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"Creating the Perfect Email".

"Creating the Perfect Email".
How to Optimize the Design & Production of 1to1 Email Communications.



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PGi eMarketing Webinar PGi eMarketing Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • Audio Dial-In Information For the audio portion of this presentation, you must use your telephone. For North America Welcome to: Toll-free: Toll: 1-866-288-9872 1-913-312-2900 Participant Code: 847155 The ‘Motivated Marketer’ Webinar Series For a list of international numbers please refer to the email invitation or go to: Technical Assistance Creating the Perfect Email For audio technical assistance, please call 888-334-0282 & reference participant code: 847155. How to Optimize the Design & For web technical assistance, please call 888-334-0282 and Production of 1to1 Email reference the following URL: Communications ales_ccc, Meeting ID: emarketing, and Passcode: imarket. All presentation content copyright ©2009 Premiere Global Services
  • Introduction to Our Webinar Series Part 4 of our “Motivated Marketer Webinar Series” Creating the Perfect Email GOAL: To provide you with an understanding and recommendations for creating and delivering exceptional email. Rest of Webinar Series: #5 in June The Myth of 100% Deliverability – Realistic Deliverability Expectations #6 in July Performance Measurement & Advanced 1-to-1 Practices Info at 2
  • Introduction to Our Presenters From PGiMarket’s Andy McCartney VP of Strategic Services Strategic Services PGiMarket Strategic Services Premiere Global Services Team: Lindsey Secord Manager, Production Services PGiMarket Strategic Services Premiere Global Services Sara Johnides Senior Creative Specialist PGiMarket Strategic Services Premiere Global Services 3
  • Today’s Webinar: Agenda Introductions Part 1 – What is a Perfect Email? Incorporating 1to1 Principles in Email Programs Part 2 – The Process Understanding/Optimizing Campaign Workflow Part 3 – Email Creative & Design Practices Goals, Creative Brief & Email Design Principles Part 4 – Production thru Delivery Coding, Optimization, Testing, Scheduling & Throttling Enabling Perfect Emailing via Outsourcing Q&A 4
  • Premiere Global’s Email Experience PGiMarket ESP Stats Premiere Global Services Stats • 6,000 email customers • $630 million in revenues • 1 billion emails sent per month • 95% of the Fortune 500 • Wide range and sophistication • 55,000+ customers of worldwide customers • 61 cities, 24 countries 5
  • Creating the Perfect Email Part 1 What is a Perfect Email? 6
  • A Perfect Email? Is there Such a Thing? What Constitutes “The One” • It caught my attention • Professional, neat design • It is currently of interest • I trust/respect the sender • I learned something new • Like the personalized content “The One” • Great timing for my needs So What’s the Formula? Perfect Email = Perfect Design + Perfect Blend of Content All we need is perfect information and perfectly repeatable creation process! 7
  • It Starts with Strategy & ‘1to1’ • 1to1 Marketing Origins: The “Old Way” • Difficult with Traditional Mass Media Marketing • 1to1 Marketing enables personalized interactions on a massive scale • Creates Dramatic Lift when applied to Email Conversion Rates of 1to1 Campaign Types as compared to ‘Broadcast’ Triggered 210% lift Life Cycle 254% lift 1to1 Attempts to Targeted 245% lift Create the Near Clickstream 355% lift Perfect Email Source: JupiterResearch Executive Survey (3/05), n = 236 (e-mail 8 marketers that currently use/plan to use at least one campaign, US only)
  • 1to1 Marketing Reference Slide Takeaways: • Email marketers must go beyond Broadcast campaigning • Aggregate increase in net profits from Triggered, LifeCycle, Targeted and Clickstream is 18 times more than from Broadcast • Production needs, skills and resources will likely increase with more sophisticated campaigning 9
  • About Campaign Types? Broadcast Campaigns Triggered/Lifecycle/Targeted/Clickstream 1to1 Campaigns Event Profile Online Behavior
  • Principles of 1-to-1 Marketing? 1. IDENTIFICATION How well do you know your customers/subscribers? 2. DIFFERENTIATION Can you differentiate customers based on their value to you and their needs from you? 3. INTERACTION How well do you interact with your customers? Can you scale & automate message creation & delivery? 4. MEASUREMENT How well does your company refine its email marketing programs based on feedback/analytics?
