Available from available from 2 2
  • 3. Search Engine Optimisation 3Slides available from 3
  • 4. Search Engine OptimisationSo Andy –Are you going to tell ushow to get to 1in Google 4Slides available from 4
  • 5. Search Engine Optimisation• Introduction• Why SEO• Search Engine Optimisation• Other Google Territory• Close 5Slides available from 5
  • 6. Search Engine Optimisation I don’t think my How do I get website’s more people to working for visit my website? me, what can I do? 6Slides available from 6
  • 7. Search Engine Optimisation How is your website performing right now? I don’t think my website’s working for me, what can I do? 7Slides available from 7
  • 8. Search Engine Optimisation Everything on the internet can be measured You just have to know how If it can’t be measured – it’s probably not worth doing 8Slides available from 8
  • 9. Search Engine OptimisationWebsite performance – what you need to know• How many visitors does your site attract?• What do they do whilst they are there – How many pages do they look at? – How long do they spend on the site? – How does this compare against the targets set for the site? – How many conversions occur? • Sales • Email contact • Subscription • Calls 9Slides available from 9
  • 10. Search Engine OptimisationAnalytics – 10Slides available from 10
  • 11. Search Engine OptimisationWebmaster – 11Slides available from 11
  • 12. Search Engine Optimisation Lots of visitors but not many enquiries? How do I get more people to Let’s look at your site visit my website? 12Slides available from 12
  • 13. Search Engine Optimisation Is your site ready? Do the pages open quickly? Is it easy to navigate? Loaded with compelling and relevant content? 13Slides available from 13
  • 14. Search Engine OptimisationDoes it Grab the Attention? A– Grab their ATTENTION I– Generate an INTEREST D– Build the DESIRE A– Promote the ACTION 14Slides available from 14
  • 15. Search Engine Optimisation Great conversion % - then let’s look building visitor numbers 15Slides available from 15
  • 16. Search Engine Optimisation traffic to your websiteSlides available from 16 16
  • 17. Search Engine Optimisation 17Slides available from 17
  • 18. Search Engine OptimisationWhat IS SEO – and what’s all the fuss about? 18Slides available from 18
  • 19. Search Engine OptimisationWhat IS SEO – and what’s all the fuss about? SEO is the art and science of making a web site “Search Engine Friendly” in order to move theAndy Poulton site higher in the Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs] without loosing site of the intended target audience 19Slides available from 19
  • 20. Search Engine OptimisationThe Problem 20Slides available from 20
  • 21. Search Engine Optimisation 21Slides available from 21
  • 22. Search Engine Optimisation 83% of web users use Search Engines 95% use Google 50% of users go beyond page 1 10% of users venture past page 2 22Slides available from 22
  • 23. Search Engine OptimisationThe Solution 23Slides available from 23
  • 24. Search Engine OptimisationWhat’s the big secret? Do the right things right There Isn’t one! and get the right results 24Slides available from 24
  • 25. Search Engine OptimisationAre you registered? 25Slides available from 25
  • 26. Search Engine Optimisation 26Slides available from 26
  • 27. Search Engine OptimisationHow do Search Engines Work?• Search Engines use Robots to Spider sites• Search Engines rank web sites against own unique criteria• Sites can be optimised if criteria understood• These criteria are NOT fixed ! 27Slides available from 27
  • 28. Search Engine Optimisation Ask 4% Bing 10% Yahoo Google 1 2 12% 72% 3 4 28Slides available from 28
  • 29. Search Engine Optimisation Probably the most important content on your web site 29Slides available from 29
  • 30. Search Engine OptimisationChoosing Keywords• Think like a customer• Think laterally• Brainstorm Keywords• Ask everyone – Search using your keywords and see what appears• Use the free Google keyword tool 30Slides available from 30
  • 31. Search Engine Optimisation 31Slides available from 31
  • 32. Search Engine Optimisation Where do they go? 32Slides available from 32
  • 33. Search Engine OptimisationWhere to place KeywordsHTML Title• about 80 characters• 3 or 4 keywords• Make each page title relevant to each particular page 33Slides available from 33
  • 34. Search Engine Optimisation 34Slides available from 34
  • 35. Search Engine OptimisationMeta Description Tag – Limit to around 150 characters – Use on every page – Customise for each page 35Slides available from 35
  • 36. Search Engine OptimisationAlternative Attribute – aka Alt Tag – Every Image needs one – Build Keyword Count – Comply with Disability Discrimination Act - Accessibility 36Slides available from 36
  • 37. Search Engine OptimisationName files with keywordsHTML page name – Images non-executive-director.jpg• Use keywords for Text Links [Anchor Text] Non Executive Directors 37Slides available from 37
  • 38. Search Engine Optimisation Header Tags <H1> </H1> A Highlighter for the Search Engines 38Slides available from 38
  • 39. Search Engine OptimisationWhere the Keywords go – A Summary• Page Content• HTML Page Title• Meta Page Description• File / Image Names• ALT Attributes• Header Tags• Navigation Link Anchor Text• URLs 39Slides available from 39
  • 40. Search Engine OptimisationWhat Else Counts?Backlinks 40Slides available from 40
  • 41. Search Engine OptimisationWhat Else Counts? 41Slides available from 41
  • 42. Search Engine OptimisationWhat Else Counts?Google will measure your site based on “relevance”• The number of times it is clicked in a search• Where is the site hosted?• How fast do the pages open? 42Slides available from 42
  • 43. Search Engine OptimisationWhat Else Counts?Domain Name• Does it include any Keywords?• How long ago was it registered• How long is it registered for? 43Slides available from 43
  • 44. Search Engine Optimisation Remember Your web site is for your CLIENTS not the search engines 44Slides available from 44
  • 45. Search Engine OptimisationGet Found - Google Base available from 45 45
  • 46. Search Engine OptimisationGet Found - Google Local 46Slides available from 46
  • 47. Search Engine Optimisation Get Found - Google 47 Slides available from 47
  • 48. Search Engine OptimisationWhat’s Next? • Critically assess your site • Research keywords thoroughly • Ensure your keywords are in the right places • Monitor performance Google Webmaster Tools Google Analytics • Continually monitor your site’s ranking and make improvements where possible 48Slides available from 48
  • 49. Search Engine OptimisationAndy PoultonM: 07966 547146 andypoulton andypoulton Delivering traffic to your websiteSlides available from 49 49