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    Evaluation Evaluation Presentation Transcript

    • Evaluation Question 1
      By Josh Miller Beth Peters, Andy Meredith and Jeremy Ang
    • In what ways does your Media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    • Use?
      Before we started making our trailer we looked at a variety of different trailers in the horror and thriller genres. These included:
      Taken (2008 Directed by Pierre Morel).
      Cloverfield (2008 Directed by Matt Reeves).
      Super 8 (2011 Directed by JJ Abrams).
      Paranormal Activity (2007 Directed by Oren Peli).
      Amityville Horror ( 2005 Directed by Andrew Douglas).
    • Use?
      We looked at these trailers and noticed several things that appeared in the majority of them, such as a moment of real terror usually built up to by fast paced editing and quickening music to help create tension, the basic storyline and a sense of darkness and mystery.
      We decided that these were all conventions of horror teaser trailers and there for we needed to get these things in our trailer to give our trailer the creepy and dark feel we wanted.
    • Use?
      • The main thing we took from any of the trailers was we wanted a montage sequence in our trailer but none of the horror trailers we looked at really included one.
      • To get over this problem we broadened our search and found a great, fast paced montage in the trailer of Taken which is a thriller and not a horror film.
      • In this trailer we found exactly what we wanted and this helped us in developing our montage sequence. We loved the fast paced editing and building tempo in the music which really help to create tension and suspense in the audience.
    • Develop?
      • We have developed on the conventions found in other horror film teaser trailers by using some of their ideas that we have seen in their trailers and putting our own twist on them.
      • We have tried to build up tension in our trailer like in the other trailers we have watched but instead of using traditional techniques such a silences and unsettling images we have used music and montages instead to make our trailer have a faster pace and keep the suspense going.
    • Develop?
      The music is particularly good at building up tension because like the editing it starts off slow only to get faster and then eventually climax as the the editing in the trailer reaches the fastest it gets. This is where the tension hits it’s peak and the trailer gets a lot faster paced.
    • Challenge?
      We have challenged some of the conventions of other horror trailers by making our film into a hybrid using both the horror and thriller genres. So overall it has turned away from being completely a horror to become more of a psychological thriller.
      This is shown in our trailer, We decided to use several montages and other thriller techniques rather than any moments that make the audience jump and any gory moments that are common in the other horror trailers we have analyzed.
    • Challenge?
      Another thing we have done in our trailer is present the narrative from the killer’s point of view so therefore the audience doesn’t know who the villain is. This is different to other horror films where the villain is clear through out the trailer. For example in; Halloween, Scream and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
    • Challenge?
      • We have also made our trailer different to others by presenting it from the murderers point of view and giving him no memory. By giving him no memory the trailer has little information and there for the audience only knows what the character knows giving the film a Memento (2000 Christopher Nolan) feel to it.
      • We did this because from our audience feedback we were told that they like it that we didn’t give away too many plot details which made them want to find out more and watch the film.