  • Strategy Conclusion Commit to 1to1 principles/practices, and apply them to the campaigns that are right for your organization Targeted Lifecycle Transactional Clickstream Now on to the Process 12
  • Creating the Perfect Email Part 2 The Workflow Process 13
  • Process Overview Idea for Campaign Data/Segments ‐ Purpose? Recipient  Lists Design Messages (creative) Refinement Post Delivery  Delivery, Scheduling  Reporting & Analysis Throttling Coding, Test & Optimization 14
  • Production Process - BEFORE Benchmark the speed and quality of your overall process 15
  • Production Process - AFTER After Process Analysis and Streamlining Efficiency Keys • Reduced # of steps • Reduced # of 3rd parties • Standardized templates • Standardized process & procedure • Superior consistent quality Speed Improvement • Previous speed benchmark = 2 weeks per mail Production Cost Saving • Current speed benchmark = Annual production savings: 24 hours [excluding creative] Estimated Hours: 4,760 2-3 days [including creative] Est. value: $446,000 16
  • Creating the Perfect Email Part 3 Email Creative & Design Practices 17
  • Before we Jump to Creative Gauge Where You Stand Are you a broadcaster? Master of 1to1 marketing? Somewhere in between? Get a baseline & move the needle toward the perfect email! 18
  • What is Email Creative? What is Creative? Creative refers to visual design of an email template. This can include, but is not limited to: - The Creative Brief - Design - Copywriting - Logo Design The Creative Process Step 1: Creative Brief Step 2: Concepting/ Comps Step 3: Client Review and Concept Selection Step 4: Chosen Concept Revised Step 5: Client Review of Revised Creative Step 6: Approved Comp(s) Sent to Production 19
  • The Creative Brief: Starting the Creative Process It All Begins with the Creative Brief: The brief is a multi-question document that: - Determines the objectives of the program - Helps establish expectations and timing - Establishes a brand look, feel and tone - Identifies mandatory elements and personalization/conditions to be included - Identifies the deliverables, timing and expectations 20
  • Elements of Email Creative: The Header Header Content: Make sure your logo is not too big and that there isn’t unnecessary white space surrounding it. It should be easy to see/read and link to the company’s website This is where your pre-header snippet would go, as well as some housekeeping links, such as a microsite link, view in handheld and whitelisting link 21
  • Elements of Email Creative: The Navigation Navigation Content: -Dedicated area for links that mirror your website 22
  • Elements of Email Creative: The Body Body Content: -The meat of your message - Insert CTA link towards the top - If it is a newsletter, consider adding a left or right rail and a table of contents Navigation: -Dedicated area for links that mirror your website 23
  • Elements of Email Creative: The Footer Footer Content: -Housekeeping links: Unsubscribe, F2F, Contact Us, Physical Mailing address -Keep small in size and a neutral color 24
  • Elements of Email Creative: The Finished Product The Perfect Email -Targeted, relevant messaging directed to the right target audience -When using a template, utilize dynamic content to further target your markets 25
  • Real Life Examples Ariba: • Ariba is a leader in Spend Management solutions • Message is targeted to small to medium businesses • Nice, thin header with visible, easy-to- read logo • Prevalent CTA towards the top of the message • Nice use of right rail to give more details on the event 26
  • Real Life Examples Hartmann: • Hartmann is a high-end travel goods retailer • A look that mirrors the website • Good use of white space • Coded for images being suppressed – both navigation and buttons • This campaign was the strongest performer of 2009 for Hartmann. 27
  • Real Life Examples GEICO: • GEICO is a leading auto insurer in the US • This is an email designed for a re-engagement campaign • Simple, clean design • Eye-catching Image that is brand specific • Prevalent CTA button and light text that is broken up and manageable to read 28
  • Creating the Perfect Email Part 4 Production thru Delivery • You Have your Strategy, Segments, and Campaign Types • You Have your Photoshop Files What’s next? 29
  • Transitioning Creative to Production Production = The Coding of Creative • HTML Coding and Optimization • Dynamic content • Email Rendering Testing 30
  • Production: HTML Tips… Coding Buttons • No image-only buttons! • Code using HTML text on a background image. • Always back-up background images with a similar background color. Email tips for web designers • Width: 600-700 pixels • Above the fold: top 300 pixels • Code for lowest common denominator: – Avoid Flash, JavaScript, CSS 31
  • Production: HTML Tips… Alt Tags • Include a relevant alt tag in all relevant and Call to Action images. 32
  • Production HTML Tips… Text to Image Ratio • Keep it as low as possible to improve rendering when images are suppressed. • Reduces potential to be caught in a Spam filter. 33
  • Production: HTML Tips… Style Sheets • No CSS! • Use tables to control layout and spacing. • Back-up inline styles where possible: <font face=” Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” size=”2” style=”font-size: 12px”> Figure 1a: Big Rick’s Barbeque message created using CSS, Figure 1b: Big Rick’s Barbeque message prior to email send. as rendered in the inbox. The CSS has been stripped, causing loss of formatting. 34
  • Quality Assurance Checklist • Adjust your production timeline to allow for testing and review period. • READ your email copy, don’t just spell check. • Don’t let your images convey your message. • Create and maintain a Quality Assurance (QA) checklist. • Request a peer review. • Test for rendering and deliverability across multiple browsers and mail readers. • Keep a code library. • How compliant are you? 35
  • W3C Validation - • DOCTYPE: HTML 4.01 Transitional • Correct Character Set / Encoding • Include <HEAD> tag • Relevant <TITLE> tag 36
  • Message Testing Rendering Tests 37
  • Testing your Perfect Email Quick and Easy A/B Tests • Subject Line Test! • Delivery Day/Time Refine! • From Name Repeat! • Graphics • Layout – Left rail vs. right rail • Call to Action • Personalization – Does including a salutation get more Opens? 10% 10% Remainder 38
  • Delivering the Perfect Email Scheduling • Schedule your campaign at least 1 hour out from selected delivery time • Seed yourself on your lists Reasons to Throttle for Larger Mailings 1mm+ • Avoid ‘All-at-Once’ surge to ISP’s that may delay and discard your messages • Spreading email over time establishes higher reputation • Allows you to stop further messages if you encounter problems • Perfect for A/B testing • Distributes complaints and lowers your complaint ratio • Allows to manage hits to call center Check out next webinar for an in-depth analysis of Deliverability & Myths! 39
  • Creating the Perfect Email Enabling Perfect Emailing via Outsourcing 40
  • Do You Have the Resources? Market Changes • Tough economy, marketing headcount reduction • More orgs turning to email from other marketing channels • More competition in the Inbox, more reason for 1to1 Outsource? 1to1 requires more effort, and specialist skills • Advanced campaigning usually requires more production • Which aspect of your email lends itself to outsourcing? Event Promotions Marketing Activities Email Production Services Web Conferences Outsourced Email Campaigns: Partial/Complete Outsourced Email  Virtual Event Promotion Loyalty, Retention, Lifecycle, Function – Design, Create, Test,  Acquisition & Lead Generation On‐boarding, Re‐activation Deploy, Monitor 41
  • Your Strategy, Outsource just the Production Component? • Focus on the strategic, select an experienced 1to1 ESP services provider to focus on the tactical, & under SLA • What’s the operating model? SEGMENTED/CUSTOMIZED EMAILS: Invitations / Follow ups Promotions:  Up‐Sells / Cross‐Sells Acquisition / Retention        Newsletters / Branding  You Provide Input Reactivations  • Goals/Targets Drip / Lifecycle  • Requirements • Branding/Creative • Mailing List/Segments Optimal Rendering on all Email Readers: Maximize Deliverability Authentication, Monitoring, ISP Relations 42 Recovery from Blacklisting, Certification
  • Conclusions Is the Perfect Email Possible? 5% 25% 0% 1% 100% 10% Click Thru Rates Conversions Move Your Needle: Consider your strategy & 1to1 practices Consider your creative and design Consider your campaign types Consider your production and test Consider your workflow process Consider getting help with workload 43
  • Q&A 44
  • Next Webinar “The Myth of 100% Deliverability – Realistic Deliverability Expectations” June 25th, 1pm Eastern – I’ve been promised 100% Deliverability – Long-lasting myths of Deliverability – What should I expect from an ESP partner? – Shared Deliverability responsibilities of senders and your ESP – The future of Deliverability Info at‐center/webinars.asp 45
  • Want More Information? You will receive an email with links to: A recording of this session A copy of this presentation 46