Empathy training


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  • The first slide is inaccurate. Listening is not empathy. Empathy is the ability to feel what another person is feeling and understand them.
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Empathy training

  1. 1. Empathy Trainingwww.naturalinsightcoaching.com Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com
  2. 2. What is Empathy?• Really listening to another person is empathy.• Getting into the skin of another person. Understanding their world view, their perspectives, their challenges and joys.• More than just sympathy, it’s the quality which understands the needs of others. How the feelings of others impacts their perceptions. Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com
  3. 3. Why is it important?• Empathy has always been important: relationships with business colleagues, family and friends cease to be functional when we cease to ‘feel with’ them.• As the world becomes increasingly connected the old structures are shifting. A collaboration based, peer to peer society is emerging in which we can no longer escape the consequences that our words and deeds have on others. Empathy is vital in such a social environment.• “Empathy will be like literacy was in the 1300s. Without it, one will be marginalized and unable to function professionally.” Bill Drayton, Social Entrepreneur Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com
  4. 4. How do we develop Empathy?There are a number of ways:• Learning to listen• Tuning into non-verbal communication• Being fully present to another• Putting yourself ‘in the shoes’ of the other person• Understanding the relationship between needs and emotions• Learning to take on different perspectives• Understanding the equality of self and other Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com
  5. 5. What does Empathy Training consist of?• Firstly a mind that is preoccupied, stressed and overburdened cannot be available to open up to the concerns of others. To remedy this simple meditation techniques and stress- management tips for heated situations are given.• In-session listening practices.• Learning how to shift perspectives and embody someone else’s point of view so us to understand their needs and worldview. Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com
  6. 6. What does Empathy Training consist of? (continued)• Developing Emotional Intelligence through explanations and exercises to understand the relationship between people’s emotions and needs.• Reflections that help develop appreciation, gratitude and understanding towards others.• Homework so that the above practices become effective and integrated into daily life situations. Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com
  7. 7. Sounds hard? Well, changing our habits isn’t always easy but the benefits of empathy training are great.With a little commitment here’s a few of the outcomes youcan experience:• Opening up to others means being less focussed on oneself which means more being relaxed.• Understanding new perspectives helps us to put our problems into perspective.• Increased empathy creates increased trust• Better business, family and social relationships Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com
  8. 8. If you’d like to find out more… Contact Andy Paice – Life Coach and Facilitator andy@naturalinsightcoaching.com www.naturalinsightcoaching.com Warmest regards, Andy Empathy Training - www.naturalinsightcoaching.com