Cloud East 2013 - Open Source Clouds
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Cloud East 2013 - Open Source Clouds



How Open Source will win in Cloud Computing platforms - talk given at Cloud East, Cambridge, May 24th 2013

How Open Source will win in Cloud Computing platforms - talk given at Cloud East, Cambridge, May 24th 2013



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    Cloud East 2013 - Open Source Clouds Cloud East 2013 - Open Source Clouds Presentation Transcript

    • Breaking throughthe cloudsAndy Piper@andypiper
    • Happy Geek Pride Day! (where day ~= date + 1)
    • Hello I’m Andy
    • a few things about meDeveloper Advocate @ Cloud Foundrysocial web enthusiastmaker, educator, LEGO fanOSS contributorEclipse Project Lead (Paho / MQTT)excited by “what’s next”, Internet of Things,
    • Developer Advocate? hell yeah!
    • 3 themes to consideropenness, cloud computing,and where they intersect
    • 1. Why be / do / think Open?2. What about Cloud?3. Why is an Open Cloud Platform important?
    • 1. Why be / do / think Open?
    • An important year in software1991Hello everybody outthere using minix -I’m doing a (free)operating system(just a hobby,won’t be big andprofessional likegnu) for 386(486)AT clones.From:&torvalds@klaava.Helsinki.FINewsgroups:&comp.os.minixDate:&25&Aug&91&20:57:08&GMTOrganization:&University&of&Helsinki
    • ~21 years later: Linux has won
    • Linux runs everywhere(even old versions, on crashyairline entertainment systems...)#P0WN ALLTEHGADGETZ !
    • It runs on Windows Azure! Jun 2012, w. Canonical
    • The Penguin istriumphant!(maybe not this one…)
    • Linux is ubiquitous(but often invisible)
    • It works.
    • 2. What about Cloud?
    • What the heck is“The Cloud”?Citrix study (1,006 person survey)29% an actual cloud51% believe affectedby weather54% say they neveruse (but 95% turn outto do so)20% pretend to know...16% know it meanscomputer services68% say it’s good,when explained...
    • 3 layers IaaS, PaaS, SaaSInfrastructurePlatformSoftwareGmail, Salesforce,Flickr, Google Docs...Amazon EC2, Google CE,OpenStack, vSphere,Joyent, Rackspace, CloudStack, Eucalyptus...Google AppEngine,Heroku, Cloud Foundry,EngineYard, OpenShift,Azure, Apprenda...
    • How did we get here?
    • Infrastructure Clouds- consumer web companies built out according totheir own needs to support Software
    • But - still need to build& manage Platform
    • Google AppEngine,Heroku, Cloud Foundry,OpenShift, Stackato,Cloudbees, AppFog,Amazon Elastic Beanstalk,Apprenda...
    • Why is it so hard...? A real deployment flow (!)
    • An alternative approach...Cloud Foundry canmake it simpler!deploy<mycloud>target<mycloud>push<myapp>bind<myservices>scale<myapp>+100add_capacity<mycloud>
    • (pause)
    • 3. Why is an Open Cloud Platform important?
    • Platform risk: lock-inWelcome to the Hotel CaliforniaSuch a lovely placeSuch a lovely facePlenty of room at the Hotel CaliforniaAny time of year, you can find it hereLast thing I remember, I wasRunning for the doorI had to find the passage backTo the place I was before‘Relax,’ said the night man,‘We are programmed to receive.You can checkout any time you like,But you can never leave!’
    • Cloud Foundry - the Open PaaSOpen SourceMicro&CloudsPrivate&CloudsPublic&CloudsCUSTOMSERVICESCUSTOMRUNTIMES
    • Architectural view
    • All about ChoicePrivateCloudsPublicCloudsMicroCloudsBuild your own,buy from Pivotal, or run acompatible private versionRun in a local virtualmachine with identicalservices and runtimes(MCF, Vagrant)Run on cloudfoundry.comor any Cloud Foundry-powered PaaS
    • All the pieces to makeyour own!“if you can’t open it, youdon’t own it” (O’Reilly MAKE)
    • Open & public from the start Code all on Github
    • Not all PaaSes arecreated equal...Run on: AWS, OpenStack,vSphere... more to come!
    • Open Source… FTW! extensible and flexible
    • Open Source… FTW! extensible and flexible
    • former CTO, VMware, 11 April 2012Steve Herrod“We really areaspiring for thisto be the Linuxof the cloud.”
    • Learning how to be open What is Pivotal?
    • Pivotal’s Cloud vision:Open by DefaultCloud Fabric is OSS
    • multi-OS, multi-IaaS, multi-language... multi-cloudPartners continue to buildnew tools and integrations
    • All about the ecosystem
    • “Let a thousand <open>clouds bloom”
    • 4. Where are we, 18 months on?
    • Build-it-yourselfuse Vagrant to run a localinstance for testing
    • Join us!... a pull request is all ittakes!
    • Connect
    • Image credits• Cloud cover slide• Star Wars Cookies Pride Day, May 25 -• Happy Tux• Signpost• Other images are author’s own, or royalty-free and CC-licensed worksfrom Wikimedia Commons• Build your own Heroku video