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How Social Has Changed the Way we Work
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How Social Has Changed the Way we Work


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My talk for media140's event at Social Media Week London 2011 - discussing how IBM has embraced social technologies as a form of internal and external communication.

My talk for media140's event at Social Media Week London 2011 - discussing how IBM has embraced social technologies as a form of internal and external communication.

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  • 1. How “social” has changed theway we work Andy Piper
  • 2. • A bit about IBM• Changing behaviours• A personal journey• Guidelines and lessons • Questions
  • 3. 1a. IBM Backstory
  • 4.
  • 5. Advice from a colleague:“Get an office and home PC. UsePROFS (the internal messagingsystem); your predecessor didn’tand it showed.”From his first company-wide email:“It wasn’t long after I arrived that Idiscovered on my office PC thatPROFS mail is an important vehicleof communication within IBM.Thanks to all who sent greetings,best wishes, suggestions, andadvice.”
  • 6.
  • 7. Diversity: culture,technology, expertise,background, interests
  • 8. 1b. What is social?
  • 9. Humans are social
  • 10. Humans are social
  • 11. Humans want to communicate
  • 12. Humans want to communicate
  • 13. Humans want to communicate
  • 14. Humans want to communicate
  • 15. Everything online is now social...
  • 16. Once they join theworkforce… business willmagically be social… right?
  • 17. “Email is where knowledge goes to die.” Luis Suarez IBM
  • 18. Big Cheese A big Co Department ZVP 1 VP 2Name Name EXEC 1 EXEC 2 Name Name MINOR 2NDARY FROMAGE FROMAGE
  • 19. 2. Social canmake individuals“work smarter”
  • 20. How did my world get smaller?
  • 21. Profile picture Recommend
  • 22. Some of the tools...! Lotus Connections ! Profiles (a social network) ! Blogs ! Bookmarks/Dogear ! Activities (for leading a project) ! Communities ! Wikis ! Files (document sharing)! Sametime Unyte – eMeetings! SocialBlue (like Facebook)! Microblogging ! Connections ! Twitter ! Bluetwit
  • 23. Networks,microbrands, & guerilla marketing
  • 24.
  • 25. 3. Trust, education, guidelines
  • 26. EmpowerEducateTrustYour people areyour brand “Use social media as a means to expose IBMs experts - and expertise - to the world” (Adam Christensen, IBM Social Media Communications)
  • 27. “It should come as no surprise to anybodythat IBMers are active in social media. Infact, we have, I believe, the single largestcommunity of employees active in socialmedia anywhere on earth. However, to thecasual observer, it can be difficult to reallygrasp our unique approach due to ouremployee-led, intentionally decentralizedmodel for participation…”
  • 28. Spring 2005
  • 29. Spring 2005 May 2008
  • 30. Summary: • Follow the BCGs • Take personal responsibility • Include a disclaimer • Don’t cite clients guidelines.html • Don’t comment on rumour EU + FTC rules! • Don’t pick fights
  • 31. Demonstrating business results Success stories How-tosTips, training, tutorials “reverse mentoring”
  • 32. • Consider transparency• Be ready to blur the boundaries• Trust a more social, technology- savvy workforce
  • 33. Connect I’m an IBMerLet’s build a Smarter Planet