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Beyond the Portal: What is WebSphere?
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Beyond the Portal: What is WebSphere?


An overview of the WebSphere platform, family, goals and vision, delivered to the Social Connections user group in London on July 4th 2011

An overview of the WebSphere platform, family, goals and vision, delivered to the Social Connections user group in London on July 4th 2011

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Andy Piper, WebSphere Messaging Community LeadWebSphere - for a Smarter Planet © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 2.  Smarter Planet - the Context  The story of WebSphere  WebSphere Family evolution and direction2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 3. IBM Hursley Laboratory2800 professionals on site – 1400 DevelopersLargest IBM software development laboratory in Europe53 years of innovation3 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 4. Key technologies ■ CICS ■ Storage ■ Java J9 ■ Master Data Management ■ WebSphere Connectivity and Integration: –WebSphere MQ family and Broker –WebSphere ESB –WebSphere Service Registry and Repository –Cast Iron4 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 5. 5 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 6. IBM Presentation Template Full VersionContext © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 7. An Internet of Things Many smart devices instrument the world Interconnecting these smart devices creates a Central Nervous System7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 8. Our world is becoming vastly more complex 33 billion 534 billion RFID tags embedded into Dollars (forecast) in mobile our world transactions by 2015 70% 1 trillion Of businesses outsource Devices connected to the one or more strategic Internet by 2013 activities 85% 50% Of businesses plan to adoptOf enterprises use external more collaborative sourcing cloud services models8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 9. With comprehensive connectivity & integrationFlexible integration End-to-end visibilityacross internal into businessoperations, hybrid transactions acrossenvironments and the multi-enterpriseextended value chains digital value chain Rapid change and exception management of business and technical resources within9 and beyond the enterprise © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 10. IBM Presentation Template Full VersionWebSphere Family evolution © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 11. 11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 12. 12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 13. WebSphere has evolved to meet thedemands of business agility 2010+ Integrated platform to accelerate client success 7000+ SOA customers 5000+ BPM customers 7400+ partners ~3-5 Years Ago SOA is Born BPM is Born ~12 Years Ago Transaction Processing for the Web WebSphere Application Server is Born 15 Years Ago Messaging MQ is Born 40 Years Ago Transaction Processing CICS is Born13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 14. Lessons learned on the path... ● Open standards are a strong foundation ● One size does not fit all - variety of products implementing ESB pattern, service metadata management & other facets ● Things get easier - years of experience in implementing SOA result in better understanding and support of common patterns ● Things get more dynamic - towards a patterns-inspired declarative programming model via policy decorations and SLAs ● Connectivity and integration need (the right level of) governance - dynamic programming models need governance counter-balance (control who can affect what kind of change) ● Towards ubiquitous Connectivity - within business units, across the enterprise, between enterprises and into Clouds14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 15. Acquisitions and organic growth BPM and SOA Foundation Organic innovation ➔ Role Based User Interfaces ➔ Process Collaboration Process Automation ➔ Cloud CrossWorlds Jan 2002 & Integration ➔ Virtualization Holosofx Process Modeling ➔ Governance Sept 2002 & Optimization ➔ Scalability Dynamic Business Webify Services ➔ Process Choreography Aug 2006 Enterprise Content ➔ SOA FileNet Oct 2006 Management ➔ Application Server DataPower SOA Appliances ➔ Enterprise Integration October 2005 Business Intelligence & ➔ Messaging Cognos Performance Management Jan 2008 AptSoft Business Event Processing Jan 2008 ILOG Business Rule Management Jan 2009 Strategic acquisitions Lombardi Jan 2010 Business User Tools Cloud Integration Cast Iron May 2010 B2B Sterling Commerce May 2010 Marketing Coremetrics Optimization June 2010 15 © 2011 IBM Corporation15
  • 16. A rich portfolio of capabilities Connectivity & Integration B2B Integration Messaging and Integration Foundation Cloud Integration B2B Cloud Services Public Cloud Private Cloud Integration Integration Enterprise Service Bus B2B Gateway Managed File Transfer Message-oriented Middleware B2B Process B2B Managed File A2A Managed File Applications Transfer Transfer Transformation Engines Visibility Governance and Community Management Security, Integrity, Reliability Methodologies and Expertise16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 17. http://www.ibm.com/ibm100/us/en/icons/websphere/17 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 18. Thank you!Contact: Andy Piper @andypiper © 2009 IBM Corporation