Moonlight Mystery by Julia Corazon Oreta


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Julia (7 yrs old) wrote her 2nd pony story during her summer break. Her story is about a pony named Moonlight who got lost in a scary forest.

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Moonlight Mystery by Julia Corazon Oreta

  1. 1. Moonlight Mystery by Julia Corazon S. Oreta June 4, 2012
  2. 2. The PoniesMoonlight, the ponywith stripes Snowflake, the pony with snowflake spots Sunfall, the white pony with round spots Snowfall, a white pony with grey mane
  3. 3. Moonlight got lost! But May,John and Marie were not awareof that. Will they ever find him? Or will he be lost forever? A mystery?
  4. 4.  May and Marie and John were sleeping. Moonlight whined. “Go to sleep Moonlight,” said John. “Yeah!” yawned May. Snowflake whined too. “We want to sleep, Moonlight,” said May. Everything went quiet. So they drifted off to sleep.
  5. 5.  That night Moonlight escaped without anyone noticing. Quietly walking to a sign that says: “Ghostwalker forest”. He went in the forest. The forest had a lot of bats, birds, and tall trees that looked scary. The next day, when John went to feed Moonlight, he found that Moonlight was gone!
  6. 6.  “Where did he go?” asked Marie who looked worried. May was about to scream but she was interrupted. “We don’t know!” said John as he put a hand on May’s mouth to stop her from screaming. Snowflake trotted up to them. and whined sadly.
  7. 7.  Marie patted him on the head. John did the same with Sunfall. “Do you think he went in the …” Marie was interrupted by John. “Don’t say it!” he said. “Ghostwalker forest?” finished Marie. “You said it” giggled May.
  8. 8.  “Kids! Breakfast!” called John’s mother. “You don’t want to miss the ice cream do you?” added John’s father. “Yum!” said John. But Marie was too worried to eat. “Cheer up Marie!” said May. “Yeah!” shouted John.
  9. 9.  After breakfast, some visitors arrived. “Come on kids! Shake hands with them!” said Joe. Marie shook the visitor’s hand first. John put a hand on her shoulder because she looked nervous. But he and May were nervous too.
  10. 10.  Kate, the visitor’s daughter took a toilet break. When she got back, she heard them talking about ponies. “Really?” she asked. “Tommorow, you may see the ponies,” yelled her Mother.
  11. 11.  That night they went to bed, Marie fell asleep right away. John and May slept too. But Marie woke up. She heard whines. “Get up guys!” she said. “That’s just Snowfall” snapped John.
  12. 12.  When they went to the stables, Kate was there. “May I have this pony and bring it home? Please?” she asked pointing to Sunfall. “NO!” they yelled. “When can I have …” “NO!” they yelled again.
  13. 13.  Today, they will look for Moonlight. “In there?” asked May. “Yes,” said John. Marie took Snowflake’s saddle and walked in the spooky forest. John shivered as they rode. May saw a big shadow. She screamed loudly. Sunfall got scared too and went crazy. “She’s going nuts!” giggled Marie.
  14. 14.  John saw one of the spooky tree’s pointing left. Snowfall calmly walked in front of Snowflake and moved the tree’s branch. Striped bushes like Moonlight’s appeared. “This is a good place for moonlight to hide in,” said May. “There! A tail!” cried Marie. “It’s only a squirrel,” said May. Its head popped out of the bush.
  15. 15.  Snowflake was sad. Then they saw hoof prints. They grinned. “Moonlight!” shouted May and Marie. “Apples!” said John. May and Marie were confused. “I mean Moonlight!” he said. They rolled there eyes. “Apples?” thought John. “An apple had letters.”
  16. 16.  It says: “follow the squirrel.” “After that, run to that tree.” They did what the apple said. “Another apple?” asked May. John read the apple’s letters. It said: “Follow the squirrel.” “Then, run to that hill.” “Oof!” breathed Marie as they climbed up the steep hill.
  17. 17.  “We’re here!” panted John. Snowflake nearly fell off. He panted. “Neigh,” he said. John and May had a hard time. Sunfall kept eating grass and John on the other hand. Snowfall kept rolling around.
  18. 18.  Marie picked up the apple. It says: “run. “Wh- “ John was interrupted by a large boulder. “RUN!” yelled May. It came from a steep ramp. “A jewel boulder?” asked John. “BOULDER!!!” screamed May. “Oh,” John said.
  19. 19.  Marie and her friends ran. “Look! An apple!” cried John. After the boulder crashed, they looked at the apple. It says: “follow squirrel, look, leap run.”
  20. 20.  “I don’t know what’s scarier. The apple or that. Whats sca-,” John was interrupted. “SHARK!” yelled May. They jumped over the cliff safely. Then they saw Moonlight at the other side of the cliff.
  21. 21.  “Moonlight!” they all cried. “An apple for you moonlight,” said Marie. Moonlight ate it happily. Lets go home May said. Moonlight jumped. “Achoo!” sneezed Marie from a bird feather. They ran home happily. The End.