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Glr Networks 2013

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW:GLR Networks, a PRISA Radio company.GLR Networks is the content production and distribution arm of PRISA Radio in the USA. Our Spanishlanguage programing includes:  Top of the hour newscasts with access to our large and unrivaled network of top journalists, radio personalities and sports commentators around the world.  Exclusive access to premier content and sports rights including Chivas de Guadalajara (1st Division Mexican Soccer League).  Lifestyle and Family shows.  A variety of music formats targeted to the dynamic Hispanic market: Mexican Regional, Contemporary Hits-Pop, Urban, Tropical and Dance.PRISA Radio is the worlds largest Spanish-language radio broadcasting group with more than 27million daily listeners, more than 7 million unique users online (comScore) and more than 1,200stations in ten 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 2
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW:PRISA Radio brands in Argentina, Colombia, CostaRica, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and USA: MEXICO SPAIN USA GUATEMALA PANAMA COSTA RICA COLOMBIA ECUADOR • 1,276 Radio Stations • 40 Websites • 27 Million daily listeners CHILE ARGENTINA • 10 Countries • 32 Formats/Brands: • Talk: 9 • Music: 23 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 3
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW:GLR Networks Covers the Top Hispanic Markets, as well as All of the HighHispanic Growth States!! 2000 Hispanic 2010 Hispanic % Growth GLR Station 2000 Hispanic 2010 Hispanic % Growth GLR Station Arkansas 186,050 Tennessee 290,059 86,866 114% √ 123,838 134% √ Iowa 82,473 151,544 84% √ Alabama 75,830 185,602 145% √ Louisiana 107,738 192,560 79% √ Georgia 435,227 853,689 96% √ Maryland 227,916 470,632 106% √ South Carolina 95,076 235,682 148% √ Mississippi 39,569 81,481 106% √ North Carolina 378,963 800,120 111% √ New Jersey 1,117,191 1,555,144 39% √ West Virginia 12,279 22,268 81% √ South Dakota 10,903 22,119 103% √ Ohio 217,123 354,674 63% √ Texas 6,669,666 9,460,921 42% √ Delaware 37,277 73,221 96% √ Vermont 5,504 9,208 67% √ Pennsylvania 394,088 719,660 83% √ Virginia 329,540 631,825 92% √ Connecticut 320,323 479,087 50% √ Indiana 214,536 389,707 82% √ Rhode Island 90,820 130,655 44% √ Oklahoma 179,304 332,007 85% √ Massachusetts 428,729 627,654 46% √ Oregon 275,314 450,062 64% √ Vermont 5,504 9,208 67% √ Idaho 101,970 175,901 73% √ New Hampshire 20,489 36,704 79% √ Utah 201,559 358,340 78% √ Maine 9,360 16,935 81% √ Montana 18,081 28,565 58% √ Hawaii 87,699 120,842 38% √ Wyoming 31,669 50,231 59% √ Michigan 323,877 436,358 35% √ Colorado 735,601 1,038,687 41% √ Minnesota 143,382 250,258 75% √ Kansas 188,252 300,042 59% √ Missouri 118,592 212,470 79% √ Nebraska 94,425 167,405 77% √ Alaska 25,852 39,249 52% √ North Dakota 7,786 13,467 73% √ Washington 441,509 755,790 71% √ Kentucky 59,939 132,836 122% √ Washington D.C. 44,953 54,749 22% √ Source: U.S. Census Bureau Decennial Census 2010 vs. 2000 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 4
  4. 4. PROGRAMMING:Meaningful News.Minuto 60 is our top-of-the-hour headline newscast covering the most important national andinternational news, with special attention to news from Mexico. With the valuable support andaccess to PRISA Radio’s vast network of talk/news/sports journalists and correspondents in 22countries, our News Services offer the best quality with the most diverse and tailored offeringsavailable in America. Minuto 60 tailors its quick and energetic newscast to the interest and daily livesof Hispanics in America. 5 Minute Newscast / 16x day, M-F/ Every hour on the hour: PST 3AM-6PM / EST 6AM-9PMWith the participation of Pedro Sevcec covering deeper analysis of the day’s most important news: DEMO 18-49 AQH 194,700 AQH Rating 0.8 Coverage 86.70% 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 5
  5. 5. PROGRAMMING:Meaningful News.With the support of our W Radio Network in Mexico, we offer Hora México as a 4 minute daily recapof Mexican national news, state-by-state. This is for all the affiliated stations with a strong Mexicanaudience. Hora México: ¡conecta a tu gente con su pueblo! 4 Minute News Segment / 2x day, M-F 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 6
  6. 6. PROGRAMMING:Meaningful News.Hosted by Pedro Sevcec, the economic segment “El Valor de tu Dinero” focuses on the importanceof money management and family economy. 60 Second Capsules / 2x day, M-F DEMO 18-49 AQH 194,700 AQH Rating 0.8 Coverage 86.70% 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 7
