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Camp edwards field day
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Camp edwards field day

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  • 1. Babson Veterans Field Day Information Session On May 4th, be 1 of 42 brave graduate students to overcome individual and Conquer the team obstacles at Camp Edwards. “Tough One” Information session will be held on Thursday, April 5th 5:00pm - 5:30pm in Olin 220 Lead a Team toImprovise, Adapt, and Overcome
  • 2. Purpose• Enhance confidence in mental and physical abilities while cultivating personal courage.• Work in a team-oriented environment.• Enhance leadershipwhile working in an unfamiliar environment.• Have fun.
  • 3. Schedule• 0745- Meet at Olin Hall• 0800- Depart to Camp Edwards (Cape Cod)• 0930- Arrive at Camp Edwards• 1000- Execution of the “Obstacle Course”• 1200- MRE Lunch• 1300- LRC• 1600- Depart to Babson• 1730- Arrive at Babson
  • 4. The Tough One Climb up the rope.
  • 5. The Tough OneClimb up the “A-frame” ladder.
  • 6. The Tough OneGo over the horizontal log and climb down the cargo net.
  • 7. The WeaverGo over the blue, and under the yellow.
  • 8. High Step OverStep over each bar, without using your hands.
  • 9. Low Belly OverJump from the low log to the high log and roll over the high log.
  • 10. Belly CrawlCrawl through the sand under the wire.
  • 11. Inclining WallJump, grab the top of the wall, and pull yourself over.
  • 12. Confidence ClimbClimb the vertical ladder.
  • 13. Swing, Stop & JumpSwing on the rope to land on the log.
  • 14. Six VaultsVault over each log using one or both hands.
  • 15. Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)
  • 16. Leadership Reaction Course A few of the 17 lanes.
  • 17. Gear list• Long, loose fitting pants.• Long sleeve shirt.• Athletic shoes.• Change of clothes incase you get wet.• Source of water.• Recommend bringing snacks to supplement meal.
  • 18. Administrative notes• May require accurate roster up to 21 days in advance.• This does cost money, if you sign up, show up.• Transportation• All are required to sign a waiver.• All need to bring medical insurance card.• All are required to bring Gov’t issue ID and student ID.• International students are required to bring passport.