L4 torquay ap 2013


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L4 torquay ap 2013

  1. 1. Coastalisation Investigating the growth of a crowded coast in the UK - Torbay
  2. 2. Memory game • From the video that was playing as you came in, can you brainstorm with the person next to you, what attractions you could see that would encourage tourists to come to this coastal area. LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay
  3. 3. Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay • Torbay is in South Devon – you will visit this area on your fieldtrip… • Torbay is made up of three towns, Torquay, Paignton and Brixham • Torbay has a population of 134,000 – Torquay 60,000 • The local economy is heavily reliant on tourism • With over 40% of the workforce employed in the tourist industry • £3.8 million was spent by domestic tourists alone in 2005 LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay
  4. 4. Why did Torquay grow as a coastal resort? LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay
  5. 5. TASK: Copy out the table below, cut out the cards and then stick them into the appropriate place on your table. Environmental factors Economic factors Social factors Who decides???? LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay
  6. 6. Natural Economic Social WHO decides? Mild climate – faces east 1848 Great Western Railway promoted area as the English Riviera. Victorians promoted it as a place for sick to visit. No industrial air pollution in Torquay unlike the cities. Great Western Railway Sheltered – faces east Railways opened up for middle classes, affordable. Fashionable – sign of wealth. Local Authority / Mayor 1 degree warmer than Exeter Tourists Sea – sandy beach Local Business / land owners LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay
  7. 7. Can you add anything else….. Click here...
  8. 8. Where does Torquay fit on the Butler Model? Butlers Model: • Small village, local industry such as fishing, good climate, sheltered harbour, • Expanding Tourism. Shift from primary to tourism • Intensive Tourism. Tourism dominant function. Torquay now got Living Coast – flagship project. Harbour waterfront regenerated fort tourists. • Where Torquay is now. • NOW: option to continue to be profitable and successful or could crash and loose its popularity. • In order to keep popular with tourists, Torquay needs to attract people away from cheap flights abroad. LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay
  9. 9. Task Produce a poster using the information from this lesson and your own research to explain why Torquay has experienced such rapid growth – coastalisation. • Investigate why Torquay has grown and chart the changes in their population and popularity over time. • Human and physical reasons why Torquay has grown. • Include a section on the general growth of UK seaside resorts and relate to the growth of Torquay. • Include a sketch map of the area. LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay
  10. 10. Why has Toquay’s population grown exponentially? FACES EAST 1848 Great Western Railway promoted area as the English Riviera. LO: Coastalisation Case Study - Torquay