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The Publishing Side of WordPress
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The Publishing Side of WordPress


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Presentation for the Toronto WordPress Group in March 2012.

Presentation for the Toronto WordPress Group in March 2012.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The Publishing Side of WordPress Andy McIlwain / March 10, 2012
  • 2. introductionWHY THIS TOPIC?
  • 3. Showing some <3 to• We don’t want to sideline .com users.• Today’s meetup focuses on publishing.• Three hurdles will be covered: – Brainstorming – Scheduling – Posting & Syndication
  • 4. introductionIDENTIFYING THE PLAYERS
  • 5. +• Two sides of the same coin, catered to different CMS Blogging audiences. Product Service• = CMS vs. Drupal, Joomla.• = Blogging service vs. Tumblr, Blogger. Drupal Tumblr• WordPress is the only solution that plays well in Joomla Blogger both worlds.
  • 6. introductionPUBLISHING IS UNIVERSAL
  • 7. “Born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system.” –• Publishing is universal to WordPress and its competitors.• WordPress is the superior publishing platform.• WordPress has always focused on simplicity and empowering the content.
  • 8. HURDLE #1: BRAINSTORMING Capturing Ideas Writing Headlines Focusing Thoughts
  • 9. Hurdle #1: BrainstormingCAPTURING IDEAS
  • 10. Brainstorming: Capturing Ideas• Carry a notebook. You never know when an idea will hit you.• Digital: Evernote. Free and awesome. Get it!• Traditional: A small notebook w/ protective case. Writing by hand increases your Download Evernote @ comprehension!
  • 11. Hurdle #1: BrainstormingWRITING HEADLINES
  • 12. Brainstorming: Writing Headlines• Writing good content starts with headlines.• Jot down important points in sub-headline format.• Make a sandwich! Introductory paragraph, key points, supporting paragraphs, summary.
  • 13. Your Post TitleThe first paragraph introduces your subject.Point 1 is a Sub-HeadlineSupporting Paragraph(s)Point 2Supporting Paragraph(s)Point 3Supporting Paragraph(s)Review your points with a neat summary. Tip: You should alwaysRelated Links: include a relevant image in» Cite your sources! your post!
  • 14. Hurdle #1: BrainstormingFOCUSING THOUGHTS
  • 15. Brainstorming: Focusing ThoughtsThree tried-and-true posttypes for you to build on:• Lists Great for skimming.• Reviews Useful and opinionated.• Guides Opportunity to establish built their thought leadership. success on posting funny/interesting lists.
  • 16. HURDLE #2: SCHEDULING(TIMING IS EVERYTHING!) Build a Routine Experiment with Schedules Using Calendars
  • 17. Hurdle #2: SchedulingBUILD A ROUTINE
  • 18. Scheduling: Build a Routine• We rely on routines to get things done in our day-to-day life.• Predictability is more important than frequency.• Get your readers to fit your website into their routine! Image Credit:
  • 19. Hurdle #2: SchedulingEXPERIMENT WITH SCHEDULES
  • 20. Scheduling: Experimentation• Experiment with different schedule formats.• Write in advance. Set a date aside, write posts in bulk. Or…• Write the night before. Posting on a Tuesday? Write on Monday night!
  • 21. Hurdle #2: SchedulingUSING CALENDARS
  • 22. Scheduling: Using Calendars• Be disciplined and stick to your routine.• Set deadlines, make use of calendars.• Google, Yahoo!, and Hotmail in the cloud; or use a calendar app. Whatever tool you choose, use it!
  • 23. HURDLE #3: POSTING & SYNDICATION Write Syndicate Monitor Feedback
  • 24. Hurdle #3: Posting & SyndicationWRITE
  • 25. Posting & Syndication: Write!• There’s more than one way to craft a blog post.• Don’t like to write in the WordPress editor? Try: – Windows Live Writer – Microsoft Office – ScribeFire – Evernote (yep!) Download ScribeFire @
  • 26. Hurdle #3: Posting & SyndicationSYNDICATE
  • 27. Posting & Syndication: Syndicate• Your audience is spread Google+ LinkedIn across multiple places.• Use the Hub & Spoke Facebook Reddit model! Your• All social network Twitter Other Blogs Site! updates point back to your blog. Reach out to your readers, but make them come to your site!
  • 28. Posting & Syndication: SyndicateThree Approaches• Manual: Post social network updates by hand.• Assisted: Use applications like Seesmic, TweetDeck.• Automated: Hook your RSS feed into!• Alternative: Use Hook your WordPress RSS feed into Twitterfeed, pull updates to automatically share posts across social networks! from Twitter.
  • 29. Hurdle #3: Posting & SyndicationMONITOR FEEDBACK
  • 30. Posting & Syndication: Feedback• Keep your eyes open for responses and track conversations.• Two ways to do this: – Dashboards like Tweetdeck, Seesmic, Ho otsuite, JugnooMe – Google Alerts, updates sent to RSS feed or email JugnooMe is a new Canadian product in closed beta. You can request an invite @
  • 31. IN CLOSINGTakeaways• WordPress is the best publishing platform for the web.• Download Evernote, capture your ideas on any device.• Key points = your blog post’s sub-headlines. Write them first!• Good post formats: Lists, Reviews, and Guides.• Build a routine, set deadlines, use calendars.• Don’t like the WordPress editor? Try alternative apps for writing.• Hook your blog’s RSS feed into for easy syndication.• Monitor feedback with dashboards like Tweetdeck and Google Alerts.More Resources• Content Rules: Read this book!• Copyblogger: Blog/Lessons/Plugins• Inspiring your blog posts
  • 32. THANKS! Andy McIlwain on Twitter