  7. 7. PROGRAMMING:Compelling Sports. Coverage of Mexican 1st Division Soccer League. GLR is home to the Exclusive Radio Rights for Chivas de Guadalajara, and we also cover 10 other Top teams!We bring listeners live coverage of the Mexican First Division Soccer Team matches: Highlights, statsand commentaries, plus in-depth interviews and a look-ahead to the prime time match-ups to beplayed the following weekend. Program includes a 30 minute pre-game and a 15 minute post –game. Broadcasts are produced in the US with narration by renowned sport experts JorgeZambrano, better known as “Dr. Z”, and Ricardo Celis, with the support of our coverage in Mexico. Jorge Zambrano – “Dr. Z” Ricardo Celis Mexican sports expert With more than twenty and commentator, who years of experience in has a number of years of sports journalism, he is experience working for one of the most main media including recognized figures in the ESPN and Univision. field and has covered DEMO M18-49 almost every major sports AQH 107,300 event! AQH Rating 0.8 Coverage 86.60% 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 8
  8. 8. PROGRAMMING:Compelling Sports.Fútbol Mexicano ¡al día! brings up-to-datecoverage of Mexican Soccer - including the FirstDivision League and the National Team (TRI) - aswell as full news about Mexican players thatsucceed all over the world: Highlights, scoresand interviews brought by GLR’s sports expertsJorge Zambrano “Dr. Z” and Ricardo Celis.Together they bring the most current news onsoccer every day!! 2.5 Minutes / 5x day, M-F, 6am to 7pm 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 9
  9. 9. PROGRAMMING:Compelling Sports.Minuto Deportivo is GLR’s revolutionary Sports Newscast service. A quick and energetic overview ofthe day’s sporting events. It brings listeners results, highlights, information about upcoming matchesand the latest news on Sports in just one minute! A huge spectrum, with the participation of GrupoPRISA’s world renowned correspondents. 2 Minutes / 6x day, M-F, 6am to 7pm 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 10
  10. 10. PROGRAMMING:Compelling Sports.Rumbo a Brasil brings listeners an overview to the history of soccer’s most popular Cups and followsthe current participating teams’ journey up to the victory in an appealing and energetic way.These features remember the biggest moments of the greatest event in soccer and their heroes.GLR Networks’ Rumbo a Brasil broadcasts are delivered by sports experts Jorge Zambrano – “Dr. Z”and Ricardo Celis. 3 Minutes / 3x day, M-F, 6am to 7pm 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 11
  11. 11. PROGRAMMING:Lifestyle and Community. First Ever Latino President of the American Cancer Society Dr. Elmer Huerta hosts Salud y Familia, a health-topic show that looks to answer our listeners’ questions and health concerns, all while helping our community. Salud y Familia gives listeners the opportunity to ask the doctor all their questions related to health and wellness and finds a way for listeners to learn how to prevent the most common health conditions that affect Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America. This would include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, HIV AIDS, and tuberculosis. The final goal of his show is to improve the listeners’ general wellbeing and quality of life. This is a show that GLR offers through its affiliated stations network to help Hispanic families, showing our commitment to the Hispanic Community in the US. LONG FORMAT: 1 Hour / M-F, 1pm ET / 10am PT DEMO 18-49 SHORT FORMAT: 2.5 Minutes / 3x day, M-F, 6am to 7pm AQH 57,800 AQH Rating 0.5 Coverage 61% 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 12
  12. 12. PROGRAMMING:Lifestyle and Community. En Voz Alta con Maria Celeste are 3 minute daily radio segments that address Hispanic women issues: relationships, current trends, health, lifestyle, fashion, travel, entertainment, home décor, aspirations and controversial issues, among others. 2.5 Minutes / 5x day, M-F, 6am to 7pm María Celeste Arrarás is a multimedia phenomenon and the host and managing editor of "Al Rojo Vivo con María Celeste" (Red Hot Live with Maria Celeste), produced by Telemundo/NBC. She is one of the most trusted media personalities of Hispanic television who has also successfully crossed over into the English-language market. She is a guest host for NBC’s Today show and has collaborated with Dateline and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. She is also the bestselling author of "Selena’s Secret", "The Magic Cane" and "Make Your Life Prime Time". She has been featured on the cover of People en Español more times than any other celebrity and was selected by Newsweek magazine to appear on the cover of its "20 Most Powerful Women of the Next Generation" issue. DEMO W18-49 W25-54 AQH 123,400 117,400 AQH Rating 1.0 1.2 Coverage 89.3% 89.9% 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 13
  13. 13. PROGRAMMING:Lifestyle and Community.Flash Grupero is an informative and yet fun feature on Mexican RegionalMusic. All the news and the gossip about listener’s favorite artists, in justninety seconds!Expert Gerardo Rojas, best known by his fans as El Gigio de la Calle,gives us a quick and energetic review to the latest releases, concerts…and more! The show creates a connection between Mexicans on bothsides of the border, even though they are separated territorially; they arestill emotionally united through this platform. 2.5 Minutes / 3x day, M-F, 6am to 7pm DEMO 18-49 AQH 46,900 AQH Rating 0.2 Coverage 51.30% 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 14
  14. 14. PROGRAMMING:Heart-Gripping Music.¡De Paisano a Paisano! broadcasts live in Mexico and the US, featuring the best of regional Mexicanmusic and connecting listeners from both sides of the border. Don’t miss unique segments like TuBanda en tu Tierra, Que Buenas Emociones and Que Buena Sorpresa. 2 Hours / Sunday, 8-10pm ET / 5-7pm PTThe show is hosted by “Los Hermanos Escamilla” – El Coyote y El Charal: DEMO 18-49 AQH 46,900 AQH Rating 0.2 Coverage 51.30% 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 15
  15. 15. PROGRAMMING:Heart-Gripping Music.40 Principales is a new CHR/Pop countdown of the Top 40 Hits of the week that GLR launches in theUS, after proven success in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, among other countries. Theshow is hosted by expert Hugo Martinez. 2 Hours / Saturday or Sunday, 7am to 7pmMusic and More…to Tune-in• The top hits and new music releases• Inside scoop and news• Exclusive interviews with the biggest artists 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 16
  16. 16. PROGRAMMING:Heart-Gripping Music.El Elevador is an exciting new program that is conducted by hosts Roxana Soler “La Ardilla” andAntonio Molina “El Tigre”, who together bring the top 10 countdown in Mexican Regional Music inAmerica. The program is also accompanied with interviews with popular artists of this genre,featuring new music and past successes in the Mexican music world. It is a journey througheverything that happens in the world of popular music in Mexico. 2 Hours / Saturday or Sunday, 7am to 7pm 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 17
  17. 17. PROGRAMMING:Heart-Gripping Music. Tropical Latino is an exciting program conducted by Tata Solarte and Vicente Moros that is aimed for people who have grown up with this genre and find the rhythm, lyrics, and joy in this music infectious, making their day fun, lively, and enthusiastic! The program reflects the tropical movement in Latin America, however due to the wealth of recurrences, it is a significant stage to remember the great songs that have marked an important moment in history. The content consists of special tributes to artists, genres that take the world, new talents and artist information, and more. 2 Hours / Saturday or Sunday, 7am to 7pm 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 18
  18. 18. PROGRAMMING:Heart-Gripping Music. El Callejon is a 2 hour program hosted by DJ Bravo aimed at young people between the ages of 18-34 years who love the latest news and trends, especially in urban music. Listeners can tune in every day and travel through the musical universe with main protagonists and scenarios where the urban scene is present in distinct countries of Latin America. 2 Hours / Saturday or Sunday, 7am to 7pm 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 19
  19. 19. PROGRAM CALENDAR: 2013. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov DecNews TORNEO CLAUSURA TORNEO APERTURASportsLifestyleMusic 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 20
  20. 20. ADDED VALUE AND TURN-KEY PROMOTIONS: • On air PROMOTIONS • REMOTES in top 20 markets (2 GLR O&O stations in LA and Miami) • In Soccer: • Player of the game feature / Corner kick mentions • Pre / post game sponsorships • Halftime show • Website BANNERS • LIVE MENTIONS within Entertainment and Music programs • Mini Soccer FIELDS • Online / On-Air CONTESTS • TRIPS to soccer finals in Mexico • Co-branded MERCHANDISE • Holiday based PROMOTIONS (Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc.) • Dedicated mini WEBSITES 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 21
  21. 21. AD NETWORK:40 Websites. 90+ MM Impression and 7 MM Unique Users per Month. Panama - Argentina Mexico Colombia Spain Chile USA Costa RicaTALK + SPORTS MUSIC 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 22
  22. 22. THANK YOU!!Contact: Luis Gutierrez Tel: 305.438.2572 - Fax: 305.644.6703 2013 Programing Upfront Offering